The Greek Billionaire’s Indecent Proposal Chapter Summary

The Greek Billionaire’s Indecent Proposal

The Greek Billionaire’s Indecent Proposal starts as Soraya meets a man named Xander in a club and they have a passionate night together, but then he rejects her the next day. Six years later they cross paths again, and Xander will do anything to get her back, especially now that he knows they have a young son together.

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Book TitleThe Greek Billionaire’s Indecent Proposal
ReadAmazon | Dreame
AuthorBlaq Ink M
Genresromance, erotica
Keywordssx, contract marriage, family, pregnant, betrayal, enemies to lovers, first love, secrets, love at first sight, surrender
Main CharactersSoraya Eaton, Xander Adamos

The Greek Billionaire’s Indecent Proposal 1

The Greek Billionaire's Indecent Proposal xander and soraya

In Chapter 1 of “The Greek Billionaire’s Indecent Proposal,” we meet Soraya, a single mom flying with her adorable five-year-old son, Kai, to Phoenix. Her father is battling stage 3 lung cancer, and her mom needs all the help she can get.

As the plane descends, Kai, the mini cartographer, is elated to see “a city” from the sky and wonders if he could spot his grandma’s house. Reality sinks in for Soraya; she’s nervous because Kai is a carbon copy of his dad, a man who doesn’t even know he has a son. Cue dramatic music!

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They eventually reach her parents’ home, where Kai and Grandma unite in an Oscar-worthy embrace. Soraya’s dad, Mr. Keep-My-Illness-To-Myself, warmly welcomes them but keeps the focus away from his health woes. Her parents supported her when she got pregnant and played dumb about the mystery dad.

Ah, the Father Mystery! Soraya has been skirting this issue like it’s hot lava. She tells Kai that his dad works “in a state far away,” a phrase so vague it could mean Narnia. When Kai asks to call him, Soraya claims his father is living in a no-phone zone.

As bedtime approaches, Soraya realizes the time to tell Xander, the hush-hush daddy, about Kai is ticking closer like a time bomb. And she’s all out of defusing wire.

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The Greek Billionaire’s Indecent Proposal 2

Soraya’s memories of meeting Xander 6 years ago are revealed in chapter 2. On her 24th birthday, her best friend Stacy convinces her to go clubbing at a popular club called Taboo. At the club, Soraya catches the eye of the handsome, mysterious Xander. He joins them at their table and there is an instant attraction between Soraya and Xander.

After some flirtatious dancing and kissing, Xander invites Soraya back to his hotel penthouse. Despite her shy nature, Soraya is emboldened by her desire for Xander and agrees. At the penthouse, their night of passion begins, with Xander seducing Soraya with his charm and good looks.

Soraya loses her virginity to Xander in a night of intense lovemaking. She reflects on how he made her feel things she had never experienced before. The next morning, Soraya wakes up alone and leaves a note with her number for Xander.

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After not hearing from him for a week, Soraya goes back to the hotel to look for Xander. To her dismay, she sees him escorting another woman into a limo. When Xander spots Soraya, he crosses the street to speak with her. He coldly reminds her their night together was just a one-night stand and implies she is only interested in his money.

Humiliated, Soraya slaps Xander and runs off in tears. She is heartbroken by his cruel treatment when she has genuine feelings for him. This experience leaves Soraya wary of men and relationships.

But the story takes a twist when Soraya realizes she is pregnant a few weeks later, even though they had used protection. She decides not to tell Xander, believing he will reject her and the baby. Instead, she moves away and raises her son Kai alone, until fate brings her back to Phoenix years later.

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The Greek Billionaire’s Indecent Proposal 3

Soraya can’t stop thinking about the cruel way Xander treated her after their intimate night together years ago. She is still haunted by his action of callously dismissing her as a one-night stand and offering to pay her for sx.

Now fate has brought Soraya back to Phoenix with their secret son Kai. While shopping with Kai, Soraya has a chance encounter with her old friend Stacy. Soraya is shocked to learn Stacy is married to Xander’s cousin Hector.

In a panic, Soraya tries to hide Kai’s existence from Stacy. But Kai races over asking for a toy, and Stacy immediately recognizes his striking resemblance to Xander.

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Soraya begs Stacy not to tell Xander about Kai. She flees the store with Kai, but he breaks away from her and runs back to see the toy he wants. The chapter ends on a cliffhanger as Soraya frantically tries to retrieve Kai before Stacy can confirm her suspicions about his paternal lineage.

This tense encounter brings back Soraya’s heartbreak over Xander’s cruel treatment years earlier. She had waited in vain for his call after their intimate night together. When Soraya went to find Xander at his hotel later, she saw him with another woman.

Xander coldly dismissed Soraya again, offering her money as if she were a prostitute. Soraya slapped him in devastation and fled in tears. His callous behavior left her wary of men, and she never revealed her subsequent pregnancy to him.

Now with Stacy’s discovery, Soraya knows she can’t hide Kai from Xander much longer. She fears how Xander will react to having a secret son.

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The Greek Billionaire’s Indecent Proposal 4

Stacy was doing some shopping at the mall while her security detail followed discreetly. As her husband Hector promised to meet her for lunch, she browsed the stores, enjoying some rare time alone. While leaving a shop, she spotted a familiar face – Soraya!

Stacy was shocked to see her estranged best friend after six years of no contact. They exchanged pleasantries, though Soraya seemed uncomfortable. Before Stacy could ask why, a little boy ran up calling “Mommy!” – it was Kai! Stacy gasped, realizing he was the spitting image of Xander.

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When Soraya took off with Kai, Stacy was left reeling from the revelation. Her mind raced as to why Soraya had cut contact. She soon pieced it together – Soraya must have gotten pregnant after that night at the club!

Trying to catch up with them, Stacy found Soraya in a panic over Kai running off. Seeing the motherly concern, Stacy’s heart swelled at the family Soraya had created alone. She offered to buy Kai a gift, but Soraya insisted on leaving abruptly.

Stacy pressed why she hadn’t been told, hurt at losing her best friend. Soraya revealed Xander had callously dismissed her, even offering money! Stacy was appalled at his actions. As they reconciled, Soraya made Stacy vow not to tell Xander or Hector, planning to do so herself.

While Stacy longed to help, she understood Soraya’s shame and privacy. Yet she worried telling would unleash Xander’s wrath. With secrets threatening to engulf them, Stacy hoped their rekindled friendship could survive the revelations to come.

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The Greek Billionaire’s Indecent Proposal 5

Xander was irritated to be attending a gala dinner that was mostly a front to solicit donations from wealthy businessmen like himself. His date Leticia pouted about not going straight to the club, annoying him further.

During the multi-course meal and lengthy speeches, Xander’s impatience grew. He drank glass after glass, watching Stacy laugh and flirt with his cousin Hector. They looked completely enamored, a stark contrast to his own loveless relationship with Leticia.

Every time Xander looked at Stacy, he was reminded of the night he first met her beautiful friend Soraya at the club all those years ago. Her shy smile and sapphire eyes still haunted his dreams. Stacy had never said what became of Soraya after that night, adding to the mystery.

After the interminable event ended, Xander caught Stacy staring at him oddly. Was she judging him and his bimbo date? He couldn’t recall her acting that way before.

In the car ride back, Leticia tried to seduce him but he rebuffed her advances, tired of her greed and theatrics. He sent her away with a warning, wondering what had possessed him to take up with such a vapid woman in the first place.

Alone with his thoughts at the hotel, Xander nursed a drink on the balcony, lost in memories of Hera. Her tragic death had almost destroyed him, leaving him unfeeling and harsh. As Phoenix held so much of his painful past, he yearned to leave its ghosts behind for California and a fresh start.

Yet somewhere out there, the radiant vision of his angel still drifted through his dreams every night, a reminder of the passion and completeness he’d thought long buried. Little did he know his past was about to collide violently with the present in the form of a sweet baby boy and his angelic mother.

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The Greek Billionaire’s Indecent Proposal 6

In this emotionally charged chapter, Soraya takes her father for chemotherapy treatment. During their drive, Soraya opens up about her fears of depriving Kai of a father and considers the implications of her choices. Her father assures her that she’s been a wonderful mother and that Kai is better off in a loving home, even if it’s a single-parent one.

Their day takes an unexpected turn when Soraya bumps into Xander, Kai’s father, at a gas station. The encounter is tense, filled with unspoken questions and years of pent-up emotions. Fearing the worst, Soraya speeds away, but not before Xander catches a glimpse of Kai. He’s struck by the boy’s resemblance to himself, prompting him to follow Soraya home.

Xander’s POV reveals his confusion and sense of urgency. He’s compelled to follow Soraya, needing to confirm if Kai is indeed his son. Upon arriving at Soraya’s home, he meets Kai and is stunned by the boy’s likeness to him.

Back to Soraya’s POV, she is alerted by her mom that a man named Xander is at their door. Realizing he must have seen Kai, she confronts him outside.

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