His Miracle Luna Chapter Summary

His Miracle Luna

His Miracle Luna by Jean revolves around a human woman named Everly who finds herself suddenly banished from her former pack of wolves after discovering she is the mate of the Alpha. With nowhere else to go, Everly takes to the road in search of a new home.

Along the way, she wanders into the territory of the Mystic Shadow Pack, led by the formidable Alpha Gabriel Rodriguez. Though initially unwelcoming of outsiders, Gabriel comes to realize that Everly is his second chance mate. He offers her a place to stay, hoping she will agree to get to know him better and potentially accept him.

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However, dangers lurk for Everly if she remains with the Mystic Shadow Pack. Through it all, she learns more about her hidden strengths and who she truly is. A decision must be made about whether to stay or continue her journey alone, with both options carrying their risks.

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Book TitleHis Miracle Luna
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Werewolf Romance
Tagsalpha, second chance, mate, luna, drama, comedy, sweet, pack, asexual

His Miracle Luna PDF

His Miracle Luna

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His Miracle Luna Chapter 1

Kyle and some other warriors from his pack engaged in a fight with four rogue wolves who were attacking Everly and a young boy named Jorge. Everly had saved Jorge after finding him crying in the woods but was badly injured by one of the rogues biting her shoulder and arm.

After the rogues were defeated, Kyle carried the unconscious Everly back to his pack’s medical facility while Jorge, who was Kyle’s nephew, cried beside her concerned for her condition. Everly was given an IV with sedatives by the nurse to help with the pain from her injuries before succumbing to sleep, comforted that Jorge seemed comforted now that she had smiled at him weakly in return.

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His Miracle Luna Chapter 2

Gabriel was concerned for Everly’s well-being after the attack and offered for her to stay in his spare room until other accommodations could be found. Everly tried to decline, not wanting to impose, but Jorge begged her to stay and she found herself unable to refuse the little boy.

Meanwhile, Olivia, Gabriel’s mother, paid Everly a visit to the hospital. She accused Everly of using spells to manipulate Gabriel into calling off his engagement to Brenda. However, Everly insisted she had done nothing of the sort and was merely a human who wanted to help Jorge.

Olivia remained suspicious of Everly and warned her to undo whatever she had supposedly done to influence Gabriel. Everly was confused by the accusation, as she had only just met Gabriel and had no idea why he chose to end his previous engagement.

Still, Olivia clarified that she would seek help to get rid of Everly if she did not heed the warning. Everly tried to explain again that she possessed no supernatural abilities and had no ill intent towards anyone, but Olivia refused to believe her claims of innocence.

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His Miracle Luna Chapter 3

Everly in His Miracle Luna

Everly agreed to stay with Gabriel’s pack for one month to see if she wanted to permanently join. Gabriel was pleased with her decision and hoped she would choose to stay. However, his mother Olivia was suspicious of Everly and believed she had used magic to manipulate Gabriel.

That evening, Olivia visited Gabriel’s home to confront him about calling off his engagement. Though Gabriel insisted Everly meant no harm, Olivia remained wary of the human girl and her influence over her son. After their discussion, Olivia called a favor from Azrael, planning to have him investigate Everly further.

That night, Gabriel asked his son Jorge to befriend Everly and try to convince her to stay with their pack for one month. Jorge agreed to help, believing he could get information from Everly about her previous pack. Gabriel hoped bonding with Jorge would make Everly comfortable enough to open up and choose to join his pack as a new home permanently.

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His Miracle Luna Chapter 4

Everly couldn’t find the antibiotics that she needed to take. Gabriel found one of her bottles of medication but the antibiotics were still missing. Later, Olivia’s friend Azrael, a witch, appeared in her study. Olivia had asked him to poison Everly’s antibiotics, believing Everly had cursed her son.

Azrael enchanted the antibiotics so that within hours it would make Everly very ill and weaken her over time, potentially killing her if not treated. He had doubts about doing it but knew Olivia would just ask someone crueler if he refused. He set up a witch cam to monitor Everly as well, planning to tell Gabriel and give an antidote if she was human.

Everly spent time with Gabriel’s sisters Lena and Gabriella at their home. They wanted to meet the human who saved their nephew. Everly was nervous but they were welcoming. She told them about her friend Jocelyn coming tomorrow from her old pack, though Gabriel had implied she wouldn’t arrive for a week. Everly was confused about Jocelyn’s early arrival and felt Gabriel was being untruthful. She also almost revealed the name of her old alpha, catching Gabriel’s attention.

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His Miracle Luna Chapter 5

Jocelyn arrived at The Mystic Shadow Pack looking for her friend Everly. She was greeted by Alpha Gabriel, who she quickly realized was Everly’s mate. Everly had been poisoned by an unknown person, though she refused to name who she suspected. Jocelyn could see a dark green aura around Everly, indicating she had been poisoned. Even Jocelyn’s magic was not working to cure Everly, showing the poison was from a very powerful source.

When confronted about the poisoning, Everly continued to deny anything was wrong and that she felt tired from a supposed illness. Her obvious lying concerned both Jocelyn and Gabriel. Everly soon excused herself to her room, where she broke down crying alone from how unwell she truly felt. Jocelyn explained to Gabriel that Everly was a good liar and her eyes showed when she was not feeling well, despite her words saying otherwise.

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His Miracle Luna Chapter 6

Everly’s condition had worsened, leaving her throwing up blood. Gabriel called for his doctor Michael to examine her. Michael determined that Everly was deteriorating quickly and needed tests run. Jocelyn discovered that the antibiotics Everly had been taking were poisoning her.

Gabriel instructed Michael to have the bottle tested and an antidote found, reaching out to the witches in his pack for help. As Everly’s heart rate increased, Gabriel comforted her by slipping in behind her in bed and holding her, helping her breathing and heart rate calm. Jocelyn lay beside them as they waited for help to arrive. The front door opened, revealing a masculine-smelling man who announced upon seeing Jocelyn that she was his mate, causing goosebumps on her skin.

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His Miracle Luna Chapter 7

Everly woke feeling unwell in Gabriel’s arms. Though initially confused by his presence, she realized they had become close. When she vomited blood, Gabriel realized her condition was worsening. They were interrupted by the arrival of Everly’s former mate, Aiden, and his twin brother Aaron at the pack gates.

Gabriel vowed to protect Everly, having her pledge her loyalty to join his pack for security. When Everly collapsed, coughing more blood, Gabriel recognized the urgency to get her medical help while also discovering the purpose of Aiden and Aaron’s visit.

As Gabriel carried the unconscious Everly to the car, he debated how to address Aiden and Aaron given Everly’s condition. Though his warriors held the twin alphas back, Gabriel decided to permit their entrance to learn why they’d come, aiming to resolve the issue quickly so they could depart. Jocelyn and Kyle assisted Gabriel with Everly, concerned for her worsening health. Gabriel focused on getting Everly treatment, determined to save his new mate and figure out who had poisoned her.

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His Miracle Luna Chapter 8

Gabriel visited his mother Olivia to confront her about poisoning Everly. Olivia admitted to hiring a powerful warlock named Azrael to do it, though he did not want to. Azrael told Gabriel over the phone that he was working on an antidote but would need another day to complete it. Gabriel gave Azrael a deadline of 36 hours to deliver the antidote or he would kill both Azrael and Olivia if Everly died.

When Gabriel arrived at the hospital with his son Jorge, he found Aaron still waiting there. Everly awoke choking and Aaron helped calm her, though she panicked upon realizing it was him. Everly formally rejected Aaron as her mate, hurting both of their wolves. Michael then administered the unfinished antidote to Everly, though it may not work and could potentially make things worse.

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His Miracle Luna Chapter 9

Gabriel sat with Everly as her condition worsened. She had trouble breathing and had to wear an oxygen mask. When Gabriel went to take Jorge home, Everly fell back asleep. She later awoke coughing up blood, struggling to breathe. Aaron and the nurses tried to help but she continued coughing until she passed out from lack of oxygen. Jocelyn cleaned Everly up while Kyle got a bath ready.

Gabriel then took over bathing Everly as her fever continued. They discussed her rare blood type and Jocelyn called Alpha Jack to have blood transferred from his pack. Everly remained weak with a slow heart rate and refused to allow a breathing tube. Jocelyn told Gabriel about the attack four years ago where vampires killed Everly’s parents in front of her, turning her father to kill her as well. This led to Everly’s fear of breathing tubes from past trauma.

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His Miracle Luna Chapter 10

Everly was dying in the hospital from a powerful warlock’s poison. Aaron came to visit her and she revealed that she had been poisoned and would die without an antidote. He was shocked and worried for her, not wanting her to die. Everly then rejected Aaron as her mate again so he could find happiness elsewhere.

Gabriel arrived at the hospital with Azrael, who had created an antidote for Everly. They worked desperately to wake her and get her to drink the antidote, which was difficult as her health was declining rapidly. After multiple attempts, Everly finally drank the antidote with Gabriel’s encouragement.

However, her condition continued to deteriorate and Azrael began administering the antidote directly through her IV as well, hopeful it would save her life within a day.

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