Alpha Nocurne’s Contracted Mate Chapter Summary

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Alpha Nocurne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell revolves around a woman named Ann who gets betrayed by her fiancé Brad and her sister Ada. In the first paragraph, Ann catches Brad and Ada having s$x right before her wedding. Devastated by the betrayal, she leaves home.

Ann somehow ends up in a popular nightclub district. There, she meets a mysterious man named Alpha Nocturne who reveals he is under a curse that prevents him from finding his true mate. He offers Ann a contracted marriage to help lift the curse and find his true mate, in exchange for protecting her from her family. The novel explores how their relationship develops from this strange arrangement, and if they can lift the curse.

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Book TitleAlpha Nocurne’s Contracted Mate
AuthorA E Randell
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Werewolf Romance
Tags alpha, luna, weak to strong, contract marriage

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Alpha Nocurne’s Contracted Mate PDF

Alpha Nocurne's Contracted Mate PDF

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Alpha Nocurne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 1

Ann discovered her fiancé Brad in bed with her sister Ada the night before their wedding. She had gone to Brad’s room to show him her wedding dress when she heard noises coming from within. Peering through a crack in the slightly open door, she saw Brad and Ada in the midst of intimacy.

Ada noticed Ann and waved with a smug smile. Ann fled in shock and pain, wandering dazed through the city as her heart shattered. Her wolf Maeve was furious but remained silent, communicating her feelings clearly as words were rarely needed between them.

Ann was devastated at the betrayal by her sister and fiancé, who were supposed to be her fated mate as infidelity was extremely rare among shape-shifters who found their perfect match.

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Alpha Nocurne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 2

Ann was overcome with grief over the death of her fiancé Brad at the hands of his sister. She found herself in the city’s club district, reminded of happier times. Her wolf spirit Maeve urged her to drink to numb the pain.

Ann protested that she never drank, but Maeve was insistent. Ann entered a quiet church bar seeking refuge. The doorman mistook her wedding dress for something else, but the manager apologized and offered her drinks to make up for it.

As Ann drank wine and considered calling off the wedding, she heard two men in the bathroom discussing the Alpha’s mysterious curse that prevented him from siring heirs, endangering his pack’s future unless he took a chosen mate. Maeve found amusement in their eavesdropping, but Ann knew they risked being discovered.

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Alpha Nocurne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 3

The man identified as Allen argued with an unseen person about witches possibly sending imposters to take over his pack. As a woman named Ann eavesdropped at the door, it flew open and she stumbled out.

Ann demanded an explanation from the two men in the ladies’ bathroom. A deep-voiced man chuckled at her discomfort and identified himself as Alpha Nocturne, the leader of the pack. He considered killing Ann for overhearing but was intrigued by her boldness. When Ann offered to be his chosen mate to get out of her wedding, Alpha Nocturne saw an opportunity but demanded her final agreement later.

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Alpha Nocurne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 4

Allen, the Alpha of Moon Pack, had contracted Ann to be his mate to lift his pack’s curse. Ann requested that she be allowed to say goodbye to her family, continue her work, and see her friends. Allen agreed to her terms. They signed the contract and Allen, going by Adam in public, took his leave.

After parting ways with Allen and his beta, Ann hurried home to avoid rumors. However, upon entering her family’s mansion, her step-sister Ada loudly announced Ann’s late return to her parents. Ada mocked Ann’s ruined wedding dress, clearly looking to cause a scene. Ann glared at Ada, furious at her attempts to humiliate her in front of their family on the eve of her canceled wedding.

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Alpha Nocurne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 5

Maeve insulted Ada and implied she slept with Brad, Ann’s soul mate. Ann struggled to control her wolf, who wanted to attack Ada for what she did. Maeve snarled angrily, wanting to bite and maim Ada for wrapping herself around another’s mate. Ann managed to regain control over her wolf, glaring coldly at Ada. She told Ada it was unnecessary to sleep with her soul mate just because Ada hated her.

Ada sneered at Ann, calling her “little miss perfect” and vowed to make Ann’s life miserable. Narcissa emerged and stared at Ann, making her feel on display. Brad began advancing toward Ann angrily as Ada feigned trying to stop him, smirking at Ann. Ann glared furiously at the trio, frustrated with the situation.

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Alpha Nocurne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 6

Ada confronted Ann and revealed that Brad had been sleeping with her behind Ann’s back. Ann was devastated to learn that her marriage was a sham and she was merely a title to Brad. Ada gloated that she would take everything from Ann, including marrying Brad. However, Ann maintained her composure and told Ada she could have Brad, as he was not worth her time anymore. Ann declared she had bigger plans than playing Ada’s games and left the confrontation resolved to move on from her former life.

Ada continued to taunt Ann by circling her and revealing sordid details of her affair with Brad. She told Ann that Brad only used her to inherit the kingdom but would warm Ada’s bed at night. Ann was stunned to learn she had been ignorant of the betrayal the whole time. Despite her pain, Ann managed to retain control and dug her nails into her palms to distract from the hurt. She told Ada she no longer cared to be involved in her games before leaving the confrontation behind.

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Alpha Nocurne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 7

Ann woke with a start to incessant vibrating from her phone. She saw her cheating ex Brad calling and rejected the call, having received 32 missed calls and messages from him. Her eyes landed on her discarded wedding dress in the corner, reminding her that she was supposed to get married today, only for her dreams to be destroyed after catching Brad cheating.

When she answered his next call, Brad tried to downplay his infidelity as a mistake and that they could still get married. However, Ann saw through his lies and refused to be with someone who cheated. She harshly told him their relationship was over before hanging up, rejecting Brad’s pleas to take him back.

Still feeling angry and hurt, Ann’s thoughts turned to the wedding she had spent months planning. People had traveled from far away to attend her special day, which was now canceled due to Brad’s betrayal. When Brad called again trying to apologize, Ann had no desire to forgive him for destroying her happiness. She coldly told Brad she wished his wolf would desert him before disconnecting, cutting all ties to her ex for good.

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Alpha Nocurne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 8

Ann’s fury had reached a boiling point. She confronted Ada and choked her for pushing too far by sleeping with Brad. Ann declared she was stepping aside and would never marry Brad or speak to Ada again.

At home, Ann’s father and Narcissa were upset by the confrontation. Ann remained calm and told her father she would not marry Brad as planned and was stepping aside to allow Ada to take her place. She criticized Brad and Ada’s dishonest nature and treatment of her, saying the Elders would not approve of Brad’s ascension.

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Alpha Nocurne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 9

Maeve felt a pang of pain and anger at the mention of her father, who never responded to her attempts to connect with him. She viewed him as a sh*tty excuse for a father, just like Ann’s.

As Ann drove, her friend Lexi called sounding worried. Lexi was frustrated with work and the spreadsheets her coworker kept messing up. Ann agreed to meet Lexi for food after finishing her drive. She found a table by the window at a cafe to people-watch while waiting, thinking over Maeve’s words about letting off steam. When Lexi arrived, she was squinting to find Ann and broke into a huge grin upon spotting her, waving and shouting across the cafe uncaring of disapproving looks.

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Alpha Nocurne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 10

Lexi informed Ann about the news article reporting Brad’s engagement to Ada. Ann showed Lexi the article on her phone. Ann told Lexi the details of discovering Brad and Ada together, which angered Lexi. She expressed a desire to confront Brad for his actions. Ann assured Lexi she would be fine and changed the subject to updating Lexi on meeting Lucian. As they ate, Ann explained how she came to meet the Alpha king and agreed to help him, leaving out the private details. She vowed to keep his secrets safe.

Lexi remained contemplative after learning of Ann’s encounter. When they finished eating, Lexi eagerly eyed the dessert counter, challenging Ann to a contest to see if she could eat more. Ann’s phone then rang repeatedly, and she rejected calls from Brad, angrily answering the next one intended for him. However, it was not Brad on the line but another man, who informed Ann that Brad would regret how he had treated her when she did speak to him.

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