Never Late, Never Away Chapter Summary

Never Late, Never Away

Never Late, Never Away by Vanessa Chandler revolves around Vivian Williams, who arrives at the Civil Affairs Bureau to obtain her marriage certificate only to discover that her supposed husband has yet to arrive. She receives an angry call from the man accusing her of lies and shameful acts from their past. Vivian is shocked to suddenly marry a man she just met by chance, Finnick Norton, the president of Finnor Group, one of the most successful companies in the country.

On her first day at a new job as a journalist at Glamour Magazine, Vivian meets Finnick again and learns more about her new husband. Finnick is mysterious yet successful in business. Vivian begins experiencing strange feelings towards Finnick despite their sudden marriage being purely for convenience to hide a past secret. She receives a box at work that only contains a set of keys rather than the expected scarf gift, hinting at more to her marriage than she realizes.

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Book TitleNever Late, Never Away
AuthorVanessa Chandler
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel | Bravonovel
Genres Modern Romance
Tags romance

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Never Late, Never Away PDF

Never Late, Never Away

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Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1

Finnick Norton watched thoughtfully as Vivian William trembled uncontrollably at the Civil Affairs Bureau. She had been stood up by the man she was supposed to marry that day. When Finnick’s assistant informed him of another delay, he told the assistant to cancel the meeting.

Finnick then approached Vivian and pointed out that they both needed to get married, with her requiring housing registration and him able to provide it. Though initially hesitant, Vivian realized this may be her only chance, and agreed to marry Finnick despite just meeting him.

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Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2

Vivian walked out of the Civil Affairs Bureau clutching her red marriage certificate, still in disbelief that she had suddenly married a man she just met by chance. Upon seeing their photo together, she noted Finnick Norton’s blank expression while hers showed unease and reservations.

At the Bureau, Finnick said Vivian’s name smoothly, sending shivers down her spine. He offered her a card to choose her own wedding ring, saying he did not have time to deal with the wedding details. Vivian refused, not wanting to feel like she owed Finnick anything despite him being her lawful husband.

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Never Late, Never Away Chapter 3

Vivian was surprised to see how much effort Sarah put into her appearance for their upcoming interview that afternoon. They were scheduled to meet with the president of Finnor Group, a legendary financial company in Sunshine City that suddenly rose to prominence three years ago. Though hugely successful, the president’s identity remained a complete mystery.

When they arrived at Finnor Group, Vivian and Sarah stated their purpose to the receptionist and were promptly escorted upstairs. Sarah was nervous about making a good impression and fretted over her hair and clothes. But as they entered the president’s office and saw him sitting in a wheelchair, Sarah was stunned and remarked on his extreme handsomeness. Vivian, however, recognized the president immediately. It was Finnick, her childhood friend who had vanished years ago.

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Never Late, Never Away Chapter 4

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 4

Vivian was stunned by the revelation that Finnick was her new husband. During the interview with Glamour Magazine, Finnick remained distant and gave little attention to Vivian, causing her to doubt if this man was truly the one she married.

As the interview progressed smoothly with Finnick answering questions cooperatively though in a cold manner, Vivian found herself getting into the flow and temporarily forgetting Finnick was her husband. When it came time for the personal question of his relationship status, Vivian awkwardly asked “Are you single, Mr. Norton?” to which Finnick replied cryptically “Well… what do you think, miss?”.

His response left Vivian feeling nervous as she noticed a brief hint of amusement in his otherwise emotionless eyes, though it disappeared quickly and she was left wondering if she had imagined it.

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Never Late, Never Away Chapter 5

Vivian felt conflicted upon realizing that Finnick Norton, the president of Finnor Group, was actually someone she had met before but pretended not to know her. During the interview, she questioned him about his marital status in an attempt to uncover the truth about his identity. Finnick calmly confirmed that he had recently married, glancing meaningfully at Vivian as he said so.

The interview proceeded smoothly, with Vivian asking questions focused on Finnick’s company. At the end, Finnick shook hands with the interviewers and lingered slightly when greeting Vivian, staring intently at her. After they left, his secretary presented them with gifts as tokens of appreciation. While Sarah eagerly opened her box containing a Chanel scarf and praised Finnick’s generosity, Vivian slammed her box shut upon glimpsing its contents, not wanting the others to see.

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Never Late, Never Away Chapter 6

Vivian was given a box of keys by Finnick instead of a silk scarf like the other women. She realized he was inviting her to move in with him to his lavish villa, as was expected of a married couple.

At the magazine company, everyone was thrilled when Finnick agreed to let them publish his photo. However, some comments were made about his disability causing issues in his marriage. Vivian nearly choked at the insensitive remarks.

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Never Late, Never Away Chapter 7

Vivian felt overwhelmed by her growing feelings for Finnick and rushed into the bathroom after their intimate moment. She was confused about her attraction to him and whether a physical relationship would be appropriate so soon. That night in bed, Vivian laid stiffly, nervous about what might happen but Finnick only slept, putting her at ease.

The next morning, Vivian woke to find Finnick already gone. She went downstairs for breakfast, greeted by Molly in the kitchen. Finnick sat at the dining table reading a newspaper, and when Vivian saw his hands, she was surprised by their unexpected strength from when she had touched his legs the day before, realizing there was more to Finnick than met the eye.

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Never Late, Never Away Chapter 8

Vivian found that Finnick had put on the ring she had bought him, though she felt it was unworthy of his status. When Finnick offered to drive Vivian to work, she refused at first since she did not want others at her workplace to recognize him. However, Finnick insisted on driving her as there were no convenient transportation options nearby and it would be inconvenient for her to commute.

They took his modified car, which had accommodations for his wheelchair, and Noah, Finnick’s driver, assisted him. At his office at the top floor of Sunshine City, Finnick continued working even after getting married. His friend Stiles visited and tried to get Finnick to take a honeymoon, though Finnick refused, stating he had no time. They discussed why Finnick had married Vivian and Stiles told him to let go of the past, though Finnick said it was not possible regarding what had happened.

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Never Late, Never Away Chapter 9

Finnick and Stiles discussed clues they had found regarding Finnick’s past. Finnick remained tight-lipped about revealing the truth about his legs to his new wife Vivian.

That morning, Vivian woke early to cook Finnick breakfast before his important meeting. She helped shave him as he had no supplies. The intimate moment was awkward as they felt their sudden marriage was surreal. At work, Vivian learned their magazine company had been purchased. To her shock, the new chief editor was someone from Finnick’s past who caused her blood to run cold.

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Never Late, Never Away Chapter 10

Fabian Norton had returned to the publishing company after two years abroad. Vivian remembered him from their university years together but noticed he seemed harsher now. During a meeting, Fabian was briefed by his subordinates and did not acknowledge Vivian’s presence.

Vivian was worried Fabian would recognize her after their relationship ended two years prior when he abruptly left the country. Her coworker Lesley asked Vivian to deliver a report to Fabian, increasing her unease.

When Vivian met with Fabian and mentioned the incident from two years ago, Fabian revealed he had known about it then. He blamed Vivian for dirtying his view of women and motivating him to further his studies abroad. Vivian was stunned, realizing Fabian had left due to the incident before its details were public.

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