Slumdog Billionaire Husband Chapter Summary

Slumdog Billionaire Husband

Slumdog Billionaire Husband by  Rayden Berg revolves around the story of Gerald Kenneth, a construction worker in Los Angeles who is struggling financially. After getting fired from his job, he discovers that he has a bank account with $200 million at the mysterious New Bank. However, his wealthy ex-wife Vivian and her sister Irene do not believe that the money belongs to him. This causes conflict between Gerald and his ex-wife’s family.

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As Gerald tries to prove that he is indeed a wealthy client of New Bank, he begins regaining his lost memories from his past. He remembers that he came from a rich family in Sacramento. At age 18, he met and married Vivian, who was from a wealthy family. However, over time they grew apart due to differences in social class. Gerald worked hard and bought a house, but Vivian filed for divorce. This leads to Gerald’s downward spiral financially before his surprising discovery of wealth from the New Bank.

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Book TitleSlumdog Billionaire Husband
Author Rayden Berg
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Billionaire Romance
Tags Son in Law

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Slumdog Billionaire Husband PDF

Slumdog Billionaire Husband PDF

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Slumdog Billionaire Husband Chapter 1

Gerald Kenneth worked at a construction site carrying heavy bags of cement. He aimed to earn $64 by moving a truckload to the designated spot that morning. A mysterious short-haired woman approached him and claimed he was actually the leader of a secret organization called Night Watch. She said he had been their strongest weapon but disappeared on a special mission three years ago, and had since lost his memory in the ensuing injuries.

Gerald brushed her off, saying he just wanted to focus on his work. However, he acknowledged having no memories from before the last three years. The woman was shocked to see the formerly famous “Slaughterer,” now just a construction worker. She felt disappointed seeing him reduced to carrying cement, when he used to be renowned as Night Watch’s most powerful force.

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Slumdog Billionaire Husband Chapter 2

Gerald ran into the New Bank, a mysterious bank that only accepted deposits over $1.6 million and catered exclusively to wealthy clients due to its high levels of secrecy. However, as soon as he entered, the security guard stopped him, questioning what business he could possibly have there since he was clearly not rich. The guard assumed Gerald was a trespasser since most of the bank’s clients drove luxury cars and wore famous brands, unlike Gerald who had no money on him.

Inside the bank, Gerald approached a teller hoping to access funds. However, the guard’s words echoed in his mind, realizing someone in his position would never be seen as a legitimate client. Facing skepticism from the staff, Gerald struggled to explain his situation and prove he had a right to conduct business at New Bank. It seemed his poor appearance worked against him in the elite world of high finance.

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Slumdog Billionaire Husband Chapter 3

Slumdog Billionaire Husband Chapter 3

Gerald gasped as he saw the astronomical balance of 200 million dollars on his new Diamond Card. As a construction worker who earned only 64 dollars a day, the large sum was unbelievable. Keira reminded Gerald that as a Diamond Card holder he had access to sufficient funds and many privileges, but he paid no attention. Countless ideas began bubbling in his mind as he now believed the card contained real money. He thought of revealing his newfound wealth to his ex-wife Irene and daughter Mary, who had kicked him out and taken the house, hooking up with a rich man instead.

As the balance on his new credit card was a staggering 200 million dollars, far more than Gerald had ever seen as a construction worker earning a meager 64 dollars daily. While Keira explained the privileges that came with being a Diamond Card holder, Gerald’s focus was only on the astronomical figure before him. Various plans began occurring to him, including the prospect of showing up his ex-wife Irene and daughter Mary, who had previously discarded him in favor of a wealthy man.

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Slumdog Billionaire Husband Chapter 4

Vivian and Irene kicked Gerald out of their home and finalized their divorce. Gerald had signed the divorce papers that morning after Vivian and her mother threw his belongings out of the house. This came as a shock to Trevon, who was unaware that Gerald and Vivian had separated.

While Trevon felt frustrated that Gerald’s impulsive confrontation with Simeon would prevent them from continuing construction work in Los Angeles, he did not blame Gerald for their inability to recoup payment. Instead, Trevon offered to let Gerald stay with him, showing he remained supportive of his friend despite Gerald now being left without a place to live after the divorce.

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Slumdog Billionaire Husband Chapter 5

Vivian and Irene continued arguing with Gerald about money and chores. When Vivian demanded Gerald pay for her wrecked motorcycle and clean up dropped papers, he chose to leave with Trevon rather than engage further. Gerald was frustrated with always having to provide for Vivian and Irene while they showed him no respect. He felt they took advantage of him as a pushover. After they had walked away, Trevon questioned if Gerald would really let the situation pass, seeing how angry he was. Gerald vented his anger at having to work hard for them only to still be disrespected when home.

The argument between Gerald, Vivian and Irene escalated over money and household responsibilities. When Vivian demanded compensation and more work from Gerald as he tried to leave, he chose to walk away with Trevon instead of continuing to engage. Gerald expressed frustration to Trevon at having to financially support and do chores for Vivian and Irene while receiving no respect in return, feeling they took advantage of him.

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Slumdog Billionaire Husband Chapter 6

Gerald was kicked out of his home by his ex-wife Mary after a heated argument. He stayed at his friend Trevon’s place that night. The next day, Keira called Gerald with good news that she had successfully negotiated acquiring another company, Glory World, for $30.4 million. This saved Gerald a significant amount of money.

The following morning, Gerald took the subway to Glory World’s office to finalize the acquisition contract signing. However, when he arrived at Glory World’s large six-story office building, the security guard stopped him at the entrance and questioned his presence.

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Slumdog Billionaire Husband Chapter 7

Duncan was stunned when Bailey told him he was fired without any warning. Beside him, Vivian was also slightly stunned before a faint smile appeared on her lips. For her, Duncan was just a backup.

When Duncan asked Bailey what was going on, Bailey glanced at him indifferently and explained their company had been acquired. The new young boss’s first order was to fire Duncan, and there was nothing Bailey could do. Duncan wanted to ask more but Bailey had already turned away, implying Duncan knew who he had offended to deserve being fired.

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Slumdog Billionaire Husband Chapter 8

Slumdog Billionaire Husband Chapter 8

Gerald’s memories returned to him. He was born in Sacramento as the young heir of the wealthy Kenneth family, though they were only a side branch. At 18, Gerald joined the Night Watch and showed great martial arts talent, becoming Watchman No. 1 within three years and earning the Medal of Star Glory.

Three years ago, Gerald and two other Watchmen were sent on a secret mission to Los Angeles, but were ambushed by enemies. Watchman No. 7 died while Gerald and Watchman No. 2 fought to escape, but Gerald took the mission item and slaughtered their way out before fainting from his injuries.

Gerald, Watchman No. 2, and Watchman No. 7 had received a secret mission that brought them to Los Angeles. However, they were ambushed by enemies during the mission. Watchman No. 7 was killed in the initial attack while Gerald and Watchman No. 2 fought to break free. Gerald managed to take the mission item and kill many enemies as he fled the ambush, but eventually collapsed from his wounds after making his escape.

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Slumdog Billionaire Husband Chapter 9

Gerald eagerly began eating the lavish spread at the exclusive banquet, much to the amusement of the wealthy attendees. While most socialized in small groups holding wine glasses, Gerald was focused solely on enjoying the food. Keira did not seem embarrassed by Gerald’s behavior and kept him company as he ate.

Soon after, Adriel arrived at the event with Irene and Matthew. Seeing Gerald eating alone from afar, Matthew disparagingly remarked on Gerald’s lack of sophistication. However, Keira remained undisturbed and continued her conversation with Gerald, disregarding the curious and judgmental looks from the other elite guests.

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Slumdog Billionaire Husband Chapter 10

Matthew left the banquet hall embarrassed after Bradley openly humiliated him. Bradley smiled and said he would return later, leaving the others to enjoy themselves. Audrey remained at the hall while Matthew departed.

The banquet hall regained its lively atmosphere after Bradley and Matthew left. Audrey was surrounded by young people, and everyone began discussing what had happened with Matthew and Gerald. However, Irene frowned as she watched from the side. Though Matthew constantly exposed Gerald’s flaws, Gerald remained calm throughout and Irene was displeased she did not see him humiliated as she had hoped.

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