No Way Back by Anna Mac Chapter Summary

No Way Back by Anna Mac

No Way Back by Author by Anna Mac revolves around Jane Fowler who finds herself traveling back five years in time after a fire kills her. When she awakens, she realizes she has been given a second chance at life. However, adjusting to her new life proves difficult as she struggles to reconnect with her adoptive family, the Fowlers, who do not believe her story about being from the future. Jane frequently clashes with family members as cultural norms have changed in the past five years.

As tensions rise within the family, Jane decides to strike out on her own. She cuts ties with the Fowlers and tries to make a new life for herself. However, secrets from her past life begin resurfacing which complicates her present. Additionally, powerful people take an interest in Jane due to her rare blood type, putting her in danger. She must now navigate this new timeline while avoiding those who wish to use her unique abilities for their gains.

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Book TitleNo Way Back
AuthorAnna Mac
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Contemporary Romance
Tags Romance

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No Way Back PDF

No Way Back PDF

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No Way Back Chapter 1

Jane Fowler was trapped in a burning warehouse, paralyzed and unable to move. Her adopted sister Madelyn approached, having drugged Jane. Madelyn framed Jane for the fire and attacked herself, yelling for help and accusing Jane of being crazy. When their parents and brothers arrived, they believed Madelyn. Jane was rushed to the hospital as an intensive care patient.

Despite miraculously recovering from her wounds, the Fowler family severed all ties with Jane. They acknowledged only Madelyn as their legitimate daughter. The local news reported finding Jane’s burned body in the warehouse fire, though it later vanished. The Fowler Corporation disowned Jane in an official statement. Whatever became of Jane after that was no concern of the Fowlers.

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No Way Back Chapter 2

Jane looked in the mirror and realized she appeared five years younger, having somehow traveled back in time five years before a fire killed her. She was determined to live for herself this time rather than trying to please others.

When a knock came at the door, Jane suppressed her sorrow and greeted Peter with indifference. Peter felt insecure around Jane, desiring her approval but too afraid to truly care for her. He wished Jane would die so Madelyn wouldn’t suffer, harboring hatred for Jane. Jane could feel Peter’s hatred but remained unchanged, having endured years without a family’s love and dedicating herself to serving the supposed “family” for the sake of their acceptance, though they all secretly wished she was dead.

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No Way Back Chapter 3

Jane confronted Jack about his demand for her to kneel, questioning if he was a mob boss. When Peter slapped Jane, it brought back painful memories for her of obeying the family in her past life. Madelyn intervened, revealing Jane was Jack’s biological daughter, which gave him pause. However, Jack was still furious with Jane’s defiance. Anna affirmed her care for Jane as her daughter, despite their difficult relationship.

Peter angrily confronted Jane for causing Madelyn’s tears, but Jane remained unfazed. He then showed Jane trending topics about her true identity as the Fowler heir being exposed and speculation about Madelyn’s future. Jane remained expressionless, questioning Peter’s point. While tensions escalated between Jane and the family, Anna affirmed her bond with Jane as her daughter.

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No Way Back Chapter 4

Jane confronted Jack and the others about their accusations that she revealed her identity to the media. However, she pointed out they had no evidence to support their claims. When they called Richard, he admitted to recognizing Jane’s voice but she showed that was impossible since she used a voice changer. Realizing he had no proof, Richard backtracked and said someone must have set him up. Madelyn began to panic as her scheme fell apart. Jack started to suspect Madelyn was behind it all, but he couldn’t believe the kind and innocent Madelyn would do something so vicious.

Richard was at a loss for words because he had no evidence to support the accusations against Jane. When called, he admitted to recognizing Jane’s voice but she showed that was impossible since she used a voice changer. Realizing he had no proof, Richard backtracked and said someone must have set him up. Madelyn began to panic as her scheme fell apart. Jack started to suspect Madelyn but couldn’t believe the kind and innocent Madelyn would devise such a vicious plan.

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No Way Back Chapter 5

Madelyn broke down in tears, kneeling before Jane and begging for forgiveness for falsely accusing her. This moved the Fowler family, and they realized Jane was not behind any schemes. Jane, however, was not appeased and exploded in anger at the family. She rejected their apologies and stated that as an outsider for 19 years, she no longer considered herself part of the family or wanted their love. This shocked everyone, especially Madelyn. Jane’s harsh words led Madelyn to believe she should leave the family to ease tensions, much to the family’s protests.

As tensions escalated, Peter furiously defended Madelyn and accused Jane of trying to remove her as the family’s heiress so she could be the sole recipient of their affection. Jane retorted that she knew she would always be nothing more than a tool for the family, a thorn in their side. Speaking these painful truths gave Jane a sense of relief but also agony, as she finally acknowledged realities about her status in the family that she had buried for a long time.

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No Way Back Chapter 6

Jane announced that she was severing ties with the Fowler family, to their shock. She had grown tired of always coming second to Madelyn. Though hesitant at first, Peter acknowledged that Jane was his sister and deserved a life of her own. Madelyn was thrilled by Jane’s departure, as it solidified her position in the family, but put on a show of pleading for Jane to stay.

As Jane packed her bags, Anna begged her to remain with the family. Jane, however, had made up her mind. She ignored Anna’s pleas and walked out the gate with only her simple luggage. Just as she had come to the Fowlers full of hope and excitement, now her heart was cold. Jane was more at peace with her decision than she expected. Leaving this time, she felt her so-called home had damaged her heart beyond repair.

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No Way Back Chapter 7

Jane checked into a cheap hotel and called Andy, an old contact from the Darknet, seeking work. Overjoyed at Jane’s return, Andy told her about a hacking mission to break through the firewall of Meridonia, a country with an impossible-to-crack security system. Jane quickly accomplished the task, and Andy transferred the payment of $750,000 to her as usual. Jane gave $150,000 to Andy as commission, but Andy insisted it was a gift to welcome her back. Jane was pleased to feel her hacking abilities returning after leaving her family, who she now said she had no ties to anymore.

Andy consoled Jane about her family situation. He reassured her that she still had him for support and that someone with the same blood type as her had contacted him recently.

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No Way Back Chapter 8

Jane discovered she possessed rare Type Omega blood, which could only be donated to or received from others with the same type. This made her reliant on finding others with her blood in emergencies. She began keeping her own supply and searching for others through Andy in the Darknet.

One contact offered her a large sum of money to sleep together, claiming their Type Omega blood caused sleep issues without the aroma of a matching type. Jane refused but kept the money. She thought about whether being with another Type Omega could help with her frequent nightmares. Lila called Jane, worried after she suddenly moved out of the Fowlers’ home. She invited Jane for drinks at Nightshade Bar to cheer her up.

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No Way Back Chapter 9

Peter and Larry watched as Jane effortlessly commanded the dance floor, losing herself in the music. Though she had severed ties with the Fowler family, Lila supported Jane, knowing how dearly she had wished for acceptance. Jane’s dancing lifted everyone’s spirits and brought the evening to a climax.

Meanwhile, Peter remained troubled by his family’s treatment of Jane. He saw how Jane had moved on despite their mistreatment. When a mysterious figure spotted Jane from above, it became clear her talents had drawn unwanted attention in this new phase of life free from the Fowler family.

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No Way Back Chapter 10

Hugh Croft watched Jane Fowler intently from above as she danced. Though stoic, he seemed captivated by her familiar form. When Cameron Croft approached Jane and Lila, a fight broke out after Jane kicked Cameron for touching her. Peter Fowler joined the brawl, battling Cameron and his friends to protect Jane. Nightshade Bar’s security then intervened, compensating Jane and Lila handsomely while expelling Cameron. Jane accepted their gifts but remained indifferent to Peter, unable to stand his presence as another Fowler.

Cameron’s harassment of Jane ignited violence as she kicked him, leading Peter and others to join the fray. Nightshade Bar’s staff efficiently ended the conflict and compensated the women generously with membership cards worth tens of thousands. Their capable handling of the disruption upheld the bar’s reputation and ensured patrons could continue enjoying the evening.

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