The Alpha Who Cursed His Mate Chapter Summary

The Alpha Who Cursed His Mate

The Alpha Who Cursed His Mate by Jazz Ford revolves around Astrid and Ryker, a couple blessed with three children, Magnus, Flint, and Josie, in the town of Shadow Crest. However, when Magnus, the destined next Alpha, inadvertently curses his best friend Nina, they embark on a journey to undo the curse, encountering witches, forbidden magic, and old enemies, forcing Magnus to confront Nina’s fate and his family’s past.

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Attribute Detail
Book Title The Alpha Who Cursed His Mate
Author Jazz Ford
Where to Read Amazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Werewolf Romance
Tags alpha, romance, werewolf

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The Alpha Who Cursed His Mate PDF

The Alpha Who Cursed His Mate PDF

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The Alpha Who Cursed His Mate Chapter 1

Magnus, the son of the Luna of Shadow Crest, is still upset with Nina for tricking him into putting salt instead of sugar on his cereal. He towers over her, but she continues to tease him, suggesting they play hide and seek.

Despite his reluctance, Magnus agrees, and Nina blindfolds him. However, she leads him to the dam, where the gate is about to open, and the rushing water sweeps him away. Nina laughs as Magnus struggles in the creek. Returning to the packhouse, Magnus faces his unimpressed mother, who scolds him for being wet and muddy.

Nina tries to appear innocent, but Magnus glares at her, threatening to have the Moon Goddess curse her and take away her wolf and mate bond. The timing of the thunder and lightning makes Magnus wonder if it’s a sign, but he dismisses the idea.

During the family dinner, Magnus refuses to interact with Nina, determined to avoid being seen as a joke. The pack discusses Vanessa and Alice, who have fled Shadow Crest to create their own pack, and the Alpha agrees that this is already a sufficient punishment for their actions.

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The Alpha Who Cursed His Mate Chapter 2

The next day, Magnus invites May to climb trees with him and Zak, much to Nina’s confusion as they rarely interact. Nina tries to join them, but Magnus rejects her, stating that she is not his friend. The group of friends, including Josie, Flint, and Zak, race to the top of the tree, with May and Magnus reaching the summit first.

Later, they go swimming in the lake, and Magnus decides to play a prank on Zak and Flint, hiding behind a boulder. However, his actions cause concern among the group, and Nina is visibly upset with him. Back at the Packhouse, Nina tries to make eye contact with Magnus, but he ignores her.

During dinner, the family discusses the children’s activities, but Magnus remains silent, focused on his meal.

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The Alpha Who Cursed His Mate Chapter 3

May would elbow the narrator and glare if she caught him staring at Nina, but she would always get jealous and cranky at any girl he glanced at. The narrator demands to know who is telling May to stop him from staring at Nina, but May refuses to reveal their names.

Trixie asks the narrator to be her date for a party, and when he hesitates, Claire asks him out as well. This leads to a confrontation between May and Claire, with the cafeteria crowd chanting “Fight, fight, fight!” The narrator steps in to protect May, and when Nina tries to intervene, he pulls May back to keep her from getting hurt.

The narrator then fiercely growls, asserting his authority as the Alpha, and orders everyone to return to their lunch. As he walks to science class, May runs in front of him, claiming they are destined to be mates, and that going on a date with Claire would be cheating.

The narrator doubts their potential mating and storms off to class, where he finds the only vacant seat is next to Nina.

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The Alpha Who Cursed His Mate Chapter 4

Magnus sits next to Nina in class, captivated by her presence. However, he gets in trouble with the teacher, Mr. Thomson, and ends up with detention. Nina is also punished for laughing at Magnus. After class, Magnus is approached by Flint and May, who had placed a bet on who he would choose.

May clings to Magnus, but he finds her touch lacking the warmth he felt from Nina’s hand. Later, Magnus is invited by Claire to go shopping, but he declines, thinking about Nina instead. In detention, Josie apologizes to Magnus for his past mistreatment of Nina, urging him to reconcile with his former best friend.

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The Alpha Who Cursed His Mate Chapter 5

Magnus enters the science room and is scolded by Mr. Thomson for being late. Mr. Thomson punishes Magnus and Nina, who is also present, by making them fix a table that Magnus had broken. Nina helps Magnus with the task, and they work together despite their initial reluctance.

After completing the task, Mr. Thomson still assigns them detention, much to their frustration. As they walk home together, Nina spots a baby bird and rushes to help it, with Magnus following close behind. Their conversation takes an unexpected turn as they reminisce about their childhood antics, revealing a closer bond than they had let on.

The chapter ends on a nostalgic note, with the two recalling fond memories of their shared past.

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The Alpha Who Cursed His Mate Chapter 6

Leon realizes that he was responsible for the pranks against Nina, not her. He feels immense guilt and wants to apologize to her. While trying to help Nina return a baby bird to its nest, the branch they are standing on breaks, and Leon takes the brunt of the fall to protect Nina.

Leon’s father and Josie come to their aid, and Leon is told he needs to heal at a normal human rate. Leon struggles to apologize to Nina, but Josie encourages him to make amends. Josie also promises to keep the detention they received a secret, wanting to help Leon make things right with Nina.

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