Worthless to Priceless The Alpha’s Rejected Mate Chapter Summary

Worthless to Priceless The Alpha’s Rejected Mate

Worthless to Priceless The Alpha’s Rejected Mate by Ideaink Six Cats revolves around a werewolf tale featuring a character named Amelia who is the ignored daughter of the Alpha. She experiences rejection from her love interest and decides to leave for college in a neighboring pack.

However, she faces danger from a group of wolves sent to get rid of her. In a critical moment, she finds refuge in the pack of the feared Alpha, known as the King of darkness.

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Book TitleWorthless to Priceless The Alpha’s Rejected Mate
AuthorIdeaink Six Cats
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
TagsAlpha, Rejected, Romance, WereWolf, Ideaink Six Cats, Amelia

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Worthless to Priceless The Alpha’s Rejected Mate PDF

Worthless to Priceless The Alpha’s Rejected Mate PDF

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Worthless to Priceless The Alpha’s Rejected Mate Chapter 1

Kademn was out for his morning run when he heard a faint scream in the woods. Following the sound, he came upon a group of rogues whispering amongst themselves. He stealthily approached and quickly killed three of the men. A woman in the woods begged for mercy but tried to seduce him, revealing herself as one of the rogues.

Kademn snapped her wrist and killed her as well. Meanwhile, Amelia had spent the morning in a secret cave, fruitlessly attempting to shift into her wolf form. Frustrated with her lack of progress, she hurried home to get ready for a party with her boyfriend Blake.

After borrowing some of her sister’s clothes and makeup, she anxiously awaited Blake’s arrival, which was running late.

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Worthless to Priceless The Alpha’s Rejected Mate Chapter 2

Amy waited for over half an hour for her boyfriend Blake to pick her up, which was unusual as he was always early. When she finally got in touch with him, he said something important came up and he couldn’t pick her up.

Amy took a expensive taxi to the party her twin sister Brittany was hosting. When she arrived, Brittany’s friends mocked her cheap dress and humiliated her. Amy fled to the balcony to dry her dress after it was ruined. There, she overheard Blake and Brittany professing their secret relationship and Brittany trying to convince Blake to break up with Amy so they could be together publicly.

Brittany told Blake rejecting Amy would help his status in their werewolf pack since Amy lacked wolf traits. Though Blake hesitated, he remained silent rather than denying it. Amy was discovered eavesdropping by Blake and Brittany, with Brittany looking victorious.

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Worthless to Priceless The Alpha’s Rejected Mate Chapter 3

Brittany was dressed elegantly for the occasion in an emerald green dress, while Blake matched her in a tuxedo. Amelia discovered them talking intimately on her birthday. When confronted, Brittany defended her actions, saying she truly wanted Blake and their union would benefit him more.

Blake initially pulled Brittany’s hands away, giving Amelia hope, but then chose Brittany instead. Devastated, Amelia collapsed in tears as her father arrived, approving of Brittany and Blake. Blake carried an unconscious Amelia to her room against Brittany’s wishes. When she woke, Amelia angrily told Blake to leave, hurt by his betrayal and broken promise to her.

Blake tried to explain his choice to be Alpha led him to Brittany, but Amelia refused to listen further, commanding him to get out and never return.

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Worthless to Priceless The Alpha’s Rejected Mate Chapter 4

Blake leaves Amelia’s room after their confrontation on the balcony. As he waits for her to fall asleep, he reflects on how they met and fell in love. Though it pains him, he rejected her to pursue Brittany who can secure his status.

While searching for Brittany and her father, Blake overhears their conversation. Brittany admits to trying to slip Amelia pills daily to prevent her from shifting. Her father scolds her for almost ruining their plans when she failed to do so that day.

Horrified, Blake learns they have been poisoning Amelia for years. He realizes her intense emotions on the balcony were from finally beginning to shift, and her father darted her to stop it. Blake is stunned by their betrayal and despicable actions against their own family member.

He decides he must warn Amelia about the danger and reveal the truth, though it will hurt her again after their earlier confrontation.

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Worthless to Priceless The Alpha’s Rejected Mate Chapter 5

Amelia woke up with a headache after the events of her disastrous birthday party. She cried as she remembered Blake leaving her for her sister Brittany. Blake came to her room to warn her that she was no longer safe at home and needed to leave immediately.

Amelia was reluctant to trust him after what happened. Her father came to her room and dismissed her tears over Blake. He offered to let Amelia leave for a neighboring pack’s college, claiming he didn’t want to see her hurting. Amelia accepted, and her father helped her pack.

He gave her his car keys and money for her journey. Once Amelia left, Gregory called his beta and reported that Amelia had run away, stealing his car and money. He declared Amelia a rogue, knowing the neighboring pack would kill her as she was a subdued wolf unable to explain her status.

Gregory smiled, having orchestrated Amelia’s removal from the pack.

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Worthless to Priceless The Alpha’s Rejected Mate Chapter 6

Caleb wakes up to find his sister Clara distraught over a vision she’s had. Clara is a seer who can see through the eyes of birds and often receives warnings or glimpses of the future. She tells Caleb that she saw an alpha’s daughter stripped of her identity and cast out of her pack.

Caleb goes to speak with his friend Kaden, the alpha of their pack, about Clara’s vision. Kaden is initially dismissive as he does not want to get involved in other families’ issues. Caleb then goes to find Clara in the gardens, where she spends much of her time with the birds.

Clara explains to Caleb that the girl’s father is a terrible man who wants her dead. Clara then has another vision, convulsing violently as she sees through the eyes of the birds. After she comes out of it, Clara tearfully tells Caleb that the girl does not know her father has sent warriors to kill her, and she is now alone in the wilderness.

Caleb comforts his distraught sister, worried for the fate of the nameless girl.

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Worthless to Priceless The Alpha’s Rejected Mate Chapter 7

Caleb came to the alpha’s office in a panic after receiving a disturbing vision from his mate Clara. She had seen the Alpha’s daughter being chased by rogues, the same ones that had been attacking their pack. The alpha, frustrated by issues with his mother and wolf, agreed to help deal with the rogues as a way to vent his anger.

Caleb led the alpha to the border area where Clara said the daughter would be. Though skeptical, the alpha spotted the girl’s damaged car as she tried to evade the pursuing rogues through the trees. His wolf stirred angrily at the sight of the rogues.

When they caught up to the chase, the alpha shifted seamlessly into his wolf form with a loud growl. He prepared to rip the heads from the rogues to protect the alpha’s daughter and satisfy his and his wolf’s mutual dislike of rogues.

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Worthless to Priceless The Alpha’s Rejected Mate Chapter 8

Amelia drove through the forest, still reeling from the betrayal of her family. She thought about Blake’s warning and wondered what he meant, still not understanding his motives. As she drove in silence, birds started landing on her car. She fed them bread from her car to appease them, finding comfort in their company in her loneliness.

She soon heard twigs snapping behind her car. At first she didn’t see anything, but then a werewolf collided with her windshield. Terrified, she sped up sharply to throw it off. Knowing her family sent the wolves, she drove faster than ever toward the isolated Darkfang pack, despite rumors of their alpha being a monster.

Following a guide bird through the forest, more wolves chased her. She hit one with her car but birds distracted it, attacking simultaneously. Nearing the pack borders, she prayed for help. Then she saw the enormous alpha wolf attacking the wolves pursuing her with brutal ferocity, surprising her with his strength.

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Worthless to Priceless The Alpha’s Rejected Mate Chapter 9

Kaden saved a girl from rogue wolves and felt an immediate bond with her. His wolf side took over in her presence and wanted to pursue her, but she drove off in fear. Kaden followed at a distance to ensure her safety.

The girl crashed her car, and Kaden rushed over to find her injured but alive. He cleaned her wound then washed the blood from his hands in a nearby pond, feeling uneasy about her blood on his skin. When the girl awoke, she saw Kaden emerging from the lake, taken aback by his powerful physique covered in tattoos.

Recognizing him as the pack’s alpha, her wolf wanted to submit but she fled in fear instead as he analyzed her like prey.

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Worthless to Priceless The Alpha’s Rejected Mate Chapter 10

Kaden wanted to clean off the blood before meeting his mate so as not to scare her. While underwater clearing his head, her scent hit him strongly. She smelled of berries, flowers and an intoxicating underlying scent. Her eyes were wide with rapid breathing when she saw him.

Kaden noted her curves and rounded hips as she ran from him again, frustrating him. Her scent left him aroused and desperate to chase her. He contacted Caleb for help finding the girl, worried she would leave the woods. Caleb agreed to search south of the lake as directed.

Though curious about Kaden’s interest, Caleb promised to bring the girl to him. Kaden trusted Caleb’s spy network would find his mate and returned reluctantly to the pack.

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