National School Prince Is A Girl Novel Review: Gaming, Romance & Intrigue in an Unmissable Adventure!

National School Prince is a Girl Novel is a Sci-fi romance web novel written by Warring Young Seven. This popular novel has 4.7-star ratings from nearly 8 thousand readers. With 1782 chapters, this novel has successfully managed to catch the attention of millions of readers. This is a highly recommended web novel if you are a fan of romance web novels with intelligent main characters.

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Review of National Schoo Prince Is A Girl Novel

National School Prince Is A Girl Novel Review

Summary of National School Prince Is A Girl Novel

National School Prince Is A Girl follows Fu Jiu, a young girl who adeptly disguises herself as a gay high school boy while secretly operating as the elusive hacker Z and fighting crime. The novel offers a thrilling ride through Fu Jiu’s gaming escapades, the pursuit of justice, and her alluring charm, all while maintaining her secret identity.

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Plot Development

The novel presents a unique blend of hacking, gaming, gender-bending, military, romance, and other themes, creating a plot that keeps readers engaged. The virtual gaming world is vividly portrayed. The cases tackled by the main characters, ML and MC, are intriguing, and the story’s pacing keeps readers on their toes.

Romance between Fu Jiu and Qin Mo in National School Prince is a girl novel

Fu Jiu encounters Qin Mo, the male lead, as the plot develops. The two characters form a complicated relationship filled with misunderstandings, suspicions, and love. Their romance becomes a central theme in the novel, and it is further complicated when Qin Mo loses his memory, resulting in the clichéd “lost memory” trope.

Throughout the story, Fu Jiu and Qin Mo work together to tackle various cases, often involving hacking, gaming, and other aspects of their unique skill sets. The novel introduces several subplots, including the powerful hypnosis antagonist who can manipulate people into becoming murderous machines. The police and military struggle to deal with this threat, making Fu Jiu and Qin Mo’s skills all the more crucial.

However, some subplots can be pretty unconventional, such as introducing the vampire twist, where Fu Jiu’s father is revealed to be a vampire lord who revives her mother. Additionally, the story features several side characters contributing to the plot development, such as Fan Jia, who some may find polarizing.

The novel showcases various elements of action, adventure, and romance while exploring the virtual gaming world and the protagonists’ complex love story. Despite some implausible plot points and clichés, the overall story remains captivating and intriguing as it weaves together various themes and genres.

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Character Development

Main Characters in National School Prince is a Girl

Fu Jiu is the charismatic and enigmatic protagonist of the story. As a skilled hacker known as Z, she is driven by a desire to bring justice to criminals on the internet. In her male disguise, Fu Jiu’s wicked charm and flirtatious nature are key aspects of her character. This quality often drives Qin Mo, the male lead, to jealousy. Fu Jiu’s motivations seem to revolve around maintaining her secret identity, navigating the gaming world, and pursuing her complex romantic relationship with Qin Mo.

Qin Mo, the male lead, embodies the cold, detached, and inwardly passionate archetype. As the love interest of Fu Jiu, his motivations are primarily centered around understanding and protecting Fu Jiu, even as he grapples with jealousy and the challenges of their complicated romance. Despite his controlling nature, Qin Mo’s passion and dedication to Fu Jiu make him a captivating character.

The supporting characters, such as Fan Jia in National School Prince Is A Girl, have distinct personalities and motivations, complementing the main characters’ story arcs. Their relationships with Fu Jiu and Qin Mo add further intrigue and complexity to the novel. Some of these side characters experience romantic misunderstandings and display loyalty to each other, contrasting the main characters’ romance.


In conclusion, National School Prince Is A Girl is an engaging and unconventional web novel that captivates readers with its blend of themes, intriguing cases, and fascinating character dynamics. While it may contain some clichés and implausible plot points, the novel remains a thrilling and immersive experience for those seeking an escape from boredom. Embrace the unexpected and dive into this unique world of action, adventure, and romance.

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