Always Been Yours Chapter Summary

Always Been Yours

Always Been Yours by Alexa Rivers revolves around a woman named Tessa Reinhart who is genetically compatible to bear children for Nicholas Sawyer, the heir to a wealthy family. Against her will, Tessa is brought to Nicholas’ estate where she becomes pregnant with his child. However, due to medical complications, Tessa loses the baby. Five years later, Tessa is working as a violinist when she meets Gregory, Nicholas’ young son. Gregory takes a liking to Tessa and insists that she become his new mother, not realizing she is the woman who was forced to be with his father years ago.

As Tessa spends more time with Gregory, her feelings for the boy grow although she still harbors resentment toward Nicholas. Nicholas is also drawn to Tessa again upon their reunion. When Gregory goes missing one day, it leads Tessa and Nicholas to work together to find him. Through helping each other, Tessa and Nicholas’ complicated feelings for one another resurface from the past. Yet Tessa must decide whether she can forgive Nicholas for what was done to her and if she is willing to become a real family with the man who once violated her.

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Book TitleAlways Been Yours
AuthorAlexa Rivers 
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Romance
Tags best friends, lovers, single dad

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Always Been Yours PDF

Always Been Yours PDF

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Always Been Yours Chapter 1

Nicholas Sawyer entered the room where Tessa Reinhart lay delirious with fever on the bed. Though barely conscious, Tessa could sense the dominance radiating from the towering figure approaching her. When Nicholas pressed his body against hers, Tessa felt relief from the heat as his hard contours molded to hers. She arched her back eagerly, impatiently mumbling “More…”. Nicholas’s gaze darkened with hot urgency upon realizing Tessa was one of the rare women genetically compatible to bear his children.

With Tessa mewling beneath him, Nicholas whispered huskily in her ear to not move. As members of the rare Sawyer genetics, it was even rarer to find women who could carry Nicholas’s offspring, and Tessa happened to be one of the few who was compatible.

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Always Been Yours Chapter 2

Tessa sat in the lounge of a luxurious private yacht, tuning her violin as she prepared to perform with her orchestra. They were discussing the owner of the yacht, a four year old boy known as the Little Prince of the Sawyer family who was already worth billions. Rumor was that his great-grandfather, Old Master Sawyer, had purchased the yacht as a birthday gift without hesitation.

The other members of the orchestra wondered why their group was chosen to perform at the Little Prince’s celebration over more famous orchestras, though they heard it was because the Little Prince himself had selected them. They were grateful for the opportunity, as their fee had quadrupled for the event. While envious of the Little Prince’s immense wealth and the easy life it could provide, they acknowledged that destiny favored some over others.

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Always Been Yours Chapter 3

The adorable little boy had appeared unnoticed at the doorway during the ruckus. He looked to be around four or five years old, dressed neatly like a young boy of nobility. Most people at the scene found him endearing as they appraised him, with Tessa gazing at the child in surprise and noting how handsome he would become.

Presenting a grim expression, the child looked authoritative like he had a wise soul. He jabbed a finger at Sophia and said she should be the one to apologize. Shocked at first, Sophia quickly turned furious and snapped at the child, demanding to know whose brat he was since she had nothing to do with the broken violin.

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Always Been Yours Chapter 4

The little boy asked Tessa for “upsies” and she picked him up, feeling fondness for the child. He had earlier defended Tessa against an accusation, clearing her name. Though young, the boy understood the meaning of being two-faced from what his uncle had told him. He disliked the woman who had accused Tessa. When praised by Tessa for his intelligence, the boy flushed in embarrassment but was clearly happy, trying to remain indifferent despite his grinning eyes.

When the little boy asked Tessa to pick him up, her heart melted at his endearing demeanor. She thanked him for speaking up for her earlier, realizing he had helped clear her of an accusation. Though young, the boy seemed knowledgeable about the concept of being two-faced due to lessons from his uncle. He disliked the woman who had accused Tessa. Praised for his intelligence by Tessa, the boy flushed with embarrassment but his gleaming eyes betrayed his hidden happiness at the compliment.

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Always Been Yours Chapter 5

Gregory excitedly led Tessa to his father’s VIP lounge on the yacht, hoping she would meet him and fall in love to become his mother. However, Tessa grew uneasy at the sight of intimidating bodyguards standing guard. She suggested letting Gregory go in alone but he refused, clinging tightly to her with tears in his eyes.

Accusing her of not liking him if she wouldn’t enter, Gregory’s sad expression made Tessa relent from her reluctance. Still uncertain but not wanting to upset the boy, she agreed to accompany him into the lounge despite her misgivings about intruding on the powerful Sawyer family.

Inside, Gregory eagerly introduced Tessa to his father Xavier, CEO of Sawyer Industries, who was holding a business meeting. Though surprised by the unexpected visitor, Xavier courteously greeted Tessa and asked Gregory to show her around while he finished his discussion. Tessa remained on edge amid the opulent surroundings, wondering what Gregory’s intentions were in bringing her there and how his wealthy father would react to her presence.

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Always Been Yours Chapter 6

Gregory began crying after Tessa hesitated to answer whether she would carry him. Though reluctant, Nicholas allowed Tessa to keep Gregory company until her performance to prevent further tears. Tessa readily agreed to watch over Gregory, finding no trouble in caring for the boy she had grown fond of. Gregory cheered up upon hearing his father’s approval, thanking him with an innocent voice.

Kieran intervened when Gregory began crying, urging Nicholas to let Tessa carry the boy for a while. Despite his reservations about the outsider woman, Nicholas maintained his composure and politely requested Tessa to keep Gregory company for a bit longer given the child’s clingy nature, hoping she wouldn’t mind. Eager to stop Gregory’s tears, Tessa shook her head to decline any trouble, caring for him without seeing it as a chore.

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Always Been Yours Chapter 7

Tessa prepared to perform a violin solo for the banquet’s guests. She noticed Nicholas in the crowd and locked eyes with him, shuddering at his dark gaze that resembled endless seas that could drown someone.

When she began playing, her elegant playing enchanted the audience. Nicholas found himself surprised that he seemed enchanted by her performance. Though nervous under the scrutiny of the important guests, including the formidable Sawyers, Tessa stood tall on stage and played beautifully. Her gaze with Nicholas hinted at an intrigue forming between the two.

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Always Been Yours Chapter 8

Gregory had locked himself in his room and refused to come out, throwing a tantrum over not being allowed to see Tessa. Nicholas was growing exasperated but had an important meeting to attend. He ordered the butler Andrew to keep an eye on Gregory and call if anything unexpected happened.

While his father’s car drove away, Gregory watched from his balcony. Once the car was out of sight, he put on his Superman backpack and sneaked out through a hole in his bedroom. Ignoring the butler, Gregory left the house on his own to visit Tessa.

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Always Been Yours Chapter 9

Gregory had gone missing from the Sawyer mansion, greatly angering Nicholas. When he got a call from Tessa, the violinist who had performed at Gregory’s birthday, saying that Gregory had come to the orchestra building alone looking for her, Nicholas’ gaze darkened ominously.

Tessa explained that Gregory was with her and she was concerned that Nicholas may be looking for him, so she called to let Nicholas know and ask him to come pick up Gregory. Nicholas said icily that he would be over right now to bring Gregory home, then hung up and irritably ordered his assistant to find security footage of Gregory’s disappearance.

Nicholas rushed over to the orchestra building in a daze and great anger. When he arrived, he found Gregory safe with Tessa. Gregory had wandered off on his own to look for Tessa after her performance that he enjoyed. While Nicholas was furious with the staff for losing Gregory, he was relieved that Tessa had found the toddler and called him right away.

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Always Been Yours Chapter 10

Gregory agreed to not get in Tessa’s way at work after his father suggested having lunch together instead. Tessa smiled at Gregory’s well-spoken nature for his young age. When Gregory cheered about having lunch with the “pretty lady”, Tessa wiped away his tears and answered his endless stream of questions, one being if he could have a tour of where she worked.

Without waiting for Tessa’s response, Trevor immediately agreed to a tour for Gregory. Tessa also readily agreed to be Gregory’s personal tour guide, carrying the little boy on her hip as she showed him the different departments in the orchestra company building. However, giving the impromptu tour came with pressure for Tessa as Nicholas followed them the whole time, disliking Gregory becoming too comfortable with her, so she only held the boy without encouraging affection.

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