Cultivation Online Web Novel Chapter Summary

Cultivation Online

Cultivation Online Web Novel by MyLittleBrother follows Yuan, a young man who was born with an incurable illness that left him blind and eventually crippled. Abandoned by his parents, he finds solace in his younger sister. In the immersive VRMMORPG game, Cultivation Online, Yuan embarks on a journey to become a legendary figure in both the virtual realm and the real world.

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Despite his initial naivety and innocence, he possesses exceptional talent and becomes an overpowered protagonist. Set in a unique fantasy world, this web novel offers an intriguing blend of cultivation, gaming, and character development.

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Book TitleCultivation Online
Where to ReadWebnovel | Amazon| Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresGame, Action, Adventure, Romance, Harem

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Cultivation Online PDF

Cultivation Online PDF

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Cultivation Online Chapter 1

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In this chapter, a young man named Yuan, who has spent most of his life bedridden, receives a virtual reality game from his sister. With the help of a futuristic helmet, he enters a virtual world called Cultivation Online. Free from his physical limitations, Yuan experiences the joy of movement and regains a sense of purpose.

In this world, individuals have different rankings of Physiques, which determine their power potential. To his surprise, Yuan discovers he possesses a Heaven Refining Physique, a rank beyond the usual Mortal, Earth, Heaven, and Divine classifications. Elder Song, an elder in the game, reveals that becoming a Cultivator is the key to strength, fame, wealth, and respect.

He provides the participants with the opportunity to cultivate and explains that they will be randomly transported to one of the Four Great Continents. With the knowledge of the Basic Qi Gathering Technique, Yuan is thrown into the Eastern Continent, eager to explore and discover the mysteries of his unique physique.

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Cultivation Online Chapter 2

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Yuan, a player trapped in a virtual reality game, discovers his character stat sheet but remains clueless about their purpose and the absence of a leveling system. While questioning the reality of the game, a young girl named Xiao Hua appears and claims they are in her family’s garden. Intrigued, Yuan agrees to play with her, despite feeling fatigued much faster than the energetic child.

As they rest, Yuan shares stories of his homeland, Earth. Xiao Hua, grateful for the interaction, tells stories in return. When she begins chanting from a book, Yuan enters a meditative state and learns a powerful skill, Heaven’s Secret Art, earning him the title of the first player in the game to obtain a Divine-rank Skill.

This groundbreaking achievement shocks the other players, sparking curiosity and raising questions about Yuan’s abilities and methods in the game.

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Cultivation Online Chapter 3

Brother Yuan discovers a new ability, the Consuming Heaven Technique, which allows him to absorb Qi and cultivate his strength. Despite finding the process initially boring, he quickly realizes how invigorating and rewarding it can be.

Meanwhile, in the real world, powerful companies try in vain to uncover Yuan’s true identity while offering money for any information about him. The chapter also explores the growing influence of virtual reality gaming, where top players earn immense fame and fortune.

Before logging off, Yuan promises Xiao Hua that he will return to play with her, leaving her reluctant to let him go. Back in the real world, Yuan’s sister takes care of him, providing him with a simple dinner and attending to his needs.

Yuan reflects on his longing for the virtual world and his uncertain future, expressing gratitude towards his sister. The chapter ends with Yuan eagerly returning to the game, fulfilling his promise to Xiao Hua, and embracing the world that has given him a sense of purpose and joy.

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Cultivation Online Chapter 4

Yuan spends the night playing with Xiao Hua, finding solace in her company. Other players focus on strengthening themselves and indulging in their newfound power. Yuan pities Xiao Hua’s situation in the real world and offers to tell her fairy tales.

He entertains her with stories of mortals, captivating her with their ordinary yet entertaining lives. As Yuan finishes reading, Xiao Hua wonders about his true identity. Yuan enters a state of enlightenment, realizing his comprehension of Heaven’s Secret Art has greatly increased, and he learns the Heaven Splitting Sword Strike.

Xiao Hua explains the management of Qi and its role in skills and cultivation. Yuan thanks her and prepares to leave, promising to return. Xiao Hua gifts him a necklace and bids him farewell.

After he logs off, Xiao Hua’s body flickers and transforms into light, thanking him for playing with her. Yuan achieves the world’s first Hidden Quest, while a sweet voice echoes across the starry sky, calling out to him.

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Cultivation Online Chapter 5

In this chapter, Yuan asks his sister, Yu Rou, to tell him fairy tales to fulfill a promise he made to an NPC in the game. Yu Rou is surprised by his request but reluctantly agrees. They discuss the consequences of inappropriate behavior towards NPCs, and Yu Rou warns Yuan not to engage in such activities.

Later, Yuan focuses on cultivating and achieves several breakthroughs. As they bond over the fairy tales, Yu Rou’s immature storytelling skills amuse and embarrass her. Yuan apologizes for his earlier comment, realizing it upset her. Yu Rou reminds him to be mindful of his words.

As Yu Rou reflects on Yuan’s mysterious capabilities, she indulges in jealousy towards his fame and falls asleep contemplating their past.

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Cultivation Online Chapter 6

A young man named Yuan continues his search for information on a mysterious player named White Lotus in the game Cultivation Online. Despite efforts to lure White Lotus out, their identity remains hidden. Determined to recruit White Lotus and elevate his family’s status, Yuan raises the reward to twenty million.

Meanwhile, Yuan reflects on his friendship with a girl named Xiao Hua, who has been absent from the game. Yuan’s sole desire is to have fun and experience a normal life in the virtual world. As he continues to cultivate and advance his levels, Yuan discovers the concept of obtaining a Servant.

Curious about this new development, he turns to his friend Yu Rou for information, leading to surprising revelations about the game’s top players and Yuan’s cultivation level. Although disheartened by his lack of progress, Yuan eagerly awaits Yu Rou’s availability to play together. Despite his envy of her school life, Yuan cherishes their friendship and anxiously awaits the return of Xiao Hua.

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Cultivation Online Chapter 7

In the forest, Yuan tries to activate the mysterious necklace obtained from a girl named Xiao Hua. He fails and witnesses a fierce battle between Zhan Xuegang and Devil Meng Li, causing destructive ripples. Realizing the danger, Yuan tries to escape but ends up unconscious due to their powerful strikes.

A little girl in red robes appears, effortlessly crippling the two fighters before turning her attention to Yuan. When he wakes up, he discovers the earth is split in half and Xiao Hua caring for him.

They form a master-servant bond, but Yuan insists on being called “Brother Yuan” to avoid misunderstandings. This chapter introduces Xiao Hua as Yuan’s powerful divine-grade Servant, causing rumors and accusations of cheating.

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Cultivation Online Chapter 8

In the highly popular game, rumors spread like wildfire regarding a player named Yuan, who seemed to be cheating due to his rapid progression and acquisition of rare items. The risk of punishment for cheating is high, but this didn’t deter Yuan, who continued to flaunt his progress to the world.

Meanwhile, the Legacy Ranking’s top players, Lightning Emperor and Fiery Queen, discussed Yuan’s potential impact on the game and the scramble to recruit him. As they ventured into the Skeleton Graveyard, equipped with ordinary weapons, their companion, White Lotus, showcased her powerful abilities.

Back in the game, Yuan discovered the immense strength of his companion, Xiao Hua, who had the power to cause significant destruction. Concerned about the consequences, Yuan made efforts to control her powers. As they formed a bond, Xiao Hua vowed to guide Yuan to the next realm, despite potential complications with her family.

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Cultivation Online Chapter 9

In the virtual world of Cultivation Online, three players from different Legacy families cooperatively clear the Skeleton Graveyard dungeon, prompting speculation about an alliance. The Legacy Ranking system, highly sought after due to its wealth and power, only admits 100 players worldwide.

Meanwhile, Xiong Lu, the number one player, obtains the world’s first Spirit-grade equipment. In their journey, protagonist Yuan learns about the different realms and their goal of reaching the Supreme Heaven. Xiao Hua, his NPC companion, reveals her role in finding a successor for the Supreme Heaven’s Legacy.

Yuan encounters a formidable opponent, a Jade Frog, and with Xiao Hua’s help, narrowly avoids its attack. Yuan realizes the need to support Xiao Hua in utilizing her powers and obtains a powerful Spirit Sword for their future battles.

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Cultivation Online Chapter 10

In this chapter, Xiao Hua observes as Yuan confidently confronts the Jade Frog, surprising both her and the frog. Yuan’s prowess in combat is unexpected, considering his lack of experience. He recalls a technique he witnessed during a previous fight, allowing him to wound the Jade Frog with his sword. Yuan is dissatisfied, feeling that something is missing from his execution.

Nevertheless, he remains determined and believes that the missing element may be Qi. Rediscovering his motivation, Yuan reengages the Jade Frog, effortlessly using his refined sword techniques to deliver a fatal blow. The overwhelming victory earns Yuan the accolade of being the first player to learn an Earth-ranked skill and to kill the Elite Boss. Xiao Hua marvels at Yuan’s aptitude, while Yuan credits her powerful sword for his success.

The two ponder their respective roles in the game, recognizing the necessity of becoming stronger to overcome challenges. Yuan’s journey takes an unexpected turn when he unknowingly swallows a monster core, which is known to be dangerous.

However, to his surprise, the core triggers a breakthrough, pushing Yuan to the Eighth Level Spirit Apprentice, greatly enhancing his abilities. Despite the dire warnings about swallowing a monster core, the accidental act leads to an unexpected and beneficial outcome for Yuan.

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