Bribing The Billionaire’s Revenge Chapter Summary

Bribing The Billionaire's Revenge Chapter Summary

Bribing The Billionaire’s Revenge by Tatienne Richard follows Liesl McGrath, an up-and-coming artist, who discovers her husband’s infidelity with her own sister. To mend her shattered heart, she decides to destroy his career by bribing billionaire Isaias Machado. A story of love, revenge, and healing unfolds.

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TitleBribing the Billionaire’s Revenge: Revenge on Betrayal in Love (Billionaire’s Love and Romance Book 1)
AuthorTatienne Richard
Rating4.2 (67 ratings)
Publication DateJuly 29, 2023
GenresLiterature & Fiction, Urban Erot**ca, Romantic Erot**ca
Customer Reviews4.2 out of 5 (67 global ratings)

Bribing The Billionaire’s Revenge Chapter Summary

Bribing The Billionaire's Revenge

Bribing The Billionaire’s Revenge Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of Bribing The Billionaire‘s Revenge introduces us to Liesl and her husband, Merlin. The chapter starts with Liesl being worried about her mother and the unusual silence from both her mother and Merlin.

Merlin arrives home late and requests Liesl to come to his office. The humor here lies in the contrast between their loving relationship and Merlin’s cold demeanor.

In a shocking turn of events, Merlin informs Liesl that they are getting divorced due to his indiscretion at Liesl’s sister’s wedding, where he cheated on her and got the other woman pregnant. Liesl’s emotional outburst and anger add intensity to the scene.

Despite the serious situation, there’s a touch of humor when Liesl confronts Merlin about their s**xual encounters during the wedding and her disbelief at his actions.

The chapter ends with Merlin explaining the legal consequences and the woman’s willingness to marry him for financial gain, leaving Liesl devastated and furious.

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Bribing The Billionaire’s Revenge Chapter 2

billionaire romance novel

Liesl is still in shock and heartbroken over her husband Merlin’s sudden decision to divorce her due to his affair and impending fatherhood with another woman.

Liesl confides in her friends Janka and Elsie about Merlin’s infidelity, and they discuss the possibility of seeking revenge against Merlin and the woman involved.

Elsie suggests that Liesl might have information about a business rival, Isaias Machado, who could be a potential target for revenge. Machado had allegedly disrupted Merlin’s business deals, causing him frustration.

Elsie offers to help Liesl gather information about Machado by using her sister’s restaurant, which he and other wealthy individuals frequent. They plan to collect valuable data to potentially use against Machado.

Liesl is hesitant but ultimately agrees to participate in this risky endeavor to seek revenge and protect her interests.

Fred, Liesl’s sibling, joins the conversation and criticizes their mother for supporting Liesl’s sister, Sandy, who had an affair with Merlin. Tensions rise among the family members.

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Bribing The Billionaire’s Revenge Chapter 3

Liesl continues to grapple with the aftermath of her divorce and her husband Merlin’s affair. She confides in her friends Janka and Elsie about her desire for revenge against Merlin and the woman involved.

Elsie suggests a plan to gather information about Merlin’s business rival, Isaias Machado, who may be a potential target for revenge. They plan to use Elsie’s sister’s restaurant to collect valuable information.

Liesl’s brother Fred criticizes their mother for supporting Liesl’s sister, Sandy, who had an affair with Merlin. Tensions arise within the family.

In a separate storyline, Isaias Machado is shown dining at a restaurant, where his date’s incessant chatter irritates him. He becomes intrigued when a woman named Mara sits down at his table after his date leaves.

Mara complains about her meal, and Isaias, eager to be rid of her, agrees to let her leave. To his surprise, Mara’s restaurant bill is comped as an apology for the mishap.

Isaias returns home, intrigued by Mara’s unexpected presence, and with a thumb drive containing Liesl’s information that she intends to use in her revenge plot.

The chapter also hints at a budding connection between Liesl and Isaias, with a playful exchange over the phone.

The humor in this chapter arises from Liesl’s determination for revenge, the family’s banter, and the amusing interaction between Isaias and Mara at the restaurant.

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Bribing The Billionaire’s Revenge Chapter 4

Isaias Machado was enjoying a quiet dinner at his favorite restaurant when a mysterious woman, Liesl, sat down at his table. She gave him a USB drive with information to ruin her ex-husband Merlin McGrath’s business deals.

Liesl’s sister Sandy had an affair with Merlin and got pregnant at Sandy’s own wedding! Liesl wants revenge on Merlin and Sandy and wants to bribe Isaias to help destroy Merlin’s career. She doesn’t want an innocent child to suffer though.

Isaias is intrigued and checks out Liesl’s “solid ten” body while they talk. He’s impressed by her bitterness and agrees to look into the USB.

Isaias’ whiny date complains about water being spilled on her and he decides he never wants to see her again.

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Bribing The Billionaire’s Revenge Chapter 5

Isaias calls Liesl at 2 a.m. about the laptop info, waking her s**xy sleepy voice. He needs to know how she got Merlin’s business files. Liesl explains Merlin was always using her laptop and left stuff on it.

She suggests Isaias could “rob” her laptop to get more files. In return, she just wants him at her art show to piss off Merlin’s family.

Isaias remembers buying Liesl’s painting years ago and liking her curvy body back then. He agrees to her plan and offers to buy her house and bulldoze it on the day Sandy and Merlin return from their honeymoon, livestreaming it to embarrass them.

Liesl is delighted and they laugh together. These two schemers are really cooking up some shenanigans!

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Bribing The Billionaire’s Revenge Chapter 6

Liesl is shocked when a mystery buyer offers the full asking price in cash for her house. She and Fred have to scramble to move everything out quickly. Liesl staged a fake break-in so Isaias Machado could “rob” her laptop per their scheme.

Meanwhile, Sandy calls Liesl on her honeymoon, demanding she give up the house. Liesl explains to Fred that she tipped off Isaias, Merlin’s enemy, about the house and he wants to bulldoze it live on camera when Sandy and Merlin get back. Fred is stunned but impressed with Liesl’s bold revenge plot.

When the cops come for the “break-in,” Liesl performs an Oscar-worthy performance. This angry woman is out for vengeance! She’s willing to commit fraud to stick it to her cheating ex-husband and backstabbing sister.

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Bribing The Billionaire’s Revenge Chapter 7

Liesl is finishing a painting restoration when Isaias calls her. He flirts about liking to restore old homes like she restores art. Liesl suggests meeting for coffee and exchanging a USB drive for info to ruin Merlin.

Isaias agrees and continues flirting. Liesl’s friend Janka tells her to offer the next USB for s**x instead of coffee. Liesl admits she likes talking to Isaias – he makes her laugh by mocking Sandy and Merlin’s lame honeymoon.

At the coffee shop, Isaias continues the s**xy flirting about wanting to see Liesl’s “flesh.” Liesl checks him out and calls him “fine.” These two have some clear chemistry brewing!

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Bribing The Billionaire’s Revenge Chapter 8

Liesl meets up with hot billionaire Isaias for coffee. She slips him a thumb drive while holding his hand – smooth move, girl!

They flirt shamelessly. Isaias asks if she likes “creamy things” and offers to let her see his “flesh in full”. Down boy!

Liesl ogles his fine suit and compares him to her ex Merlin. Isaias is way out of Merlin’s league in the looks and money department. Isaias calls Merlin a “rat face” with the “personality of a rock”. LOL!

Liesl explains how she met and fell for Merlin. But now she wants revenge for his cheating. Isaias gets dark, saying he’ll “rip your heart out and feed it to you” if crossed. Yikes!

But Liesl just flirts more, hoping they become “much more than friends”. She secretly wants that “flesh in full” view! These two have some serious s**xual tension brewing.

Overall, a steamy coffee date between Liesl and billionaire bae Isaias. Now we’ll see if he can get revenge on cheating ex Merlin for her!

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Bribing The Billionaire’s Revenge Chapter 9

Liesl is nervous about her art show, especially since Merlin is late and not responding to her messages. She’s created some angry new pieces like “Fool No More” and self-portraits titled “Betrayed” and “Scorned”.

But oh no, the McGraths show up uninvited! Torrie immediately starts telling Liesl that Merlin will come back to her once his mistress has the baby. Liesl is having none of it – she’s never taking him back after he cheated on her!

Just then, Isaias Machado shows up pretending to be Liesl’s boyfriend. He calls Merlin an idiot for cheating on Liesl, saying “Only a fool would trade a diamond for dirty glass.” Oooh burn!

Janka and Elsie are freaking out at the hot billionaire, practically drooling over Isaias. Liesl plays along but wonders if she’s gotten in over her head with this guy. She has urged him to “squeeze his pec” and “take up sculpting again” using his body as inspiration. Down girl!

The McGraths are suspicious of why Isaias is cozying up to Liesl. She better watch her back with this “deeply ominous” fake boyfriend!

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