Not Your Mate Anymore Chapter Summary

Not Your Mate Anymore

Not Your Mate Anymore by Ellison001 revolves around Sabrina, a young wolf shifter who believes she has found her life mate in Percy Woods. However, when they are both still young, Percy’s father announces that Percy must marry their family friend Ralyn for the good of their pack.

Sabrina is heartbroken by this betrayal and decides to leave her home pack. Over the following years, she struggles with the pain of losing her mate and feels like an outcast from her own community.

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After some time away, Sabrina receives an invitation to the annual alliance ball being hosted by another pack. She decides to attend to get away from her troubles for a night. While there, she reconnects with some old friends who help her begin healing from her past.

Sabrina also meets some new people who make her feel accepted and help her realize that she deserves to find love and happiness again, even if it cannot be with her first chosen mate due to the duties of pack politics. The novel follows Sabrina’s journey of moving on from heartbreak and rebuilding her life.

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Book TitleNot Your Mate Anymore
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Goodnovel | HiNovel
Genres Werewolf Romance
TagsWerewolf, Alpha, D$$$$$$t, Pregnant, Female lead, Supernatural, V$$$$n

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Not Your Mate Anymore PDF

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Not Your Mate Anymore Chapter 1

Percy Woods was mated to the Sabrina for two years, but could not have him as his mate was to marry Ralyn, who had babysat the protagonist as a child. At a pack meeting to discuss rogue problems, the Alpha announced that Percy would marry Ralyn instead.

This came as a shock to the Sabrina, who had seen guilt in Percy’s eyes but been assured by his brother that he knew nothing of the arrangement. Seeing Ralyn standing on the podium next to Percy confused the protagonist further, as Ralyn was an omega and usually in a lower social position.

While the protagonist had been bedridden for over a week from illness, these events exacerbated their despair at being unable to fully be with their mate. Just one more year until they could leave to follow their dreams, but it seemed the moon Goddess had other plans for denying them that happiness. The protagonist hated feeling weak and being pitied by others in the pack, avoiding interactions by staying in their room.

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Not Your Mate Anymore Chapter 2

This chapter focuses on Sabrina’s emotional reaction to her mate Percy choosing another wolf named Ralyn over her. Sabrina is devastated and locks herself in her room, unwilling to eat or take care of herself.

Her sister Josie and adoptive mother Remi intervene and help Sabrina get dressed up, as Percy and his father the Alpha are coming to speak with Sabrina’s father. Josie explains they will be leaving to stay with their grandfather after the brief meeting.

Sabrina has an intense dream where her deceased mother urges her to gather her strength and stop wasting away over Percy. When she wakes up, Sabrina realizes she must confront the situation rather than wallowing in self-pity. Although still struggling internally, she composes herself to face Percy. The chapter ends as Sabrina’s brother Cj tells them their father has summoned them all to greet the Alpha family.

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Not Your Mate Anymore Chapter 3

Sabrina woke from her nap to the sound of rain in the forest. She went out to her balcony to listen to the downpour, which caused her to think of Percy. She remembered playing in the rain with him a year prior. Percy had sent her a mind link asking to meet, and in her eagerness she went to the door without concern for her attire.

When she opened the door, Percy was soaked through but his scent was intoxicating to her. He pulled her into an embrace where they took in each other’s scents. Percy told her she was beautiful and asked her to dance with him in the rain, which made Sabrina laugh.

As Sabrina stood on her balcony watching the rain, memories of Percy flooded her mind. She recalled how a year ago, after receiving a message from him through their mental link, she rushed out in the rain to meet him without thinking.

Upon opening the door to see Percy soaked but intensely alluring, he pulled her into a hug so they could savor one another’s scents. He then paid her a compliment and invited her to dance with him in the storm, eliciting a laugh from Sabrina as she happily accepted.

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Not Your Mate Anymore Chapter 4

Max dragged Kim into his room to discuss the rumors surrounding their relationship. He explained that he had falsely implied they were together in hopes that the female werewolves would stop pursuing him for the title of luna.

However, this had instead led to Kim receiving hostile glares and comments from the other women. Max apologized, saying he hadn’t anticipated it getting to that level, and compared the situation to his father’s past relationships that had caused similar drama.

Kim confronted Max about the need for communication, as she had fled her own pack seeking refuge only to find more drama. She also questioned him about his previous mate and rumors of her presence, recalling how two girls had warned her away from the luna position which was supposedly reserved for another. Max did not provide any answers about his past relationship.

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Not Your Mate Anymore Chapter 5

Percy was attending the annual alliance ball hosted by Green Forrest Pack, where all allied packs would gather. As the new alpha of Blue Moon Pack, it was his first time attending the prestigious event.

Max, as alpha of his pack, had duties to fulfill in preparing for the festivities and welcoming other high-ranking officials. He had left painkillers, water, and sunglasses for Percy to help with his hangover, showing his thoughtfulness. Percy wondered how Max had managed to save his pack at a young age but recognized he had years of training to become alpha.

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Not Your Mate Anymore Chapter 6

The sisters called in a glam squad to pamper themselves before the event. A makeup artist, beauticians, hairstylists and masseuses arrived to work their magic on the sisters and brother. They waxed eyebrows and legs, cut hair and gave massages while drinking champagne.

When their mother returned home, she joined in on the preparations. Their father and grandfather simply laughed at the scene and went about their business. By 7pm, all were ready. The sisters had coordinated their dresses and nails – one in red to match her dress and two others in white. One sister in particular looked like a Greek goddess in her white gown with strappy heels and casual updo hairstyle with light makeup.

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Not Your Mate Anymore Chapter 7

The pack had officially moved into the manor, bringing great joy to the grandfather. While this marked a big change from their pack life, Max initiated them into his new pack to avoid them becoming rogues.

My father was helping former warriors from their pack settle into town apartments and planned to start a security business with them. He also intended to turn some of the manor’s ample land into training grounds for the business. This would weaken their old pack, making it vulnerable to outside attacks.

Max then left to pick up his mother from the airport, and the others looked forward to the new school tomorrow, where Freddie explained the different social groups resembled those in human schools.

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Not Your Mate Anymore Chapter 8

The pack was thriving after taking residence in Green Forrest pack for training. Many found their mates and settled in nicely over the past year. However, trouble soon arose. A rival pack attacked Green Forrest, killing many warriors and inflicting heavy losses. They showed no mercy, ruthlessly slaughtering civilians as well.

The invading alphas took twisted pleasure in violent acts, raping and torturing their victims. It seemed all hope was lost against the massive, brutal force that had swept through the territory.

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Not Your Mate Anymore Chapter 9

I was tired, bruised and in pain. Barely got any sleep and my body was about to give up on me. Josey and Cj looked about the same too. It’s been 9 years in training and they were ready to give up. They haven’t even seen I’s mom or nana since they got here. Hell, they haven’t even met the moon goddess herself.

They were tortured and battered daily without fail. Fighting experienced wolves who showed no mercy but I learned some new cuss words along the way after I felt like the ones I was using had little effect.

“Do you think they’ll actually let us sleep in this time so our wolves can get to healing us?” Josey asks between I and Cj. Cj shrugs not wanting to give false hope to Josey. “They’ve been pushing us to fight in our human form Josey. So I doubt they’d want us to go back to relying on our wolves..” I say feeling all sorts of depressed. I haven’t shifted in years and I feel like I’m losing Athena.

They won’t let them shift. Apparently your wolves are too strong for your bodies and you need to build the strength to be one with the wolf. I don’t know why I’m not allowed to shift.” Cj says to them. “Granted, I feel stronger now in my human form and I’m sure I can take on a rogue like

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Not Your Mate Anymore Chapter 10

Max and Kimberley raced to gather their allies to defend against an impending attack. As sirens wailed and wolves howled, they knew their enemies had breached the borders. The group that assembled at the foyer included Max, Kimberley, her father and grandfather, as well as Deacon, Damon, Nicole, Cj who had shifted into his wolf form, and Josey.

Before rushing off to face the threat, Kimberley kissed Max and made him promise to return to her safely. As the sirens ceased, an eerie quiet fell over the land. When Charley suddenly emerged alone, naked and covered in blood, it was clear he had killed their guards as a way to surrender. However, his solitary approach left Kimberley suspicious, sensing that something was amiss with Remi.

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