The Claiming By Cooper Chapter Summary

The Claiming By Cooper

The Claiming By Cooper revolves around the declining werewolf population where shewolves have become rare. The novel follows Jara, the last unmated Alpha female werewolf who must enter the annual claiming where male werewolves battle to claim an unmated female as their mate. Jara is furious that she has no choice and must fight for her freedom. If she can hold out for seven days without being claimed, she will have the option to choose her mate.

Mason is an unmated Alpha male werewolf who wants a strong Luna as his partner to strengthen his pack. He intends to capture Jara before he turns feral. If successful, they can create a new generation of Alpha werewolves together. However, Jara has no intention of being claimed after witnessing the mistreatment of her sister by her mate. The novel explores the dynamics of the claiming process and the relationship between the main characters Jara and Mason.

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Book TitleThe Claiming By Cooper
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Werewolf Romance
Tags alpha, unmated wolves, luna

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The Claiming By Cooper PDF

The Claiming By Cooper PDF

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The Claiming By Cooper Chapter 1

Jara, the last unmated Alpha female, begrudgingly prepares to participate in the annual claiming ceremony where males compete for the right to mate with unmated females. As the daughter of the Alpha, she knows her parents tried everything to remove her from the claiming pool after her sister Mila died at the hands of her mate.

Her brother Seth, who is also entering the claiming this year, promises to protect her since he cannot hunt for her himself. With double the normal number of contestants and both a Beta female and Jara up for claiming, every unmated male in the country will attend the ceremony.

Seth chose to enter the claiming for the Beta female rather than an omega, as all unmated males between 18 to 25 years old are eligible to participate unless they have already lost a mate. Any werewolf who has lost their mate can also enter to find a new one. With so many males attending to claim either Jara or the Beta female, Jara is wary of facing the same fate as her sister Mila in being mated to an abusive male.

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The Claiming By Cooper Chapter 2

Mason receives the claiming package from his beta Elijah. The package is significantly larger than previous years, as every eligible male in Mason’s pack had signed up given the opportunity for anyone to hunt a mate. Five females were listed as available this year, including an alpha and beta female, which was unprecedented.

This meant it would be extremely competitive between the twenty-eight males of the pack, including Mason and Elijah, seeking to find a mate. As Mason reviewed the list of other alpha males he would be competing against, he saw the name of another alpha that clearly angered him.

Mason glanced over the list of names of the sixteen warriors and ten omegas of his pack that were going that year, totaling twenty-eight including himself and his beta Elijah. His gamma had been lucky enough to find his mate ten years prior, before the number of available females had dangerously declined to the low level they now faced.

Neither Mason nor Elijah had been selected in the mate lottery over the past years since they came of age, other than an alpha female three years ago that was open to all eligible claimants.

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The Claiming By Cooper Chapter 3

Jara has packed her things as the week before the claiming begins, where the eligible females will get to know the potential claimants. She hugs her parents goodbye, knowing she may never see them again depending on who claims her and if they allow visits. Her mother is sobbing terrified that Jara will end up like her sister Mila, who was claimed by the alpha Typhon and never let out of his sight.

Jara’s father has to force her mother to let Jara go, hugging Seth knowing he will return home. He tightly hugs Jara and tells her to remember everything he has taught her to stay safe, and if it comes to being unclaimed, to choose who gets to mark her.

Mason POV

The week before the claiming is usually just a lot of posturing and threats between the males. Most of them have no intention of actually claiming a female, they just want to intimidate the others. As the current reigning Alpha, I already have two females in my pack and do not need to claim another.

However, it is expected that I participate and at least go through the motions. My real goal is to assess the up and coming young males and see who has potential to be groomed as a future leader. There is one in particular, Caspian, who shows great promise but still has much to learn. I plan to keep a close eye on him this week.

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The Claiming By Cooper Chapter 4

Mason and Elijah arrived at the claiming territory where security was tight. An escort had surrounded a car that was believed to be carrying either the Alpha or Beta. They passed through entry after being warned of the severe penalties for entering the female housing without approval, which included being shot and disqualification from all future claimings.

The main house was crowded as males waited in line to check in and for parking spots. Housing was limited, so females were placed in their own separate building while males were doubled up in rooms. Mason and Elijah were fortunate to get placed together in the same room.

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The Claiming By Cooper Chapter 5

Jara immediately liked Hana, seeing that they were both unhappy about being forced into the pageantry set up by the Elders. As Jara and Hana walked through the house, Hana explained that it was heavily guarded with two guards posted at every bedroom door.

There were also over 20 guards patrolling the main areas inside and more outside guarding the perimeter. When they reached Jara’s room, the guard thoroughly checked the room before allowing her to enter, much to Jara and Hana’s confusion. Hana suggested that the Elders must be very serious about keeping the women safe until their claiming ceremony, though Jara wondered whether the guards were there to keep the women in or the men out.

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The Claiming By Cooper Chapter 6

Mason felt the animosity in the dining room towards Alpha Typhon, who had mistreated one of the few remaining Alpha females, now dead. None could afford more losses. Typhon left quickly under the hatred from Seth. “Looks like he got himself a new Beta,” Elijah said to Mason as they watched Typhon and another leave.

The next morning, excitement had returned over breakfast. Today they would get their first glimpse of the females in this year’s claim and see them interviewed on stage, answering basic questions. While Mason only cared about Jara, he was interested in the other females as potential pack mates should one of his members claim them. They would learn who the first female was to be claimed.

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The Claiming By Cooper Chapter 7

Jara and Hana emerged from the car to the sounds of wolf whistles and excitement from the mass of males gathered to see the new trophies. While Hana ignored the crowd, Jara smiled and dared any to try and capture her, intensifying the energy of the situation.

As they climbed the stairs, the master of ceremonies reminded everyone that the top priority was protecting the females. When Jara reached the top, she saw that guards had aimed their guns at the crowd in response to a fight breaking out between shifting men in the audience.

As the ceremonies began, a fight broke out among shifting men in the crowd below. The guards aimed their guns at the audience in response, in an attempt to protect the new female trophies on stage. Jara dared any males to try and capture her, playing up the intensity of the energy from the masses of excited onlookers hoping to claim one of the trophies for themselves. While Hana ignored the crowd, Jara enjoyed challenging the males and intensifying the chaotic situation unfolding.

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The Claiming By Cooper Chapter 8

Mason watched the claiming ceremony with interest. Jara had threatened the group of males, made up of half Alphas and Betas, without flinching. Her actions impressed Mason and likely many others, though it may have backfired by sparking desire in the males to tame or possess her fiery spirit.

The ceremony master was unsure how to proceed with the two ranked females, Jara and Mason, as they refused to submit to the traditional claiming process. When Jara was applauded, Mason suspected her actions backfired.

The master began to explain the rules, stating only those chosen in the lottery could claim females, except for the Alpha female. Another Alpha, Seth, shouted Jara’s name and reminded those present she was a person, not an object, when the Beta master called her “the Alpha female” without using her name.

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The Claiming By Cooper Chapter 9

Jara was displeased to be referred to as a contestant for the claiming, as she did not choose to participate in it. During the social gathering where participants were pulled for her, she did not pay any attention to the men, as she had no interest in getting to know them.

When Jara and the others returned to their temporary housing, Mignon, Layan and Annabel were already there discussing the day’s events. Hana asked Jara about the man who stood up for her, which was her brother Seth. Though he was eligible to be claimed, Jara believed Seth had chosen to be part of Hana’s claim. She gave Hana an apologetic look, and Hana wondered whether Seth was a good man.

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The Claiming By Cooper Chapter 10

Mason spent an hour with Beta Hana during her claiming social, being the only one who did not intend to enter her claiming. He was tempted to rethink until nearly walking into Elijah escorting Jara to dinner, though he doubted Elijah’s reasons for being chosen were the same as his for escorting Ilana.

Mason noticed Jara’s practically see-through dress that was nearly impossible to see where her layer of material ended and her actual skin began. He saw the smug look on Jara’s face, same as the one Hana had, knowing they wanted the males to kill each other off in a rut so the women didn’t have to go through their claiming. He made a mental note to never underestimate either woman.

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