My Dad’s Billionaire Best Friend Chapter Summary

My Dad's Billionaire Best Friend Gray-Lynn Spark and Mark Stern
TitleMy Dad’s Billionaire Best Friend
AuthorP.L Waites
Tagsbillionaire, forbidden, age gap, drama, city, office/workplace, assistant, gorgeous, passionate
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My Dad’s Billionaire Best Friend by P.L Waites follows Gray-Lynn Spark who just graduated from college and her father recommends that she intern at his best friend’s company. Little does she know that Mr Mark Stern has been her childhood crush which she completely forgot about and she hasn’t seen him for years. She has it tough at the office not to let her feelings affect her work, because, with Mr Stern, work is very important.

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One night, a shift in the air happens between them, what will happen when he returns her feelings? What will her father do when things progress? What will Gray-Lynn do after finding out something that she didn’t know about him?

My Dad’s Billionaire Best Friend Chapter 1

My Dad's Billionaire Best Friend

In the first chapter of My Dad’s Billionaire Best Friend, Gray-Lynn’s dad Weston takes her to intern at his best friend Mark Stern’s company. Gray-Lynn had a childhood crush on Mark but hasn’t seen him in years. She’s nervous about the interview. Weston laughs with the receptionist while Gray-Lynn waits anxiously.

When Weston takes Gray-Lynn to Mark’s office, she’s shocked to see her handsome former crush. Gray-Lynn can barely speak during the interview. Mark seems amused but offers her the internship anyway since her web design work is good.

Gray-Lynn is relieved when the awkward interview ends. As she walks by Mark’s office, she feels his eyes on her. Gray-Lynn hopes she won’t see Mark much so she’s not a bumbling mess around her crush.

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My Dad’s Billionaire Best Friend Chapter 2

In the second chapter of My Dad’s Billionaire Best Friend, Gray-Lynn hopes she won’t see Mark on her very first day. But he startles her in the parking lot with his unnecessary sunglasses. Mark walks with Gray-Lynn, saying she’s grown and he hopes she’s single. Gray-Lynn‘s shocked!

In the elevator, Mark intensely stares at Gray-Lynn, reiterating his hope she has no boyfriend. Gray-Lynn almost tells him off but he exits quickly. Rude!

Gray-Lynn meets receptionist Jackie, who directs her to the web design department. There she meets fellow intern Sam, who compliments Gray-Lynn.

Uh oh! Mark sees them chatting and looks angry. He scowls at poor Sam before getting close to supervisor Paulina.

Gray-Lynn thinks Mark shouldn’t control her love life after years apart. You go girl, ignore bossy Mark! What drama will happen next with these star-crossed office workers? Stay tuned!

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My Dad’s Billionaire Best Friend Chapter 3

In the third chapter of My Dad’s Billionaire Best Friend, Mark addresses the interns, including Gray-Lynn who sasses him about starting work. She chats with Sam, catching Mark’s angry gaze.

Mark summons Gray-Lynn to his office and offers her a new job – as his assistant! She agrees and signs the paperwork, including a no-dating policy.

When Gray-Lynn questions Mark’s boyfriend’s comments, he explains he cares for her like family after helping raise her. Gray-Lynn’s disappointed her crush doesn’t reciprocate her feelings.

Mark reveals he lost touch after his dad died and the company consumed him. Though Gray-Lynn’s dad Weston visited Mark.

Gray-Lynn tells Paulina and Sam about her new role. She must work closely with charming Mark now, though it’s not the intimate relationship she hoped for.

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My Dad’s Billionaire Best Friend Chapter 4

In Chapter 4 of My Dad’s Billionaire Best Friend, Gray-Lynn starts her assistant job, ogling dreamy Mark through his office glass. Hunky intern Sam visits her desk, asking Gray-Lynn to lunch.

Mark glares, saying she can go during lunch break. Gray-Lynn awkwardly asks him for lunch orders. At the cafe with Sam, Gray-Lynn opens up about family. Returning, she brings Mark coffee. When her heel breaks, Mark helps her, the touch burning.

He gives her new shoes, gazing intensely as if undressing Gray-Lynn with his eyes! She can still feel his heat on her skin. Gray-Lynn catches Mark staring thoughtfully. Though he said she’s like family, she wonders if he feels the magnetic pull too.

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My Dad’s Billionaire Best Friend Chapter 5

In Chapter 5 of My Dad’s Billionaire Best Friend, Gray-Lynn tells her dad Weston about her new assistant job from Mark at her home. Weston suggests she help overwhelmed Mark, who works hard running the company.

Gray-Lynn daydreams about intense Mark. At work, she offers to help him prepare for a big meeting. In Mark’s chaotic office, they touch reaching for a pen, sparks flying. Mark watches Gray-Lynn work appreciatively, praising her skills.

At lunch with Sam, Gray-Lynn rushes back to finish helping Mark. They set up the boardroom together before his important meeting. Though Mark sees her platonically, Gray-Lynn can’t shake her attraction.

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My Dad’s Billionaire Best Friend Chapter 6

In Chapter 6 of My Dad’s Billionaire Best Friend, Gray-Lynn arrives early, avoiding Mark in the parking lot. She overhears him arguing heatedly on the phone.

When hunky Sam invites Gray-Lynn for drinks, moody Mark interrupts, barking for coffee. At the cafe with Sam, they’re late returning. Mark reprimands Gray-Lynn coldly, upsetting her.

When she reveals having an unrequited crush, stern Mark warns nothing can happen due to no-dating policy. Heartbroken Gray-Lynn skips lunch, avoiding cranky Mark’s gaze. She realizes she’ll never have him and plans a sad girls’ night in.

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My Dad’s Billionaire Best Friend Chapter 7

In Chapter 7 of My Dad’s Billionaire Best Friend, After a bad day with stern boss Mark, Gray-Lynn goes to a club with intern Sam and coworkers to unwind. Over drinks, she vents about moody Mark‘s poor treatment of her.

While getting another drink, Gray-Lynn spots Mark there in his own VIP section. Her mood instantly sours at the sight of him. In her tipsy state, Gray-Lynn defiantly marches right past Mark‘s section. However, protective Mark catches her arm and stops her. Despite Gray-Lynn‘s indignant protests that she’s not a child, Mark insists on taking her home since she’s had too much to drink.

Concerned intern Sam comes over to check on them. Take-charge Mark ends up throwing a resistant but secretly thrilled Gray-Lynn over his shoulder, intent on getting her home safely.

Smitten Gray-Lynn hopes this chance to be alone with irresistible Mark may lead to some intoxicated confessions. The tension builds between the headstrong assistant and her smoldering boss!

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My Dad’s Billionaire Best Friend Chapter 8

In Chapter 7 of My Dad’s Billionaire Best Friend, At her house, intoxicated Gray-Lynn playfully teases irresistible Mark as he helps undress her out of her club attire to get her into comfortable clothes to sleep. When she brazenly kisses him, boss Mark is unable to resist and passionately kisses her back before catching himself.

Despite Mark‘s protests that it was inappropriate, smitten Gray-Lynn insists she wanted the steamy kiss. Conflicted, Mark tucks her into bed and undresses down to his boxers before climbing in and holding Gray-Lynn close. In her drunken state, Gray-Lynn tells Mark she loves him.

Mark tenses up and says he cares for her but they can’t be together romantically due to her father and the company’s non-fraternization policy. However, the intense kiss clearly meant something more for both of them.

Snuggled intimately in temptation Mark‘s strong arms, lovestruck Gray-Lynn cherishes this special moment, wishing she could stay like this with him forever. She soon falls asleep, dreaming of more passionate encounters with her irresistible boss.

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My Dad’s Billionaire Best Friend Chapter 9

In chapter 9 of My Dad’s Billionaire Best Friend, Gray wakes up hungover, thinking her night with Mark was a dream until she smells breakfast and finds him cooking in her kitchen. She’s confused since he’s now being nice when last night he rejected her advances. Mark acts protective about her partying but harshly calls her childish. He makes it clear nothing romantic will happen between them – she’s just his best friend’s daughter.

Gray is crushed and loses her appetite. Mark criticizes her “state” of wanting him and pain. When she tries taking a cab to avoid him, Mark orders her to ride with him. Gray fights back tears, expecting more cruelty from him. She resents that he made breakfast when they’re now late for work, anticipating he’ll blame her.

Mark’s rejection stings Gray, leaving her emotionally hurt. She hoped for more but he insists he feels nothing and set a firm boundary.

Gray is confused by Mark’s fluctuating kindness and cruelty. He nurses her hangover and then acts coldly uninterested. His harsh disciplining of her feels new and piercing. She tries asserting herself but he shuts her down fast. Gray acutely feels the power imbalance of the boss and his best friend’s daughter. His words reinforce it’s a hopeless crush that crossed a line. She’s resigned to enduring his stoicism and bracing for more pain on the drive to work.

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My Dad’s Billionaire Best Friend Chapter 10

In chapter 10 of My Dad’s Billionaire Best Friend, Mark drives Gray to work in tense silence after their kiss the night before. At the office, Mark is cold and harsh with Gray, criticizing her behavior the previous night. He has her urgently prepare documents for an important meeting.

Gray accidentally spills coffee on the documents, angering Mark further. He has his assistant Jackie redo the work and insults Gray’s capabilities. Gray works through lunch on web design as Mark’s meeting runs long. Afterward, Mark blames Gray for them losing a deal and sends her home in tears, feeling like a failure.

Gray is hurt by Mark’s cruel treatment but takes responsibility for causing problems. She tries apologizing but he won’t accept it. His criticism makes Gray doubt her abilities as his assistant. The spilled coffee and ruined documents, along with Mark’s visible anger, embarrass Gray.

She skips lunch to avoid Mark and works diligently despite his insults. In the end, Mark still blames Gray for the lost deal and sends her away in tears, leaving her crushed.

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