Kidnapped by my mate by Annie Whipple Chapter Summary

Kidnapped by my mate by Annie Whipple

Kidnapped by my Mate by Annie Whipple revolves around a woman who is unexpectedly claimed as the mate of a powerful werewolf. As she navigates the challenges of this new supernatural world, she must confront her own fears and desires while facing threats from those who seek to control her.

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Attribute Detail
Book Title Kidnapped by my mate by Annie Whipple
Author Annie Whipple
Where to Read Amazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Alpha, Annie Whipple
Tags WereWolf

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Kidnapped by my mate by Annie Whipple PDF

Kidnapped by my mate by Annie Whipple PDF

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Kidnapped by my mate by Annie Whipple Chapter 1

Belle couldn’t keep her eyes off a breathtakingly attractive man across the bar, daydreaming about approaching him. When her flight to Paris was announced, she was surprised to find the same man sitting next to her on the plane. He touched her intimately, causing a strong physical reaction, and then insisted on switching seats with the man assigned to sit next to her.

The mysterious stranger, who introduced himself as Grayson, seemed to feel a strong connection to Belle, leaving her confused and flustered by his behavior.

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Kidnapped by my mate by Annie Whipple Chapter 2

In the chapter, Belle is on a plane traveling to visit her mother and her mother’s husband, a situation she is not looking forward to. Sitting next to her is a stranger named Grayson, who unexpectedly becomes intimate with her, pulling her into his lap and kissing her passionately.

When the plane experiences turbulence, Belle becomes terrified, but Grayson is able to calm her down through his soothing voice and touch. He claims that she is his and that he will take care of her, even putting her to sleep with a mysterious command.

The chapter explores the growing connection between Belle and Grayson, as well as the strange and possessive behavior he exhibits towards her.

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Kidnapped by my mate by Annie Whipple Chapter 3

Grayson placed Belle on his lap during the flight, and she fell asleep, dreaming of his touch and affection. When she woke up, Grayson’s behavior changed drastically after Belle made a lighthearted joke about the creepy passenger. Grayson became enraged and violently attacked the man, choking him.

A bystander urged Belle to calm Grayson down, and when that didn’t work, the man suggested she kiss Grayson. Reluctantly, Belle kissed Grayson, which caused him to become possessive and claim her as his “mate.” Grayson then carried Belle to the plane’s bathroom, ignoring her protests.

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Kidnapped by my mate by Annie Whipple Chapter 4

Grayson’s touch makes Belle lose control of herself, and they engage in a passionate encounter in the bathroom. Grayson suddenly bites Belle’s neck, causing her intense pain that transforms into overwhelming pleasure. Belle becomes intoxicated by Grayson’s presence and the newfound sensations, clinging to him and wanting to be closer.

Grayson apologizes for biting her, and Belle, despite her confusion, accepts it. As she grows drowsy, Belle reflects on Grayson’s monstrous strength, irresistible touch, and shifting eye color, wondering what she has gotten herself into.

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Kidnapped by my mate by Annie Whipple Chapter 5

Belle wakes up in a hotel room with Grayson, the man she met on the plane who had kidnapped her. She panics, trying to escape, but Grayson stops her, explaining that she cannot leave him due to the bite mark he has left on her neck.

Grayson convinces Belle to return to the bed, and she finds herself unable to resist his allure. As Grayson’s hands start to roam her body, Belle becomes overwhelmed by her growing desire for him, despite her better judgment.

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Kidnapped by my mate by Annie Whipple Chapter 6

In this chapter, Belle and Grayson’s passionate encounter in the bathroom escalates, with Grayson biting Belle’s neck, causing her intense pain that is then soothed by his touch. When Belle tries to escape, she experiences a debilitating reaction to the bite, leading Grayson to rush to her aid.

After he comforts her, they return to the bedroom, where Grayson undresses Belle and they fall asleep together. Later, Belle wakes up feeling uncomfortably hot, and Grayson helps remove her leggings, hinting that he may have taken a peek despite his promise not to.

Throughout the chapter, Belle is drawn to Grayson despite her awareness of his kidnapping her, reflecting her growing obsession with him.

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Kidnapped by my mate by Annie Whipple Chapter 7

Belle wakes up before Grayson and contemplates her options to escape. She considers pretending to be asleep, acting sweet to Grayson, or being mean to him in hopes of being kicked out. Belle also remembers the last Christmas she spent with her late father and feels saddened by his passing.

She resolves to start living her life to the fullest, no longer letting circumstances control her. As Grayson begins to stir, Belle closes her eyes, pretending to be asleep in the hopes that he will leave the room, allowing her to find a way to escape.

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Kidnapped by my mate by Annie Whipple Chapter 8

Grayson wakes up Belle and playfully teases her, trying to get her to open her eyes and acknowledge him. Despite Belle’s attempts to feign sleep, Grayson becomes increasingly intimate, caressing her body and kissing her. Belle becomes aroused but refuses to give in, determined not to lose this battle.

Grayson eventually discovers that Belle is only wearing a thin shirt and her underwear, and his advances become more intense. Realizing her vulnerable state, Belle finally opens her eyes and screams, shoving Grayson away. Grayson calmly tells her to take a shower, and once he leaves, Belle seizes the opportunity to escape, turning on the shower and making her way to the balcony.

She discovers a fire escape and decides to use it to try and escape the hotel room.

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Kidnapped by my mate by Annie Whipple Chapter 9

Grayson kidnapped Belle and took her to a hotel room. Belle tried to escape through the fire escape but was caught by Grayson’s friend Kyle. Grayson confronted Belle about her attempted escape and then made her a large breakfast spread. He insisted that Belle sit on his lap while they ate, and he became increasingly affectionate towards her, though she tried to keep her distance.

After finishing the meal, Grayson told Belle that he was ready to start answering her questions, and he turned her body to face him, asking her not to be scared.

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Kidnapped by my mate by Annie Whipple Chapter 10

Grayson hesitantly reveals to Belle that his eyes turn black when he loses control, and this is usually connected to her. He explains that the black eyes stem from two emotions – anger, like when he found a man harassing her, and attraction.

Belle is shocked by this revelation and questions how it is possible. Grayson refuses to let her go, stating that she is his, which upsets Belle. As she continues to defy his claim, Grayson’s wolf becomes increasingly agitated. Kyle warns Belle not to upset Grayson further, advising her to touch him to calm him down.

However, Belle refuses, and Grayson’s body begins to transform into a massive wolf, shedding his clothes. Belle and Kyle watch in horror as Grayson fully shifts into a giant wolf, leaving Belle terrified and searching for a way to escape.

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