Dear Sweetheart Chapter Summary

Dear Sweetheart

Dear Sweetheart by Antiquescooty revolves around Rayna Garland, who discovers her husband cheating on their wedding anniversary. Devastated, she gets drunk at a bar and sleeps with a man named Curtis Faymon, who turns out to be a wealthy businessman.

Rayna later meets Curtis again during a business meeting where she acts as his interpreter. Curtis recognizes Rayna but does not reveal they had slept together. Rayna’s marriage continues to deteriorate and she suspects she may be pregnant with Curtis’ child. Her life becomes more complicated as she tries to hide her past with Curtis while dealing with personal issues.

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Book TitleDear Sweetheart
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GenresCEO Romance
Tags Pregnancy, CEO, Arrogant, D$$$$$$t, Romance

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Dear Sweetheart PDF

Dear Sweetheart PDF Rayna x Curtis

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Dear Sweetheart Chapter 1

Rayna heard a female voice in Julian’s condo saying she was divorced and asking when Julian would do the same, implying they were having an affair. Shocked, Rayna realized Julian had been cheating on her, possibly for their entire marriage.

She remembered the woman was Julian’s boss, who he said he needed to get in good with for a promotion. Gripping her phone in anger, Rayna resisted the urge to barge in and instead took a picture of the flowers and cake she brought as evidence of Julian standing her up on their anniversary.

Still seething with rage, Rayna vowed to divorce Julian as revenge for his infidelity. She recalled being outraged at discovering his affair and the curses of the other woman, Rolanda. Tightening her grip on her phone, Rayna declared she would end their marriage in retaliation for his betrayal on their anniversary.

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Dear Sweetheart Chapter 2

Rayna was at a sleazy bar called Heavenly Palace drinking whiskey when she spotted a tall, muscular man surrounded by others. She decided he would be the perfect man to father her children, regardless of who their actual father was. When she approached him swaying in her heels, she pretended to faint into his arms.

Overwhelmed by his masculine scent, her rationality began to drift away. It turned out the man was Curtis, an important figure her family depended on for Julian’s career. Curtis was uninterested in women who threw themselves at him and quickly released Rayna when he realized who she was.

As Rayna rubbed her ankle claiming to have sprained it, Curtis furrowed his brows in disapproval of her audacious behavior. He had never shown interest in women like Rayna who more than once thought of getting in his good books by claiming Julian’s career was dependent on him. Curtis was aloof with chiseled good looks and a cold demeanor that seemed to allow him to easily read people’s minds.

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Dear Sweetheart Chapter 3

Curtis saw through Rayna’s poor acting, but still swept her off her feet and carried her to the car. Surrounded by his subordinates, Curtis ordered the driver to take them to the Intercontinental, a luxury five-star hotel. Upon arriving at the suite, Curtis threw Rayna onto the bed and went into the bathroom. Rayna gradually realized the gravity of the situation and grew nervous about what Curtis had planned.

When Curtis emerged from the bathroom, Rayna stared at him intently, gulping. However, having seen many women like her, Curtis put on a frosty expression. He dried his hands and coldly said he did not have time to waste on her games. Rayna felt both frightened and relieved by Curtis’ indifference.

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Dear Sweetheart Chapter 4

Rayna awoke to find Curtis still sleeping beside her. She carefully observed his attractive features and fair skin. Not wanting an awkward encounter when he woke, Rayna discreetly moved his hand, held her breath, and slipped away after getting dressed. Before leaving, she took all the cash from her bag and left it on the table along with a note wishing Curtis well.

Curtis soon found the note and money Rayna had left. He instructed his assistant Gabriel to investigate the woman from the night before at the hotel. Gabriel agreed and said he would head over right away. Curtis then made plans to depart for his scheduled flight that day.

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Dear Sweetheart Chapter 5

Dear Sweetheart Chapter 5

Rayna’s heart continued thumping after leaving the hotel with Curtis Faymon. She couldn’t believe what happened was real. Back home, Rayna ensured no marks gave her away before entering. She was greeted by her mother Rolanda, who resented Rayna and wanted her to leave the Faymon family.

Face with Rolanda’s anger, Rayna gradually clenched her fists as she was aware of her humble background but had worked hard, becoming a senior interpreter at Faymon Group. She argued to her mother that her missed doctor’s appointment was due to work and yesterday’s words were just frustration.

Rayna realized how foolish she had been about Julian not wearing his wedding ring at work, as Faymon Group was filled with talented women and Julian didn’t want marriage interfering with pursuing them. After finding an expensive cufflink in her car, Rayna recognized it couldn’t be Julian’s and thought of another handsome face, causing her heart to skip.

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Dear Sweetheart Chapter 6

Julian was walking with his slender superior and bantering when Rayna spotted them upon entering the office. Seeing Rayna caused Julian’s expression to change drastically, surprised by her early return from a business trip. When the woman Julian was with noticed Rayna, she cocked a brow at her with a visible hickey on her neck, scoffing at Rayna.

In the elevator, Julian stated the woman was his superior asking about work. Rayna’s expression darkened, realizing Julian’s affair had been ongoing. When a colleague saw their intimate posture after the elevator doors opened, Julian quickly pulled away from Rayna and explained he had caught her from falling in her heels.

Rayna felt bitter that he was fine being intimate with his superior but made excuses around others.

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Dear Sweetheart Chapter 7

Rayna had received few messages from Julian in the last two weeks since returning from Norham, and decided to confront him about losing interest in her. She was called into work to translate for a Rodunstian business partner since the usual translator was unavailable. Rayna prepared food and drinks for the meeting according to instructions.

When two Mercedes vehicles arrived at the venue, the assistant exited and opened the car doors. Rayna recognized the assistant was Curtis, someone familiar to her. However, her focus turned to greeting the vice CEO exiting the second vehicle. To her surprise, it was Curtis who emerged, and Rayna embraced him out of recognition before paining her face on his body from the force of impact.

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Dear Sweetheart Chapter 8

Rayna agreed to serve as the interpreter for Curtis Faymon during his business negotiations. When they arrived at the private room, the only seat available was next to Curtis. Rayna felt uneasy sitting so close to him but had no other choice.

During the negotiations with the Sumanthova representatives, Rayna began to feel unwell. Her discomfort grew into nausea and she felt faint. Curtis noticed her condition and dismissed her to rest. Rayna quickly left the room and was sick in the restroom. Her illness concerned Curtis, leaving questions around her health.

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Dear Sweetheart Chapter 9

Rayna explained to Curtis that her upset stomach was from overeating at breakfast, not what he seemed to think upon observing her. She appeared different than their drunken encounter – now wearing a grey suit that accentuated her figure and looking like a lady boss with her hair tied up and thin heels.

Curtis noticed her fragrance and felt his abdomen tighten, reminded of their night together at the hotel.

Rayna grew anxious after receiving a phone call about a family member’s accident. She apologized to Curtis for needing to leave, worrying over her mother. Seeing her distress, Curtis decided not to question her further and allowed her to go. He had vaguely overheard the phone conversation about the family member needing help.

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Dear Sweetheart Chapter 10

Rayna visited her mother Linda in the hospital with a leg cast. Linda had fallen while cleaning windows as a part-time job. Roxanne, Rayna’s sister, was also there and coldly told Rayna that their mother had called her instead of getting help from the person whose house she fell at.

When Rayna asked why Linda couldn’t just work at the library, Linda avoided the question. Roxanne called Linda an idiot, but Rayna defended her mother.

As Rayna took out money from her purse to give to Linda, she grew infuriated. Rayna had already given half her salary to Rolanda, her sister-in-law, and now her mother was requesting money for her brother’s school fees too. Rayna reminded them she already bought things for her brother whose school provided food and accommodation.

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