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Lord of the Mysteries

Lord of the Mysteries by Cuttlefish That Loves Diving revolves around Klein Moretti, an ordinary young man who finds himself reincarnated in an alternate 19th century Europe with mysterious powers and forces battling in the shadows. Klein awakens in a back alley of London with no memories of his past life. He discovers that he has been reincarnated as a “Pathfinder” with the potential to develop powers based on the tarot deck.

As Klein works to uncover the secrets of the world and his own abilities, he encounters many factions vying for power and control over mystical artifacts. There are the Angels who rule the heavens, the Demons who stir discord, and the Paths who develop human powers based on tarot arcana. Klein must navigate dangerous political intrigue while developing his skills and alliances if he hopes to survive in a world where supernatural powers decide the fate of nations. His actions have the potential to shift the balance of power in a struggle that has lasted for centuries.

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Book TitleLord of the Mysteries
AuthorCuttlefish That Loves Diving
Where to ReadWebnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Tags Weak to Strong, Deities, Monsters, Mysteries, action, tragedy

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Lord of the Mysteries PDF

Lord of the Mysteries PDF

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Lord of the Mysteries Chapter 1

Zhou Mingrui awakens in a strange room with a painful headache. He finds himself in the body of Klein Moretti, a young man in an unknown world. On the desk is a revolver and notebook with text in a mysterious language. When Zhou Mingrui sees his bloody reflection, he realizes his head is badly injured.

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Disoriented, Zhou Mingrui explores his new surroundings for clues. He notices a crimson moon outside and strange mechanical devices on the walls. Memories then flood in, revealing he is Klein Moretti, a recent history graduate in an unknown land. However, Klein’s possessions, like the revolver, seem out of place given his impoverished background. A bloody handprint by the table adds to the strangeness. When Zhou Mingrui examines his head in a cracked mirror, he finds a grotesque wound, explaining the intense pain.

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Lord of the Mysteries Chapter 2

Zhou Mingrui discovered bizarre wounds on his body and was shocked to find himself in the apartment of Klein Moretti, a history graduate from a humble background. After lighting a gas lamp, he closely inspected his injuries and found that his wound was healing rapidly, likely due to the benefits of transmigration. He then cleaned the blood stains around the apartment to erase any signs of what had occurred.

Zhou Mingrui pondered over Klein’s fate and the reason for his own transmigration. He recalled performing a luck enhancement ritual from a Chinese divination book earlier that day. Thinking there was a possibility the ritual triggered his transmigration, he decided he must try the ritual again the next day in hopes of returning to his original world. He wanted to return to his family, friends and modern amenities. With no other leads, the ritual was his only hope for a way back.

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Lord of the Mysteries Chapter 3

Melissa woke early as usual and reminded Zhou Mingrui to buy eight pounds of fresh bread, mutton, and peas for dinner before his upcoming university interview. Though their circumstances were difficult after Benson’s company struggles, Melissa supported Zhou Mingrui and Klein’s education, preparing breakfast over tea before leaving for her classes at the technical school.

As Zhou Mingrui went over Klein’s fragmented memories again, he realized some details did not make sense, such as Melissa not noticing the gunshot during Klein’s supposed suicide next door. He also found it odd that she disparagingly reminded him multiple times to buy the groceries for the coming week before departing for school. Zhou Mingrui began to suspect more mystery surrounded Klein’s death than the apparent suicide.

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Lord of the Mysteries Chapter 4

Lord of the Mysteries Chapter 4

Zhou Mingrui went about his day in the city, making various preparations. He first visited Smyrin Bakery and purchased bread from the owner Mrs. Smyrin, catching up on news. Leaving the bakery, he noticed street performers and children dancing joyfully to music, briefly observing the scenes of city life. He then went to the market to purchase ingredients, passing by a square where a circus was promoting its upcoming show. There, a fortune teller woman offered Zhou Mingrui a free tarot card reading, intriguing him given his knowledge of its origins from this world.

As he went about his errands, Zhou Mingrui remained cautious due to Klein’s mysterious death. He took his revolver for protection and was careful with his money. Upon visiting familiar places like the bakery, he struggled acting as Klein due to having only fragmented memories. He also noted changes in the city like rising bread prices from a recent repeal of an agricultural protection law.

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Lord of the Mysteries Chapter 5

Zhou Mingrui had his fortune told by an animal trainer posing as a fortune teller at the circus. The cards revealed “The Fool” for his present situation, representing a fresh start. However, the real fortune teller interrupted, demanding the animal trainer return to their post.

Elsewhere, Audrey Hall was trying to awaken a magical mirror passed down in her family, while Alger Wilson was navigating a storm at sea. Both were suddenly enveloped by a crimson light from the mirror and a glass bottle. They found themselves along with Zhou Mingrui in an endless fog. Startled to see each other, they asked where they were, uncertain of what was happening or what the others intended.

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Lord of the Mysteries Chapter 6

Audrey Hall, a young woman, finds herself mysteriously transported to a foggy realm along with Alger Wilson. They encounter Zhou Mingrui, the one responsible for bringing them there. Seeking to understand her new circumstances, Audrey asks Zhou Mingrui how she can become a Beyonder like him.

Alger answers in Zhou Mingrui’s place, explaining the options of joining various churches or finding potion formulas. He offers to trade two of his own Sequence 9 potion formulas to Audrey – one granting aquatic abilities, and the other enhancing observational skills – in exchange for 100ml of ghost shark blood. Audrey expresses interest in the second “Spectator” formula. Both she and Alger acknowledge Zhou Mingrui, whom they refer to as “The Fool”, as a witness to their agreement.

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Lord of the Mysteries Chapter 7

Audrey, who goes by the name “Justice”, and Alger, who calls himself “The Hanged Man”, met with the mysterious being known as “The Fool” to conduct a trade. They negotiated for Audrey to obtain a potion formula in exchange for a shipment of ghost shark blood. The Fool agreed to witness their deal on the condition they meet regularly for what they termed a “Gathering”.

Audrey and Alger suggested the Gatherings could help The Fool with inconvenient tasks, and he agreed to hold them every Monday. The trio decided to use code names from the tarot cards and call their group the “Tarot Club”. At the end of their first Gathering, The Fool terminated the connection, saying they had much to look forward to at the next meeting.

Klein, as Zhou Mingrui now called himself, was puzzled by the strange experience in the foggy realm. Though only a short time passed outside, he wondered what kind of power could alter the flow of time and space.

While the Gatherings provided an opportunity to learn more about the mystical world, Klein resolved not to attempt any rituals himself without deeper understanding, as the consequences could be unpredictable and dangerous. He focused his efforts on gleaning what knowledge he could from the Tarot Club.

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Lord of the Mysteries Chapter 8

Audrey Hall witnessed a miraculous new ironclad warship being unveiled at the Royal Navy base in Pritz Harbor. The warship was massive in size with armor plating, cannons, and other advanced weapons that shocked all who saw it. At the unveiling ceremony, Prime Minister Aguesid Negan delivered a speech, declaring that this new warship called The Pritz would conquer the seas and bring an end to the era of piracy.

The Pritz demonstrated its power with a test firing of its main cannons, shaking the ground and sea. Aguesid vowed that the pirates would never be able to build their own ironclad warships, as it required immense resources from the nation’s industries and military that they did not possess.

Audrey was introduced to society at her debut ceremony in the capital city of Empress Borough. She attended with her father Count Hall. At the ceremony on the docks, she witnessed the unveiling of an unprecedented new machine – an enormous flying airship of the king’s family that arrived to preside over the event.

Armed guards and mysterious disciplinarian paladins in full armor flanked King George III and his family as they disembarked. Prime Minister Aguesid welcomed everyone and kicked off the official ceremony.

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Lord of the Mysteries Chapter 9

Klein awoke after resting and found four black dots forming a square on the back of his hand. Reading Klein’s notebook, he learned that Klein had graduated from university and helped his friend Welch decipher a mysterious notebook from the Fourth Epoch.

The notebook mentioned strange things like a nation existing at a mountain summit over 6000 meters high. Klein became obsessed with solving the mysteries, neglecting his job interview, until the last entry on June 27th simply said “Everyone will die, including me…”. Klein suspected visiting Welch and the ancient notebook would be dangerous but felt he had to investigate in order to understand Klein’s suicide.

Klein decided to read through Klein’s notebooks to find clues about his death, starting with notes about his university discussions. He found an entry about Klein helping his friend Welch decode a notebook from the Fourth Epoch, which captured Klein’s interest more than the history lessons.

The notebook discussed strange things like a place called the “Nation of Evernight” located impossibly high in the mountains. Klein grew more concerned for his career and the upcoming interview but was drawn back to the mysteries. The last entry ominously stated “Everyone will die, including me”, confirming Klein’s suspicion that investigating the ancient text led to the original Klein’s demise.

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Lord of the Mysteries Chapter 10

The leader of the three inspectors questioned Klein about his relationship to Welch McGovern, who had recently passed away. Klein explained that he and Welch were classmates and frequently met to discuss notes from Welch’s Fourth Epoch notebook. However, the gray-eyed inspector informed Klein that both Welch and Naya had committed suicide, with Welch bashing his head against the wall and Naya drowning herself, which Klein found impossible to believe.

During their search of Klein’s room, the young inspector came across the end of Klein’s notes with the phrase “Everyone will die, including me,” which raised suspicions. Klein claimed memory loss and an inability to explain the phrase, which the gray-eyed inspector unexpectedly believed may be due to lost memories. They advised Klein not to leave the city for now and that an expert would visit to help recover his memories.

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