Solo Leveling Chapter Summary

solo leveling

Solo Leveling by Chugong revolves around Sung Jin-Woo, an E-rank hunter who risks his life hunting monsters in low-level dungeons to earn a living. While fighting for survival in a particularly difficult hidden dungeon, he receives an unprecedented power and gains a secret ability to level up by completing quests and hunting monsters.

With his newfound power, Jin-Woo trains relentlessly to grow stronger. He rises from being the weakest hunter to becoming the strongest S-rank hunter in the world. Through his journey of self-improvement, he unveils more mysteries surrounding the gate that connects the real world to the monster realm.

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Book TitleI Alone Level-Up
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresAction, Fantasy
Tags Necromancer, Cool Protagonist, Leveling System, Romance, Dungeons

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I Alone Level-Up/ Solo Leveling PDF

I Alone Level-Up/ Solo Leveling PDF

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I Alone Level-Up Chapter 1

I Alone Level-Up Chapter 1

Jin-Woo’s vote would decide the outcome as the count was currently tied at 8 to 8. As the weakest hunter present, Jin-Woo knew his opinion carried little weight. He had nothing to gain from the potential rewards of facing the hidden boss but recognized the others’ need for a profitable raid.

In the end, Jin-Woo cast his vote to proceed into the hidden passageway, breaking the tie. Most of the hunters were eager to defeat the boss themselves rather than lose the rewards to another group. Only Yi Ju-Hui objected, concerned for everyone’s safety without more information. But the decision had been made. The hunters readied themselves to enter the unexplored territory beyond in search of a profitable conclusion to their raid.

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I Alone Level-Up Chapter 2

The Hunters had entered a mysterious dual dungeon that seemed different than normal. Upon reaching the end of the cavern, they discovered a massive stone door blocking the passage. After much deliberation, they pushed onward into an enormous domed chamber that contained a colossal statue of an unknown god sitting upon an equally gigantic throne.

Inside the chamber, the Hunters found it strangely empty of monsters but filled with many smaller stone statues depicting figures holding various objects. Song noticed a magic formation on the floor and called the others over when one Hunter found a statue carrying a stone slate engraved with runes. Song translated that it contained the laws of the temple, called Karutenon, though Ju-Hui appeared deathly pale and gripped Jin-Woo’s arm with concern about what lay ahead.

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I Alone Level-Up Chapter 3

Jin-Woo and the other Hunters found themselves trapped in the temple’s chamber after the large door suddenly closed behind them. When one Hunter tried to force the door open, a stone statue near the entrance swiftly smashed his head, killing him instantly. Panic ensued among the Hunters as they realized the statues were animate and dangerous.

The god statue’s eyes then turned red and shot beams of red light at the Hunters, vaporizing several who were unable to get down in time. Only Jin-Woo’s timely warning allowed some Hunters to survive by getting low to the ground.

In the aftermath, Song tended to his own missing arm while Jin-Woo comforted a frightened Ju-Hui. Another Hunter then attempted to make a run for the door but was struck down by another beam from the god statue.

This confirmed for Jin-Woo that the statues would only attack if someone breached a certain height, relating to the first law “Worship the god” that Song had read aloud. Jin-Woo risked standing to test his theory, narrowly dodging the beam through quick reflexes, and realized movement at low heights was permitted within the chamber.

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I Alone Level-Up Chapter 4

Jin-Woo realized that to satisfy the second law of “exalting the god”, they had to utilize the stone statues that were the only things capable of movement in the chamber. He shouted at the remaining Hunters to run towards the statues holding musical instruments.

Seeing no other option, the Hunters followed Jin-Woo’s instruction as the rampaging god statue and sword-wielding statues continued to claim lives. They rushed towards the statues at the edges of the room holding instruments like flutes and harps. When the Hunters ran near them, the musical statues suddenly came to life just as the others had, much to everyone’s surprise.

The Hunters watched with bated breath as the statues raised their instruments towards the enraged god statue. Surprisingly, the god statue began to slow its rampage as melodic sounds filled the chamber.

The music seemed to pacify its anger, forcing it to a halt. Jin-Woo realized that by triggering the musical statues, they had successfully exalted the god through song, satisfying the second law’s condition. While the situation was still perilous, they now had a temporary reprieve as the key to solving this challenge lay in manipulating the statues as per the chamber’s rules.

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I Alone Level-Up Chapter 5

Song walked over to the newly risen altar with Kim following closely behind. The other hunters watched nervously, unable to intervene due to their injuries. At the altar, Song turned to face his companions, accepting responsibility for bringing the group to their deadly trials.

With a resigned expression, he told Jin-Woo and the others to survive and make it out alive. Kim then raised his sword and ended Song’s life with a single swift strike. Song’s body collapsed to the ground as a sacrifice to whatever power demanded proof of their devotion.

With Song’s death, an ear splitting rumble shook the chamber. The throne of the giant statue slowly lowered back into the ground, taking the altar with it. Whatever final test they faced was now complete. Only Jin-Woo, Kim, and three others remained of the original seventeen hunters who entered the temple, having narrowly survived through cunning and sacrifice.

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I Alone Level-Up Chapter 6

Hunters were stunned when the closed door suddenly opened after six red flames lit up around the altar matching the number of people. Jin-Woo realized this was a trap, with the open doorway as a false hope. He deduced they must remain on the altar until the 36 blue flames circling it went out, which were acting as a timer.

However, two Hunters panicked and fled through the door when statues guarding the chamber crept closer. Each time someone left the altar, a red flame disappeared and the door closed further. With Jin-Woo now unable to stand on his own with one leg, their only hope was to endure until the timer was up, but the dwindling number of protectors on the altar threatened their survival.

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I Alone Level-Up Chapter 7

Jin-Woo and his companions found themselves in a dire situation within the chamber. After Kim abandoned the group, the statues began to close in on the altar. With Ju-Hui injured and unable to move, Jin-Woo convinced Song to take her to safety while he remained behind to hold off the statues.

As death seemed certain, Jin-Woo was offered the chance to become a “Player.” He accepted, and was rescued by an unknown power. Upon waking in the hospital, Jin-Woo discovered his injuries were healed, contrary to what should have occurred. He was left wondering what had transpired and what it meant for him to be a “Player.”

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I Alone Level-Up Chapter 8

Jin-Woo was surprised when two men from the Monitoring Division of the Hunter’s Association approached him in his hospital room. They told him that he had been unconscious for four days following the dungeon raid, and that when rescuers arrived, all traces of the monsters were gone.

The men suspected Jin-Woo had undergone a rare “Re-Awakening,” where a Hunter’s powers greatly increase after their initial awakening. They tested Jin-Woo’s magic energy, but the results showed it was extremely low, even for the lowest rank. Puzzled by this outcome, they quickly left without explanation.

Jin-Woo was confused by these strange events and his seemingly healed injury. He then noticed words floating in front of him, offering unread messages. Unsure of how to access them, he began trying different commands out loud until his sister overheard through the door.

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I Alone Level-Up Chapter 9

Jin-Woo awoke to find himself in a massive desert with no signs of life. Everything around him had turned to fine grains of sand, and even the sky was empty and black. He recalled being asleep in the hospital just moments ago, but now found himself in this strange place with an endless plain of sand in every direction and no breeze or celestial bodies in the sky. Perplexed by his sudden change in surroundings, Jin-Woo sifted the sand between his fingers, trying to understand how he came to be deposited in this desert. He dusted the sand from his clothes, having been flung around violently during the earthquake-like tremors that transported him here.

Jin-Woo frowned heavily as he took in the surreal landscape, calling out in confusion “Just where is this place?” still reeling from the bizarre sequence of events that led to his unexpected arrival in this desolate desert under the empty black sky.

The younger sister Jin-Ah came to check on her older brother Jin-Woo in the hospital after he was injured from a hunter mission. She angrily punched and scolded him for constantly getting hurt, worrying her. Jin-Woo assured her he was alright and that it was important he survived to see her again.

Jin-Ah dreamed of becoming a doctor to help people like their ill mother. Before she left, Jin-Woo asked her gaming advice which revealed the “messages” from the strange system, confusing him further about

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I Alone Level-Up Chapter 10

Jin-Woo had just completed a difficult daily quest of exercises that fully exhausted his body. He was on the verge of collapsing when a reward message appeared, offering full recovery of his physical condition along with additional stat points and a random box.

Eager to regain his strength yet cautious of being punished again, Jin-Woo confirmed collecting the rewards. His condition was instantly restored, leaving him feeling revitalized. Curious about the other rewards, he accepted the added stat points and random box, hoping to learn more about this strange new system driving his daily tasks.

A nurse had found Jin-Woo passed out in his hospital room, completely covered in sand from an unknown event. The doctor examined him but found no cause for his strange condition. Only a small scratch and droplets of blood were noticed, yet when the nurse checked Jin-Woo’s hand, the expected wound was already gone. Puzzled by his mysterious recovery, she could only wonder what had happened to the patient during the night.

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