Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa Chapter Summary

Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa

The story of Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa follows the story of Alaria D’Angelo, who, despite being loyal and devoted, finds herself forced into a divorce she doesn’t want. Her husband, Alpha Enzo, seems cold and distant, leaving her heartbroken. However, when Enzo discovers that Alaria is carrying his child, the dynamics of their relationship take a dramatic turn. The story explores themes of loyalty, family, and the complexities of love amidst challenging circumstances.

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Book Title Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa
Author Ls Barbosa
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Genres WereWolf, Ls Barbosa
Tags WereWolf

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Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa PDF

Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa PDF

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Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa Chapter 1

In this chapter, Alaria confronts her husband, Alpha Enzo, with divorce papers. Despite her pleas to understand the reason behind his sudden decision, Enzo remains cold and indifferent. He offers Alaria a substantial sum of money, five million dollars, in exchange for her signature on the divorce papers.

Alaria is hurt and confused, but realizes that Enzo is determined to end their marriage. She eventually signs the papers, acknowledging that she cannot fight his decision. As Alaria leaves Enzo’s office, he instructs his subordinates to keep an eye on her, concerned that she might speak to the press about the divorce.

Alaria, deeply affected by the situation, reflects on her loyalty to Enzo, which she believes cannot be bought. She turns her attention to her unborn child, promising to be the best mother possible, despite the challenges they face.

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Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa Chapter 2

Alaria, the protagonist, returns to the Estate she was once banished from five years ago. In a flashback, it is revealed that Alaria’s marriage to the Alpha was not one of love, and she was expected to provide him with a child, which she failed to do.

Her father, Alpha Mario Venier, ordered her to leave the pack immediately, and she was not even allowed to attend his funeral. Alaria’s son, Ashton, accompanies her, and she reminisces about her time living in the large Estate. Ezio, Alaria’s best friend and backbone, welcomes her back home, calling her “sister.” The reunion between Alaria, Ezio, and Ashton suggests a strong familial bond, despite the painful past events.

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Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa Chapter 3

Enzo, the beta, is worried about the arrival of Alaria, the pack Luna, at the upcoming Alpha ceremony. He instructs his beta, Matias, to keep Alaria and her brother Ezio, the new Alpha, from arguing during the ceremony. Enzo’s wife, Katherine, is displeased when Enzo allows their son Alonso to play in the garden instead of studying immediately.

Enzo reminds Katherine that Alonso is his son too, and that she should not make promises she cannot keep. Enzo informs Katherine that they must attend the Alpha ceremony at the Venier Estate, where Alaria will be present, causing Katherine to tense up.

Enzo expects no problems from Katherine during the event and dismisses her, saying he has other matters to attend to.

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Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa Chapter 4

Alaria, worried about her brother Ezio, asks if he is okay. Ezio smiles, but Alaria can tell it doesn’t reach his eyes. He then turns the question back on her, acknowledging the painful memories this place holds for her. Alaria decides it’s time for Ashton, her son, to meet his father Ashton.

She knows she can’t escape this, and wants her son to at least meet his father, even if the father later chooses not to be in his life. Alaria’s mother arrives and expresses her anger towards Alaria for not fighting the divorce.

She claims Alaria’s ex-husband cheated on her and had a child, and Alaria chose to leave and never visit. The mother berates Alaria, saying she should have fought to secure herself and her child. Ezio growls a warning, but their mother continues, saying Alaria is no longer welcome in the pack or this family.

Alaria stands her ground, saying she made her choices long ago and doesn’t regret them. She points to Ashton playing outside, saying he is the mother’s own grandson, and she should not treat him as a bastard. The mother argues that Alaria’s ex-husband was betrothed to her when he got the other woman pregnant.

Alaria closes her eyes, deciding it’s not worth trying to reason with her mother anymore. She requests that her mother at least keep Ashton’s first meeting with her a good memory, as it may be the last.

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Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa Chapter 5

Enzo was displeased when he saw Katherine wearing a revealing red dress for the ceremony, insisting she change it to look more presentable as the pack’s Luna. Katherine refused, leading to a tense exchange. Enzo also reminded her to keep an eye on their son Alonso during the event.

At the ceremony, Enzo greeted Alpha Ezio, expressing his condolences for the loss of Ezio’s father. When Alaria, Enzo’s ex-wife, approached them, the atmosphere grew tense. Alaria introduced Enzo and Katherine to a young boy, revealing him to be her son, Ashton.

This unexpected revelation left Enzo and Katherine stunned, as they grappled with the implications of Alaria’s announcement.

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Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa Chapter 6

Alaria struggled to avoid Enzo’s gaze as he was shocked to learn about their son Ashton. Ezio tried to give them space to talk, but Enzo’s ex-wife Katherine refused to leave. Alaria took Ashton out to the garden to play with the other kids, knowing her mother would likely be upset about the earlier argument.

Enzo confronted Alaria about calling him a “superhero” in front of Ashton, and Alaria sarcastically responded that she didn’t want her son to know his father was a “douchebag.” Alaria’s mother then approached them, telling Enzo to stay away from her “husband.” Alaria laughed bitterly, but her mother’s anger and Enzo’s closeness to Katherine caused her distress.

Ezio noticed the commotion and asked what was going on, as Enzo rushed to Katherine’s side. Alaria was about to respond when Ashton’s cry caught her attention.

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Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa Chapter 7

Enzo was shocked to learn that Ezio, his ex-wife Alaria’s brother, knew about their son. Ezio accused Enzo of letting Alaria leave and bring in another woman, implying that their son might not be Enzo’s. Katherine questioned the paternity, triggering Enzo’s anger.

Rebekah, Ezio’s mother, intervened and asked them to leave the respected family gathering. Enzo later learned that Alonso, his son, had pushed Ashton, another child, during their play. Alaria had tended to Ashton’s cuts, and Enzo had a conversation with Alonso, explaining the importance of sharing and not being greedy.

Enzo decided to punish Alonso by grounding him for a week, and the two made amends. Enzo then confronted Katherine, warning her not to question his parenting of Alonso again, asserting his authority as the Alpha to educate his son. Katherine hesitated but left the room, leaving Enzo and Alonso alone.

Enzo comforted Alonso and reiterated the consequences of his actions, showing his caring yet firm approach as a father.

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Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa Chapter 8

Alaria, distraught over her father’s recent passing, decides to leave her family’s home, much to the dismay of her brother Ezio. He pleads with her to stay, but Alaria is adamant, feeling unwelcome and worn down by the constant arguments with her mother.

Ezio tries to reason with her, but Alaria stands firm, reminding him that she has been living alone for a long time and is accustomed to it. When their mother intervenes, she offers Alaria the guest room for the night, citing concerns for her son’s safety and the need for an heir within the pack.

Alaria is reluctant to accept, but Ezio convinces her to stay at a hotel instead of driving late at night. Their heated exchange highlights the tension within the family, with Alaria feeling like an outsider in her own home. As the chapter ends, Ezio asks Alaria to agree to stay at a hotel, emphasizing the importance of her resting, despite her initial resistance to remaining in the family’s home.

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Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa Chapter 9

Enzo, the protagonist, is packing his belongings, intent on leaving. His wife, Katherine, confronts him, demanding to know where he is going. Enzo firmly tells her that he does not wish to discuss it, and warns her to leave if she wants to.

Katherine accuses Enzo of treating her like a piece of filth, and questions when the cycle of hate and pain will end. Enzo then reveals that he had previously been engaged to another woman, and that Katherine had hidden her pregnancy from him.

This leads to a heated argument, with Enzo asserting his authority as the pack’s Alpha. Katherine leaves, warning Enzo of the consequences of his actions. Enzo then checks into a hotel, where he is greeted by the manager, who informs him that everything is on the house, courtesy of Silvanus de’Musa.

As Enzo is about to take the elevator, he encounters Ezio, the pack’s Alpha, and his sister Alaria, who are also staying at the hotel, with Ezio’s son Ashton in tow. Enzo and Ezio exchange a brief conversation, hinting at the possibility of further interactions between the two.

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Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa Chapter 10

Alaria met Ezio, her ex-brother-in-law, at a hotel. Ezio was surprised to find Alaria and her son Ashton there. Enzo, Alaria’s brother, also joined them, and there was some tension between him and Ezio. Alaria made it clear that she could handle things her way and didn’t want to be treated like a child.

Enzo noticed that Alaria had kept her ex-husband’s last name, and she explained that she wanted to give it to their son. Ezio was surprised to hear Alaria refer to Ashton as “our son,” and they had a brief discussion about it, which Alaria wanted to avoid in the public lobby.

Ashton woke up and recognized Enzo from the party earlier, and Alaria decided to take him upstairs to their room, ending the conversation with Ezio.

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