Supreme Harem God System Chapter Summary

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Supreme Harem God System by SleepDeprivedSloth revolves around Nux Leander, a man who transmigrates into a fantasy world with a special system. The system allows Nux to grow stronger whenever he has intimate relations with a woman, with stronger women providing greater benefits. Not only can he increase his own power, but he gains the talents, bloodline, and physique of his partners.

Nux begins his journey as a mere mortal but is able to promote himself through his connections. He starts as a boy toy of a Viscountess and is then able to become the Emperor of the most powerful Empire through his abilities from the system. As his political and personal influence expands across the land, Nux continues strengthening himself by spending time with his beloved women. He aims to reach the peak of power in his new world with the help of his extraordinary system.

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Book TitleSupreme Harem God System
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Tags r18, harem, system, ecchi, overpowered, kingdom building, level up, transmigration, antihero, comedy

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Supreme Harem God System PDF

Supreme Harem God System PDF

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Supreme Harem God System Chapter 1

Nux woke with a start, confused about his surroundings. He found himself in a small wooden room, clearly not his own, with a bump on his forehead. He realized with dread that the truck accident may not have been a dream.

While worrying over paying medical bills, Nux noticed something was strange – his hands were thinner and whiter than before, and he wore different clothes than normal. Touching his face, he found his beard completely gone and his features felt altered. Perplexed by these changes, he grew more concerned about his strange situation and how he came to be here.

As Nux pondered what led him to this place, several thoughts occurred. He considered being kidnapped but realized no one would see value in him. Yet he doubted it was all a dream since his head was injured. Figuring he must have been saved by someone, Nux steeled himself to repay mounting hospital costs, prepared to give up leisures for work. But examining his altered looks disturbed him more, and he became uncertain how he came to be in this unfamiliar room.

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Supreme Harem God System Chapter 2

He discovered that his physical appearance had changed after transmigrating to another world. Believing that he would gain a cheat from his transmigration, he eagerly waited for 30 minutes but nothing appeared. Disappointed, he decided to live a normal life in this new world. However, upon seeing his handsome reflection in the mirror, he instantly changed his mind and decided to become a gigolo to find a rich woman to support him.

Overcome with excitement at the realization he had transmigrated to another world, the protagonist eagerly awaited the arrival of his cheat to aid him. After waiting to no avail, he began to doubt his situation and even attempted to harm himself to trigger its appearance. Coming to his senses, he gave up hope of receiving special assistance and resigned himself to living an ordinary life in this new place.

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Supreme Harem God System Chapter 3

Nux admired his handsome features in the mirror, taking pride in his raven hair, smooth white skin, and golden eyes. Though his face was bruised, he believed his immortal-like looks would serve him well as a gigolo. After eating some fruit to satisfy his hunger, Nux’s plans were interrupted by the arrival of three rough-looking men at his door.

The scar-faced leader demanded that Nux come with them. Nux remained silent but unafraid as he glared back at the men. Confused by Nux’s lack of response, the leader asked again, using a heavier tone. However, Nux did not immediately answer, contemplating his situation as the threats from the men loomed over him.

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Supreme Harem God System Chapter 4

Supreme Harem God System webnovel

The scar-faced man and his group found Nux and offered to bring him along with them. Nux agreed to go since he knew he stood no chance fighting them, and they would have harmed him already if that was their intention. They gave him a mysterious purple liquid to drink which healed his injuries.

They arrived at a large white marble building that was clearly more luxurious than Nux’s home. The group brought Nux before Elton Peyton, the head of the merchant guild. Elton revealed to the shocked Nux that he had caught the eye of Viscount Felberta, who wished to take him as her personal boy toy. Nux was overwhelmed by this sudden turn of events and the new possibilities before him.

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Supreme Harem God System Chapter 5

Nux found himself in front of Viscount Felberta Alveye, who had bought him from the merchant guild. The Viscount smiled brightly at Nux and explained that from now on he would stay with her and do whatever she said. Nux however remained silent and gazed ahead with a dumbstruck look, not responding to the Viscount’s questions.

While everyone in the room furrowed their brows at Nux’s behavior, he did not pay anyone any mind. A screen appeared in front of Nux’s eyes along with a notification, introducing the Supreme Harem God System. The system scanned Nux’s basic information and abilities, noting his low talent and level. It also provided him 10 extra points to increase his stats as a starting bonus. Nux grew more excited as he read about the powers the system would grant him, such as gaining the talents and physiques of women he beds.

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Supreme Harem God System Chapter 6

Nux was overjoyed at receiving his cheat ability but was interrupted from his thoughts when Viscount Felberta called out to him. When questioned for ignoring her, Nux awkwardly apologized while blushing, claiming he was distracted by her beauty. His flattery worked and the Viscount’s expression softened.

Though initially wanting only a stable life as her boy toy, Nux was stunned by Felberta’s flawless beauty and hourglass figure. With his powerful ability “[Craving Touch]”, he saw an opportunity to conquer the Viscount and gain more women to increase his strength. His golden eyes now held the gaze of a predator rather than just a boy toy, as he planned different methods of achieving his new ambitions.

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Supreme Harem God System Chapter 7

Nux sighed in relief as he sat in his new room, grateful for the Viscount’s generosity. When a memory fragment from his predecessor appeared, he hesitated to retrieve it for 10 blank points, his only resources. While useful information could help, he disliked spending so preciously without knowing the drop rate.

Instead, Nux allocated his 10 points to boost agility and stamina. A strange energy rushed through him, making his body lighter and faster. Seeing his improved stats, particularly high agility, gave him satisfaction; with speed on his side, escaping danger would become easier. Reassured by this security measure, Nux began exploring his system’s features to learn its full capabilities.

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Supreme Harem God System Chapter 8

Nux noticed it was time for the Viscount to return from her office, so he went to wait outside her room. When the Viscount arrived with her two maids, she was surprised to see Nux there and asked what he was doing. Nux stuttered that he wanted to check if she needed any help since she must be tired from working.

Pleased by his answer, the Viscount asked what help he could provide. Nux nervously offered to massage her shoulders to help her relax. The Viscount chuckled and moved her face close to Nux’s, enjoying his flustered reaction. When she asked if he thought she was beautiful, Nux agreed but tripped over his words in his panic. Seeing this, the Viscount and her maids laughed before she told Nux to stop being so flustered and follow her into her room for the massage.

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Supreme Harem God System Chapter 9

Nux was entranced by Viscount Felberta’s hourglass figure accentuated by her red gown as she walked in the room. Her enchanting beauty distracted him from noticing his surroundings. Suddenly, a system message appeared offering a mission to have s$x with the Viscount within 30 days for a reward.

Viscount Felberta sat on the large bed ordering Nux to start massaging her shoulders. As Nux looked at the contrast of her red gown against the white bedsheets and her charming face, he couldn’t help but gulp and blush at her beauty. Seeing his natural reaction, the Viscount smiled, appreciating his honest admiration unlike others who had ulterior motives due to her status.

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Supreme Harem God System Chapter 10

Felberta noticed differences between Nux’s praise of her beauty and that of other nobles, seeing his honesty as he blushed uncontrollably. She found Nux handsome with a perfectly carved face and beautiful golden eyes that made her heart race, along with his frail, weak body. When asked to give her a massage, Nux nervously climbed onto the bed and touched her shoulders, though his skills lacked.

Noticing his immersed gaze, Felberta ignored the poor massage and closed her eyes. However, wanting to tease him further, she stood and deliberately arched her back before removing her gown, standing in just a bra and underwear. She noticed Nux’s flustered, red face and smiled, insisting he continue the massage with direct skin contact. Nux couldn’t refuse and placed his shaking hands on her, though tried to hide his reddening face and focus. Felberta was amused by his cute, innocent nature.

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