Back and Better By NighttShade Chapter Summary

Back And Better by NighttShade tells the story of Amira Warner who is bullied and outcasted by her own pack, including the Alpha, Erebus Lake. She finds sanctuary in another pack and returns 18 months later, transformed and empowered. Erebus is her mate, but will she choose him or look for love elsewhere?

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TitleBack and Better
ReadAmazon | Dreame
Read Count796.1K
Genre TagsS$x, Second chance, Mate, Badgirl, Kickass heroine, Independent, Luna, BxG
Similar ReadsHer Alpha Triplets, The Alpha Claiming His Enemy’s Daughter, Unscentable, Princess To Eight Uncles

Amira is 15, turning 16, and severely bullied. Contemplates suicide but is saved by members of another pack. She prays to the Moon Goddess to sever her mate bond if it’s within her original pack. The Moon Goddess appears and grants her wish.

Back and Better Chapter Summary

Back And Better Chapter 1

Back and Better Chapter Summary

In Chapter 1, we meet the protagonist, Amira Warner, who endures relentless bullying and physical abuse at her high school, primarily at the hands of Erebus, the Alpha‘s son. She is subjected to derogatory name-calling, and her life is filled with constant torment.

Amira’s suffering leads her to contemplate suicide, and she attempts to end her life by cutting her wrists with a razor. This dark moment in her life sets the stage for her desperate need for a change.

However, Amira’s life takes an unexpected turn when she is discovered by three boys, Damon Erickson and his twin brothers. They are from the Blood Warrior’s pack and intervene to prevent her suicide. This rescue offers her a glimmer of hope in her darkest hour.

Amira’s world is turned even more topsy-turvy when she learns that Erebus, her tormentor, is her mate as per werewolf lore. Strangely, she doesn’t feel the mate bond, and her reaction is marked by humor and indifference. She even manages to make Erebus emotional with her witty retorts.

Amira makes a life-altering decision to leave her abusive pack behind and join the Blood Warrior pack, where she is offered a new family and a fresh start.

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Back And Better Chapter 2

Back And Better Amira Warner

In Chapter 2, “I’m Gone,” the story continues to follow Amira Warner, who wakes up on the morning of her sixteenth birthday with a new sense of determination. She is determined to leave her current high school and pack behind, seeking a fresh start.

Amira plans to visit the counseling office during lunch to request her transcripts for a school transfer. She intends to clear out her locker and say her goodbyes to her teachers. She reflects on the close bond she shares with her educators, and she’s prepared letters for them to open the following day, hinting at her departure.

Amira is ready to face her last day at her current school. She reminisces about her tormentors and the bullying she endured, particularly at the hands of Erebus, the Alpha‘s son. This drives her desire for change and a better life.

As Amira looks forward to the evening, she is eager to experience her first wolf shift, curious about the identity of her wolf form. Amira heads to school with a backpack slung over her shoulder, determined to make the most of her final day in her old life.

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Back And Better Chapter 3

In chapter 3, Back to Hell, Amira in a better mental state than before, determined to make a fresh start and leave her painful past behind. Her first order of business is to visit the counseling office at her high school to request her transcripts for a school transfer. She is eagerly looking forward to her first wolf shift to discover her wolf form.

Amira heads to school with a backpack over her shoulder, an apple in hand, and headphones on, rushing to her first-period class. She’s resolute in facing her last day at her current school.

She plans to deliver letters to her teachers, hinting at her impending departure, and asks the principal to deliver these letters. Her resolve grows stronger with each step she takes away from her tormentors and her old school.

As Amira is leaving the school for good, she encounters Erebus, the Alpha‘s son, who had tormented her. Their exchange reveals Amira’s determination to break free from her painful past and the pack.

Amira returns home to pack her belongings, having previously prayed to the moon goddess for guidance. She reflects on the healing of her wrists and her eagerness to embrace her true identity as a wolf.

Amira is welcomed into her new family, the Blood Warrior pack, which is a significant turning point in the story. She has changed physically and mentally during the 18 months leading up to this moment.

Her father reveals that she will be sent to Red River pack for a few months to help train them. She’s somewhat resistant but ultimately agrees to go, knowing her brothers will protect her. The chapter ends with her family heading to the Red River pack, with Samantha and some warriors accompanying them. It’s revealed that Erebus is now the Alpha of the Red River pack.

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Back And Better Chapter 4

In chapter 4, Hello, again, Amira, our protagonist, arrives at a new place and mentions her intention to go shopping. She’s prepared for school, which starts after Thanksgiving break, determined to do well.

Her brothers, Damon, and the twins, greet her with concern. They discuss her well-being as she plans to stock up on junk food and go shopping with her friend Antha. As they arrive, they are welcomed by someone named Erebus who seems to have a connection to a wolf pack. Amira is anxious that he may recognize her.

Amira finally reveals her identity, and Erebus calls her “mine,” hinting at a deeper connection. Before school, her brothers mention discussing training times and strategies. Her brother, Brendon, is taken aback when he sees Amira.

The pack they’re in demands respect, even from other packs. Amira stands her ground when Brendon grabs her arm. As they enter the house, Brendon and Amira exchange tense words and the atmosphere gets tense. Amira decides to make a secret stash of junk food in her room.

Jason and Derick, her other brothers, discover her secret stash, leading to some humorous sibling banter. Amira accidentally starts a fire as she escapes from her brothers, but Damon intervenes, and they call a truce.

However, Erebus’s arrival adds another layer of complexity to the situation, and Amira worries about revealing her powers.

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Back And Better Chapter 5

In Chapter 5, we find Amira waking up early at 6:15, unfazed by mornings. She gets ready in a cute blue dress, black heels, and a jean jacket, ready to tackle the day. Her favorite brothers are already in the kitchen, and she shares a warm moment with them and her close friend, Antha.

Amira discovers that her brothers have prepared breakfast, which surprises her, especially considering how early it is. They all enjoy the meal, and the atmosphere is relaxed until a familiar face arrives. A boy who seems to mistake Amira for his mother. Her real parents enter with a two-month-old baby, which instantly makes Amira uneasy.

Amira takes charge, warning her parents not to let the same neglectful upbringing happen to this baby. She instructs them to provide love, care, and attention and makes it clear that she is now taking responsibility for her baby sister, Meda. She holds Meda and immediately forms a strong connection with her.

Her parents are puzzled by Amira’s ability to calm Meda, and she explains that she lets her sister feel the love she has for her. Amira’s declaration to protect Meda and be a part of her life stirs emotions and discussions with her parents.

Amira insists that she’ll be a part of Meda’s life, even if it means traveling a two-hour journey. Her parents express their desire to have her in their lives, which highlights the changing dynamics within the family. Amira’s interactions with her parents and Meda demonstrate the complexities of her relationships and the newfound role she’s taken on as Meda’s protector.

Amira later prepares a bottle for Meda and asks the boys to feed her while she’s occupied. Erebus’s growl and possessiveness hint at further complications in her life. Amira plans to pick up Meda for a walk in the park and the anticipation of a meeting and going to school with Antha.

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Back And Better Chapter 6

In Chapter 6, Move, dickwad!, we get a glimpse into Erebus’s perspective, where he’s deeply infatuated with his perfect mate, Amira. He’s changed since she left, feeling remorse for his past actions and making efforts to protect her and atone for his sins. Erebus now wants to win Amira back the right way, even though seduction seems tempting.

At school, Erebus watches Amira as she steps out of her car, wearing a stunning blue dress. He’s intensely drawn to her, but he knows he must earn her love back. Her laughter and smile enchant him, and he can’t help but appreciate her beauty.

Amira’s brothers, Damon, Jason, and Derick, join her at the school. There’s a warm and playful sibling interaction, with teasing and banter, showing the strong bond they share.

Erebus’s internal monologue reveals his desire to protect Amira and ensure she has a chance to find her second chance mate, even though it’s hard for him to accept. He believes in the mate bond, but he’s apprehensive about her reconnecting with her old family and her past mate, which adds a layer of complexity to their relationship.

As Erebus enters the school building, a humorous and unexpected moment occurs when Amira runs into him and refers to him as a “dickwad.” Her brothers chase after her, and the playful dynamic among the siblings shines through.

Amira’s quick wit and her ability to command the elements, which she humorously refers to as “magic,” are briefly showcased during her encounter with her brothers in the school hallway. The chapter ends with the twins challenging Amira, and Erebus keenly observes the playful interaction.

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Back And Better Chapter 7

In Chapter 7 titled I’m Not Your Luna, Amira finds herself back at school, where her brothers, Damon, and the twins, carry her to her locker despite her protests. They tease her about a previous prank, suggesting they plan to get even later.

As Amira walks into her first-period class, she encounters her former teacher, Gina, who doesn’t seem to recognize her at first. Amira introduces herself and informs the class about her background, including her suicide attempt and her adoption into the Blood Warrior pack. She reveals her intention to train the warriors of the pack.

Gina and Amira share an emotional reunion, but the class unexpectedly addresses Amira as “Luna,” the Alpha’s mate. Amira dismisses this with laughter, making it clear that she won’t help the pack that treated her poorly. She openly states that she no longer cares about the pack’s well-being and tells those who treated her well and her family that they’re welcome to join the Blood Warriors.

Amira’s brother, Derick, enters the classroom and introduces himself to the class. The chapter displays Amira’s unwavering strength and defiance toward her former pack, even as Erebus growls in the background.

As the class progresses, Amira’s laptop falls, causing a mess, but Derick assists her. A mysterious character tries to approach her, but she responds with a warning and displays her control over fire, highlighting her supernatural abilities.

Amira’s interactions with Erebus, the Alpha, reveal her determination and lack of interest in being his Luna. She uses her powers to create a lightning bolt, shocking him temporarily and asserting her dominance.

Amira expresses her indifference toward hurting innocent people who get in her way and hints at her transformation, marked by dark thoughts and changed identity.

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Back And Better Chapter 8

In Chapter 8, Amira’s training session with the pack reveals her disdain for their lack of skill and weakness. She decides to stay away from further training to avoid insulting them.

After the training, Amira holds a meeting with her brother Damon and the Alpha, Erebus, to discuss her plans. She reveals her intention to stay in a hotel to distance herself from the pack and its painful memories. She also demands that the pack stop calling her “Luna.”

Damon agrees to her terms, suggesting he might join her at the hotel. Erebus, on the other hand, resists, declaring that she is his mate and that they will be together. Amira vehemently rejects the idea of being with him and threatens to harm herself before agreeing to be with Erebus.

The conversation ends with tension between Amira and Erebus, as she emphasizes her determination to go wherever she pleases, with whomever she chooses. She leaves Erebus with a stark warning about her feelings.

While out for a run, Amira encounters a lost little girl, Ariel, and offers help. She showcases her motherly instincts and assists the child with a sprained ankle. Amira decides to take Ariel back to the packhouse to ensure her safety.

Amira’s return to the packhouse leads to an unexpected meeting with the former Alpha and Luna, who had largely ignored her during her difficult past. They express their desire to make amends, but Amira’s guarded response leaves them disheartened.

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Back And Better Chapter 9

In chapter 9, Amira receives a call from her biological father, Alpha Anatol, who informs her that he’s sending the Oak Wood pack, led by soon-to-be Alpha Christian, to help with her current pack’s training issues. Amira agrees to coordinate with Damon to ensure a smooth arrival.

Amira decides to move into the Grand America Hotel. She packs her things and prepares for a shopping trip with her friend Antha. Amira and Antha go on a shopping spree, sharing similar tastes in clothing and makeup. They explore various stores and end up with numerous shopping bags filled with their find

Amira arrives at a steakhouse for dinner, where she discovers that the Oak Wood pack’s Alpha Christian is her second chance mate. There’s an instant attraction between them, and they share a passionate kiss that leaves Erebus, her previous mate, fuming with jealousy.

Amira boldly claims Christian as her mate in front of everyone at the dinner table. Erebus is clearly upset, but Amira makes it clear that Christian is her chosen mate now.

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Back And Better Chapter 10

In chapter 10 titled A Game of Seduction, Amira receives an early morning call from Samantha, who informs her that Christian and his senior pack members will be attending school. Amira is upset by this news but tells Samantha she’ll handle it.

Amira decides to go to school and grabs breakfast from Starbucks. She describes her outfit for the day, which she keeps simple but still fashionable. Her signature order, a chai tea latte with a shot of espresso and lemon loaf, accompanies her on the way to school.

Amira arrives at school half an hour early and decides to spend some time reading in the library. Amira eavesdrops on a conversation in the library between Christian and Erebus. They discuss her powers and how to restrain her, which raises her suspicion

Erebus begins to seduce Amira with physical affection, causing her to momentarily forget about her powers. Amira realizes that she can mind link her brothers, Damon and Derick, for help, but it’s too late as she’s already in a compromising situation.

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