The Rejected Werewolf Princess by Didiadeyemi Chapter Summary

The Rejected Werewolf Princess by Didiadeyemi

The Rejected Werewolf Princess by Didiadeyemi by author name Didiadeyemi revolves around Princess Amelia, a werewolf born to the royal family who is shunned by her kingdom for her curse. Despite her father’s love, she faces discrimination. On her 16th birthday, a suitor’s arrival could save or end her lonely life in the forest where she resides, exiled from her home.

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Book TitleThe Rejected Werewolf Princess by Didiadeyemi
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresAlpha, WereWolf
TagsAlpha, Didiadeyemi, Camilla and crux Novel Story

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The Rejected Werewolf Princess by Didiadeyemi PDF

The Rejected Werewolf Princess by Didiadeyemi PDF

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The Rejected Werewolf Princess by Didiadeyemi Chapter 1

The runt Camilla turned eighteen but did not receive her wolf like others. She worked as a stripper at a werewolf club where the owner Rick exploited most of her profits. Rick told Camilla some powerful people requested a private dance and it would pay her two hundred dollars, more than she usually earned.

Camilla agreed and went to the private room but was shocked to find her bullies Lisa, Peter and Chris inside. They made her dance naked on the pole. Then the door opened and Camilla smelled an unfamiliar but familiar scent, realizing it was her mate.

However, her mate turned out to be Tyson Woods, future alpha and leader of the bullies. Tyson rejected Lisa, who had hoped to be his mate. Everyone was stunned to see Camilla was Tyson’s mate instead due to their low status.

Chris found it amusing and said he had paid for Camilla’s time so he could have fun with her. Tyson agreed, humiliating Camilla further. She endured a two hour private dance with Chris and Peter touching her as Tyson made out with Lisa.

At the end, Chris hinted he would visit more to see Camilla dance, trying to provoke Tyson. Tyson rejected Camilla as his mate in front of everyone to preserve his pride after the humiliation of being mated to the lowly runt.

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The Rejected Werewolf Princess by Didiadeyemi Chapter 2

The protagonist finds their mate Tyson at a club but he rejects them, severing their bond. Heartbroken, they flee to their small storage room where they break down crying. Later while buying food, Chris winks at them ominously. That night, Tyson bursts into their room drunk and high on wolf’s bane.

Though the protagonist begs him not to, Tyson overpowers and rapes them against the wall. In pain and tears, the protagonist asks why this was needed after being rejected, to which Tyson replies they are still mates so their body belongs to him regardless.

The chapter leaves the protagonist a weeping heap on the floor, having lost their innocence in the most traumatic way to the one who cast them aside.

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The Rejected Werewolf Princess by Didiadeyemi Chapter 3

The omegan protagonist had endured a terrible ordeal the night before at the hands of Tyson, the future Alpha of her pack. Still sore and in pain, she was forced to go to work where Lisa, Tyson’s mate, tormented her in front of others.

Rumors quickly spread around the pack about what happened. At an emergency pack meeting called by the Alpha, Tyson publicly declared the rumors untrue and that Lisa was his true mate. He said the rumors were started by an obsessed omega and that the instigator would be punished.

Humiliated and unable to bear the stares and whispers anymore, the protagonist decided to run away from the pack. However, Tyson could still smell her scent and organized others to search for her, intending to punish her further.

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The Rejected Werewolf Princess by Didiadeyemi Chapter 4

The female wolf fled her abusive pack leader Tyson, pushing herself to run until she reached the border of her territory. Exhausted, she stopped by a tree only to encounter two border patrol wolves from a different pack. When they discovered her on their land, they dragged her back to their pack and threw her into a cell.

As she screamed, their alpha arrived and commanded them to release her from the cell. To her shock, he declared her as his new mate, having felt their bond form so quickly despite just meeting. The chapter showed her desperate escape from her abusive past pack and the sudden turn her life took upon encountering the alpha of the new territory.

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The Rejected Werewolf Princess by Didiadeyemi Chapter 5

Ryker Caine, the feared Alpha of the Blood Stone pack, discovers Camilla injured in his territory and takes her back to his estate. There, his personal doctor Lucy examines Camilla’s badly injured feet and provides medical treatment. It is revealed that Camilla lacks wolf abilities due to being a rare purebred omega.

Ryker loans Camilla clothes and insists she rest to heal. Camilla is wary of Ryker due to his fearsome reputation for brutality, but he clarifies his name is Ryker, not Alpha. Ryker admits he did not want a mate but cannot reject Camilla in her condition.

Despite Camilla’s wish to leave once healed, Ryker declares the estate is now her new home in the Blood Stone pack.

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The Rejected Werewolf Princess by Didiadeyemi Chapter 6

Ryker tells Camilla that she will stay in his pack despite him not wanting a mate originally. She questions this and he avoids answering directly. At dinner, Camilla eats alone and gets lost trying to find a servant. Her bandages come loose and she bleeds, leaving marks around the room.

When Ryker finds out, he cleans and rebandages her feet himself. Camilla admits to running from her rejecting mate, Tyson. Ryker questions her further but she does not elaborate. He ensures she eats some fruit, which she enjoys, and says her bag will be returned in the morning.

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The Rejected Werewolf Princess by Didiadeyemi Chapter 7

It was a restless night for the young woman as she tossed and turned, unable to find sleep in the large, soft bed provided in Ryker’s home. In the morning, she heard footsteps outside her door and rushed to make the bed before Ryker entered.

However, he was angered to find her cleaning and scolded her for not resting her injured foot as instructed. Ryker’s frustration mounted as he yelled at her, causing the woman to flinch in fear. But he quickly left, realizing he had frightened her.

A maid then helped the woman dress in unfamiliar leggings and silk top, tightening an uncomfortable corset around her. Ryker returned with the nurse Lucy, who checked the woman’s foot and provided supplements to aid healing. Though Ryker watched as she ate, he apologized for his earlier behavior and gifted the woman soft fur slippers to ease her pain.

His kindness was unfamiliar to her after a life of hardship.

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The Rejected Werewolf Princess by Didiadeyemi Chapter 8

Camilla continued avoiding Ryker, the Alpha who claimed her as his mate. She has been living in his house for a week but he hasn’t explained his intentions. Camilla wishes to return to her previous pack where she could predict Alpha Tyson’s behavior, rather than navigate Ryker’s unclear motives.

That day, Ryker agreed to take Camilla into the pack lands after she showed her feet had healed. During the tense carriage ride, Camilla felt overwhelmed by Ryker’s domineering presence. At the pack house, Ryker’s touch on her back caused unexpected reactions in both of them.

In his office, Ryker promised never to tower over Camilla again, aware of how it made her feel powerless. He was about to explain something when his second-in-command Lauren arrived, cutting Ryker off and introducing herself to a surprised Camilla.

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The Rejected Werewolf Princess by Didiadeyemi Chapter 9

Lauren, Ryker’s head general and apparent lover, is introduced to Camilla. Lauren is hostile towards Camilla when she learns Ryker has claimed her as his mate. Ryker orders Lauren to guard Camilla, straining their relationship further. Camilla realizes Ryker and Lauren’s intimate past.

During a carriage ride, Camilla refuses to acknowledge Ryker due to her discomfort around him and his ability to command her obedience. She explores the estate alone to avoid Ryker. That night, Ryker confronts Camilla about ignoring him. She admits to flinching around him due to past trauma.

Ryker feels guilty for worsening her trauma and promises to do better. He leaves Camilla confused by his change in demeanor.

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The Rejected Werewolf Princess by Didiadeyemi Chapter 10

The main character woke up expecting servants to attend to her, but realized she had become too accustomed to that lifestyle. She struggled to dress herself, still disliking having to wear a corset. While getting dressed, she noticed her old bag from before living in the mansion but decided not to get rid of it.

In the kitchen, she was surprised to see Lauren, who was tasked with watching over her. Lauren was cold and dismissive towards her. At breakfast, Lauren confronted her, making it clear she saw the main character as a threat and saying Ryker did not truly want her.

She implied Ryker and her had been intimate all over the house. Lauren grew furious when she noticed the slippers Ryker had gifted the main character, demanding she take them off. Later, when Ryker asked about the slippers, Lauren lied and said the main character gave them to her willingly.

Ryker believed Lauren. After he left, Lauren threatened the main character to always remember her place. The main character was upset to lose the one gift that was truly hers.

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