A Man Like None Other Chapter Summary

A Man Like None Other is a xianxia novel that tells the story of Jared Chance, an ordinary young man who gains extraordinary abilities after cultivating with a mysterious master in prison.

A Man like None Other Chapter

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A Man Like None Other Novel: Romance + Action None Like Other

This novel is available to read on Joyread. You can also read the story on Amazon.

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A Man Like None Other Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of A Man Like None Other takes us on a wild ride with Jared Chance fresh out of Horington Prison after three years. He’s not just savoring freedom but worrying about his MIA parents.

Enter the mysterious prison buddy, Draco, who’s not your average Joe. He gifts Jared a dragon-themed ring, claiming to be the leader of the Dragon Sect and a master of all things, including the art of resurrection. Talk about an overachiever!

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Now, Draco drops a bomb—Jared’s got a VIP ticket to Nameless Island on July 15th, flashing the dragon bling for a life-changing opportunity. No pressure, right?

Fast forward to Jared’s homecoming. Dilapidated house, blind mom (Hannah Thompson), and a brewing storm of family drama. Three years ago, our hero defended his girlfriend, Sandy Gibson, from the lecherous Leyton Scott, the rich kid with a head full of bad ideas. Cue a brick to Leyton’s head, police involvement, and Jared’s three-year prison sentence for assault.

The family drama unfolds—Scotts demands a million in compensation, Jared’s parents sell everything, Dad becomes a street cleaner, and Mom cries herself blind. Literally.

Jared, fists clenched and eyes glowing with a vengeance, confronts his blind mom, Hannah. Jared asks about Sandy, expecting a knight-in-shining-armor move. Instead, Hannah spills the Gibson tea—no help, no returned betrothal gift, just heartbreak. And to top it off, Dad got a beatdown for arguing with the Scotts.

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A Man Like None Other Chapter 2

Chapter 2 unfolds with a bombshell for Jared Chance. He discovers that his girlfriend, Sandy Gibson, is marrying the notorious Mr. Scott—the same guy he ended up in prison for assaulting.

Jared, in disbelief, confronts Sandy’s mom, Hannah Thompson, about the shocking revelation. But before he can process it all, a thunderous knock on the door sends Hannah into panic mode. Enter Baldy—a bald man with a gang of tattooed tough guys. They’re not there for a friendly chat; they’re after money, demanding it with the subtlety of a bulldozer.

Neighbors gossip about these ruthless debt collectors, revealing they’re Scott family henchmen. Baldy, unimpressed with the pouch of money Hannah offers, unleashes his wrath. A kick to Hannah’s abdomen sends her crashing, and that’s the moment Jared decides he’s had enough.

Jared, now with an icy gaze, steps up to Baldy. Baldy mocks Jared about Sandy’s wedding and challenges him to attend. Jared, fueled by rage, demands an apology for his mother. In a surprising turn, Jared’s not just a brick-wielding guy; he’s got some serious martial arts skills.

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A fight ensues, but Jared pulls off some mystical moves, making Baldy and his gang drop to their knees. The neighbors, wide-eyed, witness Jared’s unexpected prowess. Jared, not wanting blood on his hands, orders the thugs to apologize to his mother and scram.

Baldy, seething with resentment, exits with a venomous glare. Jared, fearless and unshaken, faces the aftermath of the brawl.

A Man Like None Other Chapter 3

We see Jared Chance facing a whirlwind of emotions after the encounter with Baldy and his thugs. Back home, he reassures his worried mother, Hannah Thompson, promising to be the family’s provider and to find a way to treat her blindness.

But beneath the surface, a burning rage is kindling. Jared’s thoughts echo his determination for vengeance against the Scotts and the Gibsons. The chapter takes a dramatic turn when fueled by anger, Jared decides to confront Sandy Gibson and uncover the truth.

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As Jared storms out of his house, fate takes a brutal turn. A red Porsche, driven by a furious woman named Josephine, collides with Jared. In the midst of curses and chaos, Jared stands his ground, challenging Josephine’s claim that he’s at fault.

The situation escalates when Josephine attempts to harm Jared with her stiletto heels. However, a middle-aged man emerges from the car. He is revealed to be William Sullivan, the CEO of Sullivan Group. But there’s a twist—William is suffering from a severe lung injury, unbeknownst to him.

Jared, with an unexpected display of medical knowledge, diagnoses William’s condition. In a surprising twist, William, desperate for help, pleads with Jared to save his life.

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A Man Like None Other Chapter 4

In Chapter 4 of “A Man Like None Other,” we witness a rollercoaster of emotions as Jared Chance extends his extraordinary healing abilities to save the life of William Sullivan, the CEO of Sullivan Group. However, Jared’s act of kindness isn’t without conditions.

After the impromptu healing session, William insists on treating Jared to lunch at the Glamor Hotel as a gesture of gratitude. Despite Jared’s initial refusal, he eventually agrees, setting the stage for an unexpected interaction between the ex-convict and the wealthy businessman.

The plot takes a sharp turn when Jared, fueled by a burning desire for answers, confronts Sandy Gibson, his girlfriend who is supposedly getting married. The confrontation unfolds at the Gibson residence, and tensions rise as Jared demands an explanation.

The scene becomes both intense and somewhat comical as Jared, fueled by a mix of rage and disbelief, barges into the mansion, challenging Sandy’s mother, Melinda Connor, and demanding to see Sandy. The encounter escalates, and the revelation of Sandy’s impending marriage to Leyton Scott, the very person who led to Jared’s imprisonment, adds a layer of irony to the situation.

The chapter ends with a bitter realization for Jared, marking a turning point in his quest for justice and understanding.

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A Man Like None Other Chapter 5

In Chapter 5 of A Man Like None Other, the drama unfolds as Jared Chance encounters the groom, Leyton Scott, at the entrance of the wedding venue. A clash of personalities ensues, with Leyton taunting Jared about his recent release from prison, adding a touch of dark humor to the confrontation.

Leyton, reveling in his impending nuptials, provocatively invites Jared to attend the wedding as if to mock his unfortunate circumstances. However, Jared remains undeterred and attempts to leave without engaging in further banter with someone he perceives as beneath him.

The situation takes a comical turn when Leyton, eager to assert his superiority, blocks Jared’s way and insinuates that Jared can’t afford a gift for the wedding. The banter escalates as Jared retaliates, accusing Leyton of marrying “used goods,” sparking tension and revealing the underlying resentment between the characters.

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The humor intensifies as Sandy and her mother, Melinda Connor, join the fray, vehemently denying Jared’s claims and attempting to salvage the image of Leyton and the Gibson family. The exchange is filled with sarcastic remarks and heated retorts, providing a satirical commentary on the complexities of relationships and societal expectations.

As Leyton and his entourage proceed to the wedding, Jared, not one to be outdone, delivers a cryptic warning of consequences to Leyton. A mysterious act follows as Jared subtly inflicts a consequence on Leyton, setting the stage for potential conflicts in future chapters.

Meanwhile, at Glamor Hotel’s entrance, the anticipation grows as William Sullivan, the wealthy CEO, awaits Jared. The unexpected waiting situation creates a buzz among the onlookers, leading to speculations about the significance of the meeting and adding an element of intrigue to the story.

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The chapter concludes with a revelation from William about a hidden ailment, leaving his daughter, Josephine, shocked and worried. The mix of humor, confrontations, and mysterious elements makes Chapter 5 a captivating and dynamic installment in the unfolding saga.

A Man Like None Other Chapter 6

Jared is called to William’s hotel room to treat his injury. Josephine is skeptical of Jared’s abilities and accuses him of being a scammer.

“How can you accuse me of being a con man? Have I cheated anything out of you? If not for me, your father would have been a corpse by now. I can’t believe how ridiculous you can be!”

Dr. Watson arrives and criticizes Jared’s treatment methods.

He then gives William a pill and inserts silver needles into his acupoints. Jared warns Dr. Watson that his methods will only harm William.

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