No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost Chapter Summary

No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost

No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost revolves around Elisa Bennett, who gets divorced by her husband Gareth Wickam after he decides to marry his cousin Linda instead. The novel follows Elisa as she comes to terms with her divorce and builds a new life and career for herself as an independent woman.

Elisa initially struggles with her emotions after the sudden divorce but is eventually able to accept her new reality. She focuses on her work and finds peace living alone. However, Gareth continues to cause trouble in her life. Elisa also receives support from her grandmother Julia, who disapproves of Gareth’s actions. Though the divorce was difficult, Elisa is determined to move forward as a strong woman without relying on a man.

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Book TitleNo Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel | Joyread
Genres Romance
Tags Sweet Love, Love Between Exes, Fated Love, Second Chance, Rich, Lawyer, Doctor, Kickass Heroine, Independent, Innocent, Sweet, Possessive

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No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost PDF

No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost PDF

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No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost Chapter 1

Gareth returned home late to find Elisa. He demanded that she sign the divorce agreement, as he had promised his cousin would become the new Mrs. Wickam now that she had regained consciousness after a month. Elisa expected this turn of events but still asked Gareth bitterly if he didn’t believe her side of the story.

Gareth sneered and accused Elisa of always being greedy and vain, saying he had no reason to believe her claims. He insisted she sign to finalize the divorce, saying the villa would be hers as a parting gift so she would leave with something at least.

Elisa saw that Gareth had already signed the agreement on his part, leaving her as the only remaining party. Her breath caught in her throat and her eyes welled with tears momentarily on seeing this. However, she quickly regained her composure and looked defiantly back at Gareth, unwilling to show further weakness or sign right away.

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No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost Chapter 2

Elisa and Charli sat in a café discussing a potential case. Charli explained that she could not accept the case due to the parties involved. Elisa listened intently as Charli spoke, her eyes darkening in consideration.

Charli revealed that the parties were both big shots in the business world. The requesting party was Mr. Darcey, whose rival for the case was Elisa’s own husband. Upon hearing this, Elisa’s breath quickened. Charli expressed her regret at having to turn down such a large sum in legal fees. It was unclear what Elisa was thinking as she silently played on her phone. Charli believed Elisa seemed sad by the situation.

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No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost Chapter 3

No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost Chapter 3

Gareth threatened Elisa while Linda watched delighted. When Linda pleaded for them not to fight, Elisa saw through Linda’s act and accused her of sending disgusting messages. Linda denied this while Gareth sided with Linda. Elisa then proposed divorce so they could marry others, realizing Gareth and Linda were still not divorced despite Gareth’s claims.

When Linda offered to leave so she wouldn’t cause issues, Gareth coldly told Elisa his assistant would contact her about the divorce. He chased after Linda while Charli felt indignant for Elisa. Elisa asked Charli if Gareth would lose tens of billions in a lawsuit, then said she wanted Charli to contact their lawyer Will Darcey to work on the case, implying she wanted revenge through the legal battle rather than out of hatred for Gareth.

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No Chance Of Remarriage: Get Lost Chapter 4

Elisa woke up feeling calm after accepting her breakup with Gareth. She enjoyed her French breakfast without accommodation. Charli informed her that the head of Darcey Group’s legal department wanted to meet her.

At the meeting place, Elisa greeted Corey Wilson, who was surprised to see her. She revealed her identity as Iris, further astonishing Corey. They began discussing the case while unaware that Gareth was watching jealously from his car. He did not know Corey and grew furious seeing Elisa smile at the man, feeling more frustrated than ever before.

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No Chance Of Remarriage: Get Lost Chapter 5

Gareth became angry when he saw the watch Elisa had repaired for him, throwing it onto the dressing table and telling her to throw it out. Elisa indifferently told him to toss it then. Enraged by her indifference and believing she had found another man, Gareth grabbed Elisa’s wrist demanding to know if she had agreed to the divorce to be with someone else.

At the manor, Elisa questioned why Gareth now insisted she visit his grandmother when he had always made excuses to prevent her visits before. Gareth sneered, saying his grandmother cared for Elisa and wanted to see her. Elisa cared for the grandmother, who had treated her well unlike others in the family.

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No Chance Of Remarriage: Get Lost Chapter 6

Elisa looked at Julia with astonishment as Julia offered to punish Gareth and break his legs if he mistreated Elisa again. It seemed Grandma only knew of Elisa’s past sufferings but not yet of the divorce. Julia scolded Gareth for his sullen expression and asked when he would give her grandchildren. Gareth controlled his expression but said he wouldn’t dare disobey.

At dinner, Julia pulled Elisa to the table and said if Gareth didn’t like the food, he could leave and never return. She generously served Elisa but Gareth was abandoned at the end of the table. Julia grew agitated and slammed her hand down, telling Gareth he should cherish Elisa instead of spending time with the cunning Linda at the hospital. Gareth said Linda saved his life but Julia said Linda was deceiving him. Elisa smiled mockingly at Gareth, knowing he thought she had told Grandma about Linda.

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No Chance Of Remarriage: Get Lost Chapter 7

Elisa looked up stunned when Gareth helped her open the car door. Julia urged Elisa into the car, while Elisa insisted Julia return home as it was getting late. Once Julia left, Elisa sighed that she needed to buy a car for transportation.

Inside the car, Gareth remained sullen and did not speak. When Elisa asked him to stop the car after turning away from Julia’s view, Gareth scoffed and accused her of meeting another man. Elisa sneered and said she would continue pestering him about the divorce if he did not finalize it soon. Gareth suddenly locked the car door when Elisa tried to leave, and snorted coldly at her, suspicious that she had tattled about him to Julia.

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No Chance Of Remarriage: Get Lost Chapter 8

Elisa felt more relaxed living alone and focused on developing her career rather than thinking about Gareth. She slept soundly that night while Gareth tossed in his bed, kept awake by memories of Elisa mocking him. He worked through the night and looked exhausted, terrifying his employees in a video conference.

The following morning, Charli called Elisa about meeting with Will Darcey, who was unaware of her true identity when they previously met. Though worried, Charli drove Elisa to the restaurant. There, Elisa saw Will playing a mobile game while dressed professionally. He looked up at her approach.

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No Chance Of Remarriage: Get Lost Chapter 9

Will was shocked to learn that Elisa was now going by Iris and that she was divorced from Gareth Wickam. Iris extended her hand in introduction, saying she hoped they could work well together on the important case for Will’s company, Darcey Group. Though skeptical about her sudden divorce, Will believed that with elite lawyer Vincent Shane representing Gareth, no one but Iris could help him win the case. Their head-to-head battle in court was highly anticipated. Charli backed Iris, saying she had no reason to sabotage Will for her ex-husband given Vincent’s skill. Will seemed to agree but did not rush into business discussions, instead inviting them to lunch. During the meal, he inquired politely about Iris’s divorce from Gareth, their previously close relationship surprising given the sudden change.

Will was surprised to learn that his contact Elisa was now going by Iris and divorced from her husband Gareth Wickam. While skeptical of the sudden change in her personal life, he believed that with Gareth represented by the elite lawyer Vincent Shane, only Iris could help him win the important case for his company against Gareth given Vincent’s skill and reputation. Their head-to-head battle in court was anticipated to be highly competitive.

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No Chance Of Remarriage: Get Lost Chapter 10

Elisa casually told Will that they could win their case. Will believed her despite warnings that she should not be underestimated. Elisa proposed going to their client Mr. Morris’s upcoming birthday banquet together, surprising Will. However, she arranged to meet at Will’s home rather than be picked up, further intriguing him.

Charli was worried about Elisa accompanying notorious player Will to the event. She tried to warn Elisa by kicking her under the table, but Elisa did not react. Will and Elisa discussed delaying taking their case to court until after the banquet for added drama. Elisa agreed to leave the timing to Will and took her leave, with Charli concerned about their secretive plans.

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