When There Is Nothing Left But Love PDF

When There Is Nothing Left But Love

When There Is Nothing Left But Love by Bean Sprout revolves around Scarlett, who discovers she is six weeks pregnant after her husband Ashton asks for a divorce. She is unsure if she should tell Ashton about the baby or go through with the divorce. Ashton seems determined to divorce Scarlett and pursue his relationship with his mistress, Rebecca. Scarlett struggles with her feelings as Ashton moves on with Rebecca while also dealing with the revelation of her unexpected pregnancy.

As the story continues, tensions rise between Scarlett and Rebecca over Ashton. Scarlett accompanies Ashton to his grandfather’s funeral but their interactions are strained. She discovers Rebecca is also pregnant, complicating the divorce proceedings. Scarlett questions if she should fight to save her marriage for the sake of her unborn child or let Ashton go so they can both start over without the bitterness between them.

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Book TitleWhen There Is Nothing Left But Love
AuthorBean Sprout
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel | Joyread
Genres Billionaire Romance
TagsLove&Hate, Love Triangle, Heartbroken, Pregnancy, Fated Love, Rich, Billionaire, Heir/Heiress, Possessive, D$$$$$$t

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When There Is Nothing Left But Love PDF

When There Is Nothing Left But Love PDF

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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 1

Ashton’s wife discovered she was six weeks pregnant after an ultrasound. She was unsure if she should tell Ashton about the pregnancy given their impending divorce. Ashton had always been cold and distant towards her during their marriage, arranged by his late grandfather.

Ashton drove her home from the hospital in silence. She debated telling him about the pregnancy but held her tongue, accustomed to his icy demeanor. When he received a call from his lover Rebecca, his entire demeanor changed as he spoke to her warmly. He abruptly ended the call and told his wife to leave the car. Their marriage was loveless, and she knew her existence was meaningless to Ashton besides being an obstacle between him and Rebecca.

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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 2

Ashton abruptly entered the bedroom after showering, with only a towel around his waist. His hair was still damp from the shower. He commanded Scarlett to dry his hair, and she obediently complied with his domineering ways as usual. While drying his hair, Scarlett reminded him about her grandfather’s funeral the next day, hoping he would not forget due to being occupied with Rebecca. However, Ashton made it clear he did not want to interact.

After Scarlett finished drying his hair, Ashton suddenly pulled her towards him on the bed. He began ravaging her roughly despite her unwillingness. The force caused Scarlett pain as she tried to protect the six-week-old fetus she was carrying. When Ashton received a late-night call from Rebecca, the sound of her name agitated him. He quickly left to meet with Rebecca, disregarding the funeral and Scarlett’s plea to stay with her that night.

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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 3

Scarlett agreed to divorce Ashton if he stayed with her through her grandfather’s funeral. However, when Rebecca arrived in the rain, Ashton rushed to help her. Scarlett tried to get him to stay by hugging him, but Ashton rebuffed her advances.

Ashton cared for the ill Rebecca, further hurting Scarlett. He ordered Scarlett to return to her family home even though it was dangerous at night, showing he only cared about Rebecca’s comfort. Defiant, Scarlett insisted on staying in her room instead. She met Jared in the corridor, deducing he had rushed over upon hearing the news.

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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 4

Jared, Ashton’s best friend, and a renowned doctor, came to treat Rebecca who was ill with a fever. While attending to Rebecca, Jared’s clothes became wet from the rain. Scarlett, who harbored unrequited feelings for Ashton, offered Jared a change of clothes so he wouldn’t catch a cold on his way home.

The next morning, Scarlett encountered Jared wearing the clothes she had lent him. They spoke briefly before joining Ashton and Rebecca, who was in the kitchen. Though Scarlett owned the home she shared with Ashton, Rebecca acted as though she was the lady of the house by inviting Scarlett and Jared to have breakfast. Scarlett politely refused and emphasized that Rebecca had just recovered and should drink milk, implying that Rebecca overstepped her bounds.

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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 5

Rebecca apologized to Ashton for her behavior the previous night and asked him to stay for breakfast. Ashton agreed coldly and commanded Scarlett to join them. During the meal, Rebecca reminded Ashton of his promise to accompany her to see flowers that day.

Ashton left after breakfast to change for his grandfather’s funeral. Scarlett followed him upstairs unintentionally. Ashton scolded her for meddling in his family matters and said she was unworthy. His harsh words deeply hurt Scarlett. When she returned downstairs, Rebecca mocked her for poking her nose into other people’s business.

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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 6

Scarlett was preparing to visit the Fullers’ home when Rebecca confronted her about signing divorce papers from Ashton. An argument ensued where Rebecca threatened Scarlett, saying no one would protect her now that George was gone. Scarlett ignored Rebecca’s jabs and went downstairs.

Rebecca grabbed Scarlett’s arm, questioning why she was clinging to Ashton when he didn’t even like her. Their confrontation escalated, and Rebecca ended up falling down the stairs and collapsing on the floor in agony, holding her abdomen. Ashton rushed down and comforted the injured Rebecca, blaming Scarlett for what happened. Jared, who had suddenly appeared, suggested Scarlett go explain but she refused, knowing someone had to take the blame.

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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 7

Helen Clarke mocked the main character upon arriving at the family home, saying she had become fragile after becoming Mrs. Fuller. Many of the wealthy family members in attendance offered their respects, including Mrs. Eriksen who presented the main character with a locked box that George Fuller had left for her, saying it could prevent Ashton from divorcing her if he saw what was inside.

During the funeral prayers for George Fuller, Ashton still had not arrived to pay his respects despite being the favorite grandson. After the funeral is over, Charlie Fuller approaches the main character with Helen, urging her to tell Ashton to stop holding a grudge against his grandfather and that the old man doesn’t owe him anything anymore.

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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 8

Helen scoffed at the idea that Ashton’s ex treated her well. Charlie told Helen to leave after the funeral was over. He thanked Uncle Charlie for his help.

As I stood at George’s grave, I worried about my relationship with Ashton ending now that Grandpa passed. When I turned to leave, I was surprised to see Ashton standing near the grave, staring sternly. I couldn’t read his thoughts. He had come to pick me up without saying anything and drove off silently when I mentioned Grandpa’s passing. I wanted to ask about Rebecca but didn’t push him.

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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 9

She followed Ashton quietly to the hospital ward where Rebecca was staying. Rebecca was hooked to an IV drip and appeared frail in the bed. When she saw them enter, Rebecca’s expression fell and told Ashton she didn’t want to see Scarlett. Ashton comforted Rebecca and said Scarlett was there to take care of her.

While Rebecca was awake, she gazed at Scarlett intently. Rebecca proposed a bet to Scarlett – whether Ashton would be concerned if something happened to her. Before Scarlett could respond, Rebecca poured a glass of scalding water down Scarlett’s hand. Though Scarlett was in great pain, she silently agreed to the bet. Rebecca then claimed the glass slipped by accident.

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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 10

Ashton visited Rebecca late at night and scolded Scarlett for dealing with her injuries, showing no concern. His cold demeanor hurt Scarlett deeply. Jared treated Scarlett’s wounds and overheard her conversation with Ashton. Ashton told Jared he had always scorned Scarlett’s love for him and saw no need to divorce her now that her first husband had passed, despite Jared’s reminder that she truly loved Ashton. Scarlett realized some things were better left unheard and quietly left, heartbroken by Ashton’s open disdain for her feelings.

Jared tended to Scarlett’s injuries from her altercation with Rebecca. While eavesdropping, Scarlett overheard a conversation between Jared and Ashton where Ashton admitted to always scorning Scarlett’s love for him and saw no reason to divorce her now that she was widowed, hurting Scarlett further. Though Jared tried to remind Ashton not to take Scarlett’s feelings lightly, Ashton continued scornfully. Scarlett decided not to listen further, realizing some truths were too painful to hear from the man she loved.

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