The Heartless Alpha (Chapter Summary)

The Heartless Alpha by SV Smith is a popular werewolf romance novel. You can read The Heartless Alpha PDF on Amazon.

I have written a review of this novel, you can read it here: The Heartless Alpha Review

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The Heartless Alpha pdf

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The Heartless Alpha Chapter 1

Lily the s$$$e girl is getting ready for her arranged marriage. Her frenemy Evelyn is supposed to be helping but instead insults Lily and slaps her around. Lily remembers meeting her wolf Aya for the first time on her 18th birthday, which gave her strength.

Evelyn tells Lily her new husband will throw her out once he realizes who he’s marrying. Aya encourages Lily not to listen.

Lily doesn’t even know who she’s marrying, since it was arranged without her consent. As she walks to the wedding hall, Lily feels like she might pass out!

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The Heartless Alpha Chapter 2

Lily’s wedding day arrives and she’s feeling faint. Alpha Theo grabs her arm to walk her down the aisle – how sweet of her abuser! As Lily walks down the aisle, she smells an intoxicating scent and zeroes in on her groom – none other than the infamous Alpha Demitri Varlos feared murderer!

Lily is shocked to realize he’s her mate. She glances around noticing he has no wedding party.

The ceremony begins and Lily has no last name, How embarrassing! Alpha Varlos is annoyed at her spacing out. Lily finds out Varlos is a murdering Alpha and freaks out a bit.

Her wolf Aya begs her to accept him so they don’t lose their mate. Lily says “I do” and they kiss – psych, no kiss for you! Varlos drags his new unwilling wife away.

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The Heartless Alpha Chapter 3

After the quickie wedding, Alpha Varlos drags Lily away without even a kiss.

He rushes her along to the car where her pathetic little suitcase awaits. Varlos is shocked that’s all she owns.

On the drive, Lily awkwardly asks why no kiss, and Varlos snaps at her to shut it. Ouch, rejected!

Finally, they arrive at the Blood Moon Pack. It’s actually really nice, not the murder house Lily expected. Varlos is annoyed she’s admiring it.

Inside the ginormous packhouse, Lily clutches her precious necklace, the only thing that’s really hers. Varlos continues being curt and leading her around. He mentions the 4th floor is “theirs” and Lily freaks – they have to share a room?!

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The Heartless Alpha Chapter 4

Dimitri’s sister Thara examines the new bride Lily and is horrified by her malnourished, abused body. She demands Dimitri care for his mate but he’s being an a$s as usual. Thara storms out fuming.

Then office ho Jennine saunters in ready to bang like old times but uh oh, Dimitri’s not interested!

His wolf is cockblocking him to avoid betraying their new mate. Awkward! Even naked, Jennine can’t get Dimitri excited. He kicks her out unsatisfied.

Maybe his wolf has a point.

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The Heartless Alpha Chapter 5

It’s been a week and Lily’s mate Dimitri still hasn’t visited her, even though she hears him leaving his room every day. What a lousy husband!

Lily’s eating more and healing thanks to Doctor Sis Thara. She remembers Thara saying Dimitri wasn’t always so cold-hearted.

Lily gets stir-crazy and explores outside, meeting sweet gardener Greta. Greta is making a special dinner for skinny Lily and her wolf Aya is psyched.

Lily’s worried about her first shift coming up soon without her absentee mate there to help her through the painful process.

Just then a mysterious voice calls out “Hey!” to Lily.

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The Heartless Alpha Chapter 6

After a week of being ignored, Lily goes outside and meets nice gardener Greta and cute boy Clint. Clint offers to walk her back but oh no, grumpy mate Dimitri is lurking and watching!

Lily sticks it to him by clinging to Clint’s arm as they walk by. Clint is freaking out expecting Dimitri to kill him.

On the way back Lily gets winded on the stairs and helpful Beta Ben gives her a lift. Lily almost faceplants and he catches her – how romantic!

At the top, Lily debates waiting to talk to absentee hubby Dimitri but remembers she just publicly dissed him and flees to her room instead.

Uh oh, let’s hope Dimitri doesn’t kill cute Clint!

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The Heartless Alpha Chapter 7

Grumpy hubby Dimitri is having a crappy week thanks to rogues attacking and office ho Jennine stalking him. He sees wifey Lily laughing with cutie Clint and gets jealous.

Later, helpful Beta Ben helps wheezy Lily up the stairs. Dimitri almost punches him, thinking something happened between them. Whoops!

Dimitri unlocks Lily’s door and waits while she showers to confront her. Uh oh!

She comes out in a towel and he gets excited. Lily tears into him for ignoring her and not kissing her at their wedding. You go girl!

Dimitri’s plan backfired and instead of seducing his mate, she ripped him a new one. Will he make it up to her or continue being cold-hearted?

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