The Hockey Star’s Remorse by Riley Above Story Chapter Summary

The Hockey Star’s Remorse by Riley Above Story

The Hockey Star’s Remorse by Riley Above Story revolves around a nerd who had a one-night stand with a notorious bad boy, only to find out it was part of a dare. Years later, the bad boy, now a rising hockey star, apologizes to the nerd, named Evie, on national television, causing a social media frenzy.

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Book TitleThe Hockey Star’s Remorse by Riley Above Story
AuthorRiley Above Story
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresRomance, Riley Above Story, Evie
TagsDrama, Love, Romance

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The Hockey Star’s Remorse by Riley Above Story PDF

The Hockey Star’s Remorse by Riley Above Story PDF

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The Hockey Star’s Remorse by Riley Above Story Chapter 1

The chapter opens with a portrait of a confident man in a denim shirt, standing in a backyard. He is wearing a yellow t-shirt and appears to be relaxed and at ease in his surroundings. The man’s posture and expression convey a sense of self-assurance, suggesting he is comfortable in his own skin.

As the scene unfolds, the man moves around the backyard, taking in his surroundings. He seems to be contemplating something, his gaze focused and thoughtful. The backyard itself is well-maintained, with lush greenery and a sense of tranquility. Suddenly, the man’s attention is drawn to a specific area of the yard, and he approaches it with a renewed sense of purpose.

It becomes clear that he is examining something or someone in this particular spot, his expression shifting to one of curiosity and perhaps even a hint of concern. The chapter ends with the man still engaged in this focused observation, leaving the reader to wonder what has captured his interest and where the story might lead next.

The overall tone of the chapter is one of introspection and a subtle sense of mystery, hinting at the deeper complexities that may lie beneath the confident exterior of the protagonist.

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The Hockey Star’s Remorse by Riley Above Story Chapter 2

Evie, a shy and studious student, is invited to a party hosted by the popular Timothy Hayes. Despite her reservations, she goes and ends up sleeping with Timothy. Afterwards, Evie overhears Timothy and his friends discussing how he had made a deal to sleep with her, using her.

Devastated, Evie returns Timothy’s jersey and decides to move on, focusing on her own goals. Years later, Evie is working as a waitress to make ends meet while doing an internship at a law firm. While working, she sees Timothy on TV, a now-famous hockey player, and the old feelings of anger and hurt resurface.

Determined to put the past behind her, Evie resolves to focus on her own life and priorities, rather than dwelling on her past with Timothy.

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The Hockey Star’s Remorse by Riley Above Story Chapter 3

Evie, a waitress, was setting up tables for a private event when she was called by a rude woman named Stella. Stella, who was celebrating her boyfriend Timothy Hayes’ hockey victory, threw wine in Evie’s face, humiliating her. Timothy, feeling embarrassed by Stella’s behavior, tried to apologize to Evie, but she rejected his attempts and fled the restaurant.

Outside, Evie’s heel got stuck in a grate, and Timothy rushed to help her, reminding Evie of their past. Evie pushed him away, still harboring resentment towards him. She wished she was more prepared to confront him, but she decided to focus on her own goals instead of worrying about Timothy.

Evie went home, tried to forget about the encounter, and resolved to keep her head focused on her dreams of becoming a top-tier lawyer.

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The Hockey Star’s Remorse by Riley Above Story Chapter 4

The chapter begins with Evie and her colleague Jasper being called into their boss’s office. The boss informs them that only one of them can keep their internship, and the one who brings in the next big client will get to stay.

Jasper, who comes from a wealthy family, is confident in his ability to secure a client, while Evie struggles to find any prospects. As the day ends, Evie feels defeated, having failed to find a client. However, she receives a call from her best friend Aria, who is distraught after being dumped by her boyfriend.

Evie comforts Aria and invites her over, where they vent about their problems with men. Aria, who has a crush on a popular basketball player named Timothy Hayes, convinces Evie to attend a Thunderbolts game with her as a birthday present.

Despite her anxiety about being near her “mortal enemy” Jasper, Evie agrees to go to the game with Aria, hoping to provide her friend with the support she needs during this difficult time.

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The Hockey Star’s Remorse by Riley Above Story Chapter 5

Evie is frustrated with her coworker Jasper, who is boasting about landing a big client for the firm. Jasper taunts Evie about potentially losing her job, but she retaliates by hinting at his nepotistic connections. Evie’s boss, Mr. Erickson, then calls her into his office and warns her that she needs to bring in a client or else she will be let go.

Evie rushes to meet her friend Aria at a hockey game, but she is overwhelmed by the appearance of the team captain, Timothy Hayes, whom she has a history with. During a fight on the ice, Timothy makes eye contact with Evie, and she tries to avoid him.

After the game, Timothy finds Evie and questions her about why she left him six years ago. Evie dodges the question and asks him to show her the bathroom, but once there, she escapes through a window, determined to put distance between them.

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The Hockey Star’s Remorse by Riley Above Story Chapter 6

Evie, a young woman aspiring to be a lawyer, is facing a pivotal moment in her life. She has been working tirelessly to secure an internship, but as the clock winds down, she realizes that she has not been successful. Jasper, a privileged peer, mocks Evie’s efforts, leaving her feeling defeated and questioning her abilities.

Seeking comfort, Evie returns home to find her friend Aria waiting for her. Aria offers Evie some comfort food and they settle in to watch a press conference featuring Timothy Hayes, a renowned hockey player. During the interview, Timothy unexpectedly mentions a past relationship with someone named Evie, leaving both Evie and Aria stunned.

The summary highlights Evie’s struggles to achieve her professional goals, the tension between her and Jasper, and the surprising revelation about her connection to the famous hockey player, Timothy Hayes.

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The Hockey Star’s Remorse by Riley Above Story Chapter 7

In the chapter, Evie and her friend Aria discuss Timothy’s public apology, with Aria finding the situation romantic while Evie remains skeptical. Evie discovers that the media is speculating about Timothy’s mysterious love interest, with some believing it to be his ex-girlfriend Evelyn.

Evie finds the gossip entertaining but doesn’t want to get involved. Later, Aria confronts Evie about her absence from work, and Evie reveals that she has been let go from her law firm. Aria is shocked and urges Evie not to give up on her dream.

Just as they are talking, Evie receives a call from her boss, informing her that she has booked a client meeting. However, when Evie arrives at the meeting, she is stunned to find Timothy Hayes, her former acquaintance, waiting for her.

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The Hockey Star’s Remorse by Riley Above Story Chapter 8

Timothy is surprised to see Evie, his former high school acquaintance, as she appears unhappy to see him. However, he is determined to renegotiate his contract with the team he plays for, the Thunderbolts, and believes Evie can help him with this.

Evie is reluctant and confused by Timothy’s request, but agrees to review his contract. The chapter delves into Timothy’s past, revealing his confident and carefree attitude towards women during his high school days. He had always been the one pursued, never the one rejected.

However, he has been haunted by the memory of a night with Evie, and is seeking closure. When Timothy goes to Evie’s house, he is confronted by her brother Bruce, who mocks him for losing his virginity to Evie. Timothy becomes angry and leaves, determined to channel his frustration into training for the NHL draft.

In the present, Evie meticulously examines Timothy’s contract, much to his frustration. She makes it clear that her help will not be pro-bono, and Timothy wonders why Evie still doesn’t seem impressed by his accomplishments, even after all these years.

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The Hockey Star’s Remorse by Riley Above Story Chapter 9

Evie, an aspiring attorney, is approached by her former high school flame, Timothy, who wants to become her client. Timothy apologizes for his past actions, but Evie is reluctant to accept his apology, not wanting to be seen as a “maiden in distress” or someone Timothy can “save.” Timothy insists on helping Evie, even though she claims she was doing fine.

Evie questions Timothy’s motives, accusing him of having everything fall into his lap, including women and hockey. Timothy tries to convince Evie to accept his apology, but she remains skeptical. Evie is wary of Timothy’s charm and the effect it has on her, fearing she might fall for him again.

Timothy reveals that he needs to get out of a contract, and Evie agrees to help him, but only if he provides her with the details. Timothy hesitates, mentioning a non-disclosure agreement, but Evie reminds him of the lawyer-client confidentiality, assuring him that she cannot share anything he tells her outside the room.

Evie then urges Timothy to tell her what is going on with the management of his team.

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The Hockey Star’s Remorse by Riley Above Story Chapter 10

Timothy Hayes, a professional athlete, confides in Evie about his struggles. He reveals that he has been sidelined for a long time and has been wanting to break his contract, but circumstances have prevented him from doing so. Timothy also mentions that the team manager’s daughter, Stella, has been pursuing him, and he has been turning her down, which has jeopardized his position on the team.

Evie tries to comfort him and offers to help him get out of the contract. Timothy apologizes for Stella’s behavior towards Evie, and Evie assures him that it’s not the first time she’s had wine poured over her. Timothy expresses his desire to leave the team, as he feels his talents would be better appreciated elsewhere.

Evie acknowledges that Timothy is not the same person he was in high school and that he wants something more genuine. However, when Timothy becomes flirtatious with Evie, she reminds him that she is his attorney and that their relationship cannot go beyond that.

Timothy accepts Evie’s decision, and she congratulates him on making it to where he is now, acknowledging his success as a professional athlete.

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