(Highly Recommended) Under the Oak Tree Chapter Summary

Under the Oak Tree

Under the Oak Tree by Sooji Kim follows Maximilian, the stuttering daughter of a duke, who is forced to marry a lowly knight. On their wedding night, her husband leaves without explanation on an expedition and does not return for three years. When he finally reappears, he has become a renowned knight.

Maximilian must confront her conflicted feelings and the secrets that lie beneath their marriage as she comes face-to-face with her husband’s transformed persona. The story delves into themes of love, betrayal, and self-discovery as Maximilian navigates the complexities of her relationship while questioning her worth.

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Book TitleUnder the Oak Tree
AuthorSooji Kim
Where to ReadWebnovel | Amazon| Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresAdult, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Josei, Mature, Psychological, Romance, Smut

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Under the Oak Tree PDF

Under the Oak Tree PDF

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Under the Oak Tree Chapter 1

Under the Oak Tree Chapter 1

In Chapter 1, Maximilian faces her strict father, the Duke of Cross, who criticizes her nervous habits and warns her not to embarrass the family. Fearful, Max promises to obey her father’s every command, specifically regarding her unwanted marriage to Riftan Calypse.

The duke berates Max for her lack of desirability compared to her half-sister, Rosetta. The duke blames Max for Riftan’s disappearance and strikes her with his cane when she attempts to speak. Despite the pain, Max remains silent, understanding the consequences of divorce in their society.

She resolves to endure her suffering and maintain her family’s honor.

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Under the Oak Tree Chapter 2

Maximilian Calypse in Under the Oak Tree

In Chapter 2, Max contemplates the dire consequences of challenging Riftan Calypse in a duel to end their marriage. With no male relative capable of matching Riftan’s skills, her family’s honor hangs in the balance.

Max questions whether Riftan will even listen to her concerns, knowing that their marriage was purely for the convenience of her father, the Duke of Cross. Flashbacks reveal the insults and humiliation Riftan endured on their wedding day. Max, feeling inadequate compared to the beautiful Rosetta, worries Riftan may divorce her.

Their one night together is quickly followed by Riftan leaving without a word, leaving Max uncertain of their relationship.

Riftan in Under the oak tree

When Riftan returns, Max is surprised by his sarcastic remarks and brutal appearance. She tries to welcome him back, struggling to find the right words to address him. However, Riftan’s intense gaze makes her uneasy, and he admonishes her for not pretending to be happy.

As their bodies almost touch, memories of their past intimacy resurface, leaving Max flustered. With Riftan finally back home, Max is left wondering how she will navigate their complicated relationship.

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Under the Oak Tree Chapter 3

image 65

On their wedding night, Max is shocked when her husband, Riftan Calypse, demands that she undress. Confused and aware of her husband’s previous indifference towards her, Max is unsure why he suddenly wants her to strip.

The nanny advises her to obey her husband unconditionally. Max reluctantly begins undressing and is overwhelmed by Riftan’s imposing physique. He criticizes her for not liking him, insinuating that she only married him for his noble status.

Trembling, Max fears his anger as she realizes that her society allows husbands to physically punish their wives. Riftan warns her that he will seek an annulment if they don’t consummate their marriage. Overwhelmed by fear, Max reluctantly prepares to comply.

Caught in Riftan’s intense gaze, Max feels a sense of powerlessness. She knows that if she refuses, her father will be furious and may even send another knight to abuse her. Max removes her ornaments and begins undressing, with Riftan’s piercing gaze making her aware of her vulnerability.

The cold night air chills her naked body, causing her to tremble. Trembling and clutching her clothes to her chest, Max hesitates to continue undressing. Riftan, positioning himself on the bed, swiftly pulls up her skirt, furthering her discomfort.

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Under the Oak Tree Chapter 4

Chapter 4 finds Max in an intimate and uncertain situation with Riftan on their wedding night. Nervous and confused, Max tries to resist but finds herself unable to escape his powerful grip.

Riftan’s touch and kisses elicit a mix of fear and strange sensations in her body. Despite Max’s protests, Riftan continues to explore her, causing her to bite into a pillow in disbelief.

Max is overwhelmed by the unfamiliarity of the experience, feeling ignorant and lost in this new territory.

Note: Excluded explicit scenes.

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Under the Oak Tree Chapter 5

Max, exhausted and apprehensive, surrenders to Riftan’s touch. Their bodies intertwine, bathed in sweat. Max imagines him as a golden statue in a blacksmith’s forge. Pain engulfs Max as Riftan pushes deeper into her, leaving her crying and clawing at his arm. Wracked with agony, they both struggle to find solace.

Time ticks by as their bodies collide, shaking Max’s very existence. Eventually, Riftan collapses, leaving Max confused and tearful. He questions her tears, insisting that she accept her role as his wife.

They consummate their marriage repeatedly, but by morning, Riftan is already gone. Max wakes to realize their marriage is official, yet their connection remains uncertain.

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Under the Oak Tree Chapter 6

In Chapter 6, Max faces the enigmatic Riftan, her intimidating husband. Crippled by nerves, she struggles to find the right words to converse with him. Riftan, exasperated by her stuttering, expresses his frustration and questions if he is perceived as a monster.

Max, overwhelmed by humiliation, bows her head in defeat, unable to speak. As her tears threaten to fall, Riftan surprises her with a tender touch, holding her face gently. Confused, Max watches as Riftan demands her to open her mouth.

Lost in the moment, she succumbs to his passionate advance, though still uncertain about his intentions. As things escalate, Riftan is interrupted by an unexpected spectator, prompting him to protect Max’s dignity by covering her partially exposed body with his cloak.

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Under the Oak Tree Chapter 7

Riftan catches a man in the drawing room and accuses him of inappropriate behavior. Max, fearing the consequences, silently pleads with the man not to leave. The man, frustrated, leaves anyway.

Riftan’s intense gaze and Max’s trembling lead to a misunderstanding, but Riftan assures her he won’t harm her again. He abruptly announces they need to leave and orders her to pack. Max is confused but soon realizes Riftan intends to take her with him.

She tries to explain about her father, but Riftan insists he has the final say and forcefully takes her to the carriage.

Max is incredulous as Riftan asserts his ownership and instructs her only to pack what she needs. He informs her they are going to his estate, leaving her bewildered. As they make their way through the garden, knights observe them.

Max hesitates, mentioning her father, but Riftan forcefully silences her and carries her to the carriage. Inside, Max reflects on her mistaken assumption that he wanted to divorce her, as her thoughts spiral out of control.

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Under the Oak Tree Chapter 8

Max is surprised when her husband, Riftan, abruptly takes her on a journey. King Ruben wants Riftan to marry his daughter, Princess Agnes, a renowned magician. Rumors of their romantic tale have spread, and the city expects a grand wedding.

Max fears that Riftan will divorce her due to Duke Cross’s influence over their marriage. In the carriage, she compares herself unfavorably to the beautiful princess. When Riftan notices her scrutinizing gaze, Max quickly averts her eyes, causing him to react angrily. He questions her aversion and emphasizes the importance of their marriage.

Despite her dread and confusion, Max is relieved when Riftan insists that they must stay together as the vows dictate. She can’t believe he intends to continue their marriage and doubts his sincerity. Max wonders if Riftan is lying or mocking her, but she spirals further into despair, convinced that their relationship is doomed.

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Under the Oak Tree Chapter 9

Max, a noble lady, is accused by her husband, Riftan, of ignoring their marriage duties and staying at her father’s castle while he was away. Max defends herself, claiming she didn’t know about her responsibilities. Riftan reveals that he tried to get her to stay in his estate and manage it while he was gone.

Max realizes her mistake and feels embarrassed. She is determined to save their marriage and apologizes to Riftan. He expresses his frustration and asserts that it is a wife’s duty to support her husband’s house, even if he didn’t explicitly instruct her. Max contemplates why Riftan takes their marriage seriously, as she sees it as a sacrifice for her family.

Riftan suggests the possibility of her being pregnant, which shocks and worries Max. Riftan strikes the wall in frustration but then calms down. Suddenly, an ogre sighting interrupts their conversation.

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Under the Oak Tree Chapter 10

Maximillian finds herself trapped in a carriage amidst a chaotic battle with monsters. Commanded to stay inside, she endures the terrifying sounds and tremors of the fight. Overwhelmed by fear, she cowers and closes her eyes tightly, only to open them and be confronted by the menacing gaze of a creature outside.

In a whirlwind turn of events, the carriage loses balance, and Max is thrown out into the dangerous chaos. With weakened legs, she desperately tries to climb back to safety but is pursued by an ogre. Just as disaster seems imminent, a mysterious man intervenes and saves her.

However, the gruesome scene and the sight of her bloodied husband, Riftan, induce nausea and eventually send Max into unconsciousness.

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