Can’t Win Me Back Chapter Summary

Can’t Win Me Back

Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue revolves around Alice White and her husband Jasper Beckett. Alice discovers that Jasper has signed divorce papers to marry his first love, Liana Gardner. Jasper is cold towards Alice and offers her compensation to finalize the divorce. A heartbroken Alice signs the papers hoping to save their marriage. After the divorce, Jasper happily welcomes Liana into his life while Alice is left devastated.

However, Jasper soon realizes that he still has feelings for Alice. He introduces Liana to his family but tensions arise regarding the divorce. Alice also moves on from Jasper and enjoys her birthday celebration with her friend’s family.

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But Jasper sees Alice having moved on and gets angry. He accuses Alice of getting over him quickly. During the confrontation, Liana twists her ankle and Jasper realizes that he is not fully over Alice yet. The novel explores the complex emotions between the two ex-partners as they both try to move on from their failed marriage.

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Book TitleCan’t Win Me Back
AuthorGinger Sue
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresBillionaire Romance
Tags Love, Second Chance, Divorce, Humor, Comedy, Tragedy, Light Novel

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Can't Win Me Back

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Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 1

Alice stared at the divorce papers that Jasper had already signed. Jasper spoke coldly to Alice, telling her to quickly sign the papers so he could finalize the divorce before Liana returned. Alice pleaded with Jasper not to divorce her, professing her love for him, but Jasper rebuffed her claims of love.

That night, Jasper excitedly greeted Liana at the airport and brought her back to the manor. At the manor, Jasper smugly observed Alice preparing dinner alone while everyone fawned over Liana. The butler then informed Jasper that Alice had suddenly left, taken away in a car belonging to the president of KS Group.

Jasper was displeased by Alice’s quick departure and ordered his secretary to investigate the owner of the vehicle.

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Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 2

Liana was enjoying dinner with Jasper’s family when Jasper announced that he and Alice had divorced after three years of marriage. This shocked Jasper’s father Javier, who did not approve of the divorce. Jasper remained firm in his decision and planned to publicly announce his new marriage to Liana next month.

At the lake, Jonah took Alice on a yacht for her birthday, where they witnessed a fireworks display spelling out “Happy Birthday.” Jasper and Liana also witnessed this from the shore. When Alice and Jonah disembarked from the yacht, an angry confrontation ensued between Jasper and Alice, as they were still technically married.

Alice boldly defended her right to move on, shocking Jasper. Their argument was interrupted when Liana pretended to twist her ankle. Jasper then turned his attention to helping Liana.

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Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 3

Alyssa Taylor had just returned home to her family’s villa after divorcing her husband Jasper Beckett. Her brother Silas welcomed her home warmly, while her other brother Jonah comforted her by massaging her legs. They informed their father Winston that Jonah wished to resign as president of their family business, KS Group, to pursue his dream of becoming a pastor instead. Winston was reluctant to hand over the reins of the company to anyone else in the family.

However, Jonah and Silas convinced their father that Alyssa was the most capable choice. They reminded Winston of her past contributions to solving crises at KS Group. Although skeptical that a woman could lead the company, Winston agreed to give Alyssa a trial as president of the underperforming KS World Hotel on the condition that she turn it profitable. Alyssa was eager to prove herself, seeing this as a chance to show her father and gain control of KS Group for good.

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Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 4

Jasper called his secretary Xavier to his office to inquire about the investigation into Alice White. However, Xavier had found no useful information as Alice’s address was fake and there were no records of anyone by that name. This shocked Jasper as he wondered who he had truly married. Meanwhile, Jasper’s lover Liana came to his office with dessert but he was reluctant to see her publicly due to his ongoing divorce with Alice.

Jasper’s grandfather Newton then called and berated him for bringing another woman around before his divorce was finalized, causing Newton’s blood pressure to spike. Jasper was forced to try contacting Alice to calm Newton but her number was no longer in service.

At the KS World Hotel, the executives were speculating about their new general manager, believing she would not be able to turn the company’s fortunes around like the previous four male general managers. However, their assumptions were quickly proven wrong when Alyssa Taylor arrived in a luxury vehicle, introducing herself as the daughter of Mr. Taylor, a powerful man, much to the executives’ surprise and fear.

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Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 5

Alyssa Taylor, the daughter of the first wife and future president of KS Group, was inspecting the KS World Hotel. She discovered many issues with cleanliness and quality standards, finding dead and dying shrimp in the seafood display and dust in the rooms.

Alyssa confronted the executives and promised consequences if problems were not addressed. She revealed to her brother Jonah that she could no longer play the piano due to an injury sustained while saving a soldier, Jasper Beckett, on the battlefield years prior.

During her inspection, Alyssa decided to end the hotel’s contract with their bedding and furniture supplier, Elysian Home, as it was the brother’s company of Jasper’s first love. She also learned that Newton Beckett, Jasper’s father, was hospitalized after another stroke and was being treated at a hospital owned by their group. Meanwhile, Jonah received a call from Alyssa’s ex-husband.

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Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 6

Alyssa was shocked to see Jasper’s name on Jonah’s phone. When Jonah answered the call, Jasper accused Alyssa of being with another man. Alyssa denied this and reminded Jasper that their divorce was not finalized. Jasper informed them that his grandfather Newton was sick in the hospital.

At the hospital, Alyssa encountered Jasper and Xavier outside Newton’s ward. Alyssa inquired about Newton’s condition while ignoring Jasper. Liana and Sophia soon arrived, with Liana embracing Jasper affectionately. Newton’s secretary then informed them that Newton had asked to see only Alyssa and Jasper. Alyssa entered the ward alone with Jasper, leaving Liana disappointed outside.

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Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 7

Newton saw an improvement in his spirits upon seeing Alyssa, who he calls Alice, visit him in the ward. He grows angry at Jasper upon learning they are divorced. Alyssa insists the marriage simply wasn’t working out and asks that no one blame Jasper. Newton gives Alyssa an heirloom emerald bracelet from his wife that was meant for the granddaughter-in-law he was happiest with.

As Alyssa and Jasper leave the ward with the bracelet on, Liana sees it and grows jealous. She pretends to twist her ankle and tries to break the bracelet by pulling Alyssa’s wrist, but Alyssa dodges and instead Liana’s own bracelet breaks in the scuffle. Jasper remains silent and stoic throughout the interaction between Alyssa and his grandfather.

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Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 8

Liana accused Alyssa of pushing her, causing her to fall and break her emerald bracelet. However, Alyssa revealed the bracelet to be fake, humiliating Liana. When Alyssa went outside, Jasper confronted her about using a fake identity to marry him. He told her they were even since he wouldn’t reveal her secret, but demanded to know her motive. Alyssa refused to say and left in a huff.

Jasper was frustrated by how much Alyssa had changed from the obedient wife she once was. When Xavier informed him that Liana was crying for him, they witnessed Alyssa driving past them arrogantly in a luxury sports car. Jasper was shocked by this revelation of Alyssa’s secret wealth, and ordered Xavier to follow her as he clenched his fists, still pursuing answers from his ex-wife.

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Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 9

Alyssa raced through the streets in her Bugatti while listening to her favorite revenge song. She saw in her rearview mirror that Jasper was chasing her in his Lamborghini. Alyssa expertly drifted around corners, losing Jasper in the process.

That night, Jonah received a call from Jasper while cooking dinner with Silas. Against Alyssa’s wishes, Jonah put the call on speaker. Jasper insisted on speaking to Alyssa privately about something.

In an empty room, Jasper demanded Alyssa’s new phone number so his grandfather could contact her. He also insinuated she was in a relationship with Jonah to get revenge, which angered Alyssa greatly.

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Can’t Win Me Back Chapter 10

Jasper was infuriated after being hung up on by his ex-wife Alice. Upon returning home, he argued with his maid Xavier over Alice’s care and thoughtfulness in creating a notebook detailing Jasper’s preferences. Jasper grew more irritated reading her neat handwriting praising him in the notebook and ultimately threw it away.

At the manor, Liana was seen throwing out and destroying Alice’s belongings from her former bedroom in a fit of jealousy and rage. When Jasper intervened, Liana accidentally cut him with a fruit knife in the ensuing struggle.

After the injury, Jasper insisted on sending the emotionally distraught Liana home rather than letting her stay the night to care for him, as it was still inappropriate due to his ongoing divorce from Alice.

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