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Chained To The Alpha King

Chained To The Alpha King by author name MyMischievous_M revolves around Athena Solitaire Madrigal, who loves night parties, but one unfaithful night changes everything. Athena finds herself chained to the alpha king, who claims she is his, and she must navigate this unexpected situation.

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Book TitleChained To The Alpha King
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel | AlphaNovel
GenresWerewolf romance
Tags alpha

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Chained To The Alpha King PDF

Chained To The Alpha King PDF

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Chained To The Alpha King Chapter 1

The protagonist regrets ignoring her mother’s warnings and finds herself locked in a dark, cold room, her feet chained. She recalls being at a club, dancing, when someone approached her from behind, and the next thing she remembers is waking up in this room, unsure of who kidnapped her.

As the doorknob moves, the protagonist prepares to confront her captor. A tall, handsome man enters, and she pleads with him, asking if she has any debts with him. The man remains silent, studying her face intently. The protagonist is both scared and amazed by this mysterious figure.

When the man mentions her name, Athena, the protagonist is taken aback, wondering how he knows her. The man then leaves the room, leaving Athena alone with her thoughts and fears about why she is being held captive and who this man is.

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Chained To The Alpha King Chapter 2

The chapter follows the story of a young woman who loves partying and clubbing, much to the concern of her worried mother. Despite her mother’s warnings, the protagonist embraces her newfound freedom as an 18-year-old, frequently going out with her friend Celine to enjoy the nightlife.

During one of their club outings, the protagonist encounters a handsome stranger named Tristan, with whom she engages in a flirtatious encounter, eventually leading to a passionate kiss. However, the protagonist is haunted by a persistent feeling of being watched, a concern that she is hesitant to share with her mother, fearing it would further restrict her freedom.

As the protagonist drives home, she encounters a mysterious obstacle blocking the road, leaving her unsettled and uncertain about the events of the night.

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Chained To The Alpha King Chapter 3

The protagonist wakes up with a hangover, quickly vomiting and showering to attend school. At home, she overhears her mother arguing with a man, but her mother avoids her questions. Suspecting her mother is keeping a secret, the protagonist reluctantly agrees to go to a party with her mother that night.

At the party, the protagonist sees her friend Celine engaging in public displays of affection, which she finds distasteful. Seeking to get drunk, the protagonist downs several shots of tequila. While dancing, she feels a man behind her, and is surprisingly turned on by his proximity and evident arousal.

However, the chapter ends abruptly as the protagonist seemingly loses consciousness.

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Chained To The Alpha King Chapter 4

The chapter begins with the protagonist being kidnapped by a man named Damon, who makes it clear that she will be staying with him and not to test his patience. The protagonist is confused and scared, wondering why this is happening to her.

Later, a bulky man who had previously visited the protagonist’s home arrives and brings her food. The protagonist angrily questions him, demanding to know why she’s being held captive. The man reveals that Damon believes the protagonist’s mother took her away from him, implying that Damon sees the protagonist as his property.

When Damon himself enters the room, the protagonist is filled with rage towards him. Damon tries to get her to eat, but she refuses unless he answers her questions. Damon then introduces himself as the Alpha, or king, of a kingdom, and declares that the protagonist is destined to be with him, leaving her shocked and confused.

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Chained To The Alpha King Chapter 5

The chapter revolves around Athena, who finds herself in a perplexing situation. She learns that she is mated to an Alpha king named Damon, who claims she was taken from him as a child. Damon is adamant about keeping Athena with him, much to her distress.

Athena is overwhelmed by the revelation and the prospect of being forced to live in the kingdom as Damon’s mate. Damon’s forceful behavior and the sudden upheaval of Athena’s life leave her feeling trapped and desperate to escape. She reflects on her mother and regrets not listening to her advice.

Athena fears that Damon may have done something to her mother, and she is determined to uncover the truth. As the night progresses, Athena is taken to a lavish room in the palace, where she is shocked to find Damon waiting for her in a bathrobe.

Damon insists that they must sleep together, much to Athena’s horror. Athena’s attempts to resist are met with Damon’s unyielding grip and a dangerous glint in his eyes, leaving her in a state of fear and uncertainty about her future.

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Chained To The Alpha King Chapter 6

The chapter focuses on the protagonist’s growing discomfort with Damon, the alpha king, and her attempts to assert her independence. She places a pillow between them in bed, indicating her unease with the close proximity. The protagonist struggles to understand Damon’s world, including the concept of werewolves and the alpha king.

She discovers marks on her ankle, a reminder of the chains that bound her. Frustrated by Damon’s arrogance and the housekeeper’s insistence that she wear a fancy dress, the protagonist takes matters into her own hands, cutting the sleeves and modifying the dress to her liking.

However, her defiance angers Damon, who threatens to punish her for breaking his rules. The protagonist’s concern for her mother’s well-being and her desire to escape this unfamiliar environment add to the growing tension. The chapter ends with a cliffhanger as Damon commands the protagonist to do something, leaving the reader curious about the consequences of her continued resistance to his authority.

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Chained To The Alpha King Chapter 7

Athena is outraged by Damon’s treatment of her, being forced to watch him eat and then sent back to his room without food. She is determined to escape, but is shocked to see a group of people gathered outside the palace.

Damon’s cold demeanor unnerves her, and she wonders if this is her punishment for being stubborn. When Damon brings her food, Athena angrily eats, not caring about his presence. Damon then announces that she will be staying with him, infuriating Athena, who tries to escape but is caught and restrained.

Damon remains calm and composed, warning Athena that she cannot escape from him.

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