Love’s Perfect Match Chapter Summary (Elspeth and Callum)

Love's Perfect Match Chapter Summary

Love’s Perfect Match is a contemporary novel featuring a tanned, chubby woman with multiple identities who is chosen for an arranged marriage with a wealthy family.

The story revolves around her facades being torn apart, and her prospective candidates feeling unworthy of her.

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Book TitleLove’s Perfect Match
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel | JoyRead
Genres Romance
TagsContract Marriage, Fake Relationship, Rare Beauty, Idol, Celebrity, Multi-identities, Disguise, Kickass Heroine, Independent

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Love’s Perfect Match PDF

Love's Perfect Match PDF

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Love’s Perfect Match Chapter 1

Theodore’s friend from military school, Grover, had chosen to be with Helena, the military doctor they both loved. Many years later, Theodore did not expect Margot to bring up his past feelings for Helena.

Margot accused Theodore of still not being able to forget Helena, and that was why he treated Grover’s daughter Elspeth so well after Grover passed away. Theodore insisted his heart only belonged to Margot now. He explained that during a mission, Grover had taken a bullet for him and became crippled, forcing Grover and Elspeth to live in a small town for many years. Grover had entrusted Elspeth to Theodore before dying.

When Elspeth and Callum returned home, only Theodore and Margot remained on the couch. Surprisingly, Margot sincerely apologized to Elspeth. Elspeth did not want to argue further so went to rest in her room. After showering, Margot entered for a private chat. She told Elspeth that she accepted Elspeth would remain living with them, but demanded to know what Elspeth knew about Helena, who Margot insinuated may actually still be alive.

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Love’s Perfect Match Chapter 2

Elspeth and Callum

She heard him apologize for Margot’s actions, expressing surprise at the attempt to chase her out. She laughed it off, knowing the social standing of being a Winthrop far outvalued any objects. When she hinted at not being the one responsible, he agreed she wasn’t dumb enough for that. At the hospital, the doctor criticized Elspeth for wearing jade despite her allergy. Though stumped by her reply, Callum remained by her side as the doctor examined her injured hand.

Elspeth downplayed the incident, more concerned with maintaining her position as Mrs. Winthrop than any lost possessions. She confirmed Callum’s belief in her innocence to the scheme, clever enough to avoid such an obvious frame. While the doctor scolded her choice, Callum stayed supportive while she received medical attention for her allergic reaction. His presence showed his trust in her statement and care for her well-being.

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Love’s Perfect Match Chapter 3

Elspeth had been accused of stealing jewelry from Theodore and Margot’s room. Though Max doubted her guilt due to his father’s favoritism of Elspeth, the evidence of her fingerprints on the stolen items seemed damning. However, Elspeth insisted she did not steal them.

To prove her innocence, Elspeth grabbed the jade bangle from the table and put it on despite knowing her severe allergy to jade. True enough, her wrist immediately swelled badly and broke out in red spots. The severe and lasting symptoms would prove she had not worn gloves to steal the jewelry.

While in pain from the reaction, Elspeth smiled and pointed out to Margot that if she had stolen the items, she wouldn’t have fingerprints on the bangle due to her allergy. Her demonstration seemed to support her claim of innocence.

Margot was not convinced of Elspeth’s innocence, questioning whether she had worn gloves during the theft. Elspeth rebutted that if so, the bracelet wouldn’t have her fingerprints. Her swollen and infected wrist supported that she had not previously handled the jade, strengthening her claim that she did not steal the jewelry. The evidence from her painful reaction cast serious doubt on the accusation against her, though Margot remained unpersuaded of Elspeth’s innocence.

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Love’s Perfect Match Chapter 4

Mr. Graham searched every room in the Winthrop Residence for Margot Winthrop’s missing jewelry set. No one admitted to taking it. Elspeth Lynwood became a suspect when the butler mentioned they had not yet searched her room.

A servant then accused Elspeth of passing by when the broken surveillance camera was discussed and being seen leaving the master bedroom that afternoon. Enraged, Margot ordered Mr. Graham to search Elspeth’s room as well. Theodore Winthrop argued against the order, saying Elspeth would not do such a thing.

However, Margot did not believe Theodore knew Elspeth well and thought someone from Elspeth’s small town background could be capable of taking the jewelry since she was alone in the house that afternoon.

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Love’s Perfect Match Chapter 5

Callum asked his assistant to research Albert Beischel’s background after learning Elspeth had spent all afternoon with the security guard. The assistant reported that Albert was in fact a wealthy property owner who earned millions in rent. His relationship to Elspeth remained unclear.

After a frustrating afternoon with Elspeth loudly criticizing players on her phone in his office, Callum regretted bringing her there, feeling her presence was a torture. He began to doubt whether she actually liked him most, or instead hated him the most. When the assistant returned with an update, Callum looked at Elspeth and told her to wait for him at the parking lot, before discussing the findings further in private.

Elspeth had rolled her eyes earlier at Callum’s reason for calling her to his office, which was that his father wouldn’t like her staying at the security booth all day. During her time there, she played a game on her phone at full volume, loudly criticizing her teammates’ strategies and skills.

Callum was speechless listening to her elegant criticisms amid the players’ cursing in retaliation. After one round, he managed to finish his work and left the office with Elspeth, as more questions arose about her connections in the city.

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Love’s Perfect Match Chapter 6

Elspeth taunted Callum in the car, saying she likes him the most but he warned her not to waste her effort. When they arrived at the company, the employees were stunned by Elspeth’s beauty and thought she and Callum made a perfect match.

Callum gave his keys to the security guard Albert Beischel. Elspeth recognized Beischel and got in the car with him to park it, chatting for the whole morning. The employees gossiped, mocking that Elspeth and Beischel must be from the same small town and that she was uneducated and unpresentable despite her looks.

Yet unknown to the gossiping employees, Elspeth and Beischel had a history together. When Elspeth was young, her family fell on hard times and Beischel, who was from the same town, helped her family with work so they could get by. Elspeth was grateful to him and they had remained close ever since, explaining why she recognized and spent time catching up with him at the company.

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Love’s Perfect Match Chapter 7

Harper Summerfield, the vice president of the mysterious Azure Corporation, was seen at a bar with a beautiful woman named Elspeth. Matthew March pointed them out to his friend Callum Winthrop, who runs a large company. Callum was curious how Elspeth already knew someone as influential as Harper.

Meanwhile, a vulgar man approached Elspeth and crudely propositioned her. When she refused his advances, he began yelling insults at her. Throughout these interactions, Callum watched carefully from upstairs, growing more interested in the mysterious Elspeth.

As the night unfolded, tensions arose. Elspeth rejected the vulgar man’s unwanted advances, angering him. However, her polite refusal also piqued Callum’s curiosity. As the influential vice president of a powerful firm, Harper was an intriguing connection for the beautiful newcomer Elspeth. Callum, who leads his own major corporation, wondered what had brought these two together already.

His friend Matthew noticed Callum’s interest in Elspeth and encouraged him to speak with her, seeing potential romance. But Callum remained silent and observant, wanting to understand this woman and her ties before making any moves.

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Love’s Perfect Match Chapter 8

Elspeth wondered why Margot seemed offended by her question. She managed to refuse Theodore’s kind gesture after thinking it over. When her phone rang, she was informed that her company made a large profit that quarter which had been deposited into her account.

At breakfast the next day, Callum said he had a meeting at the company but that the other young masters would bring Elspeth around the city. However, one by one each of the five men made excuses to leave for other commitments. Elspeth was left at the dining table as they departed. Feeling at a loss, she spent the entire day alone in her room. By evening, her phone rang and she answered, excited to hear the caller’s voice.

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Love’s Perfect Match Chapter 9

Margot ordered the butler to inspect Elspeth’s luggage, claiming she wanted to ensure nothing dirty or dangerous was brought into their home. When the butler moved to start, Elspeth grabbed her luggage and coldly announced that no one would touch her things. Margot called for the bodyguards, expecting Elspeth to surrender but she remained unfazed.

As the bodyguards moved to snatch the luggage, Theodore returned and asked what was happening. He apologized to Elspeth for only just returning from a meeting. Theodore questioned Margot about her treatment of their guest, saying she just arrived. Margot claimed she only wanted to check for anything inappropriate but gave Elspeth a disdainful look before going upstairs in a huff. Theodore sighed, unhappy with the situation.

Theodore had agreed to the marriage years ago so the family couldn’t go back on the decision, despite having reservations about Elspeth. When Elspeth arrived, Margot ordered the butler to inspect her luggage, claiming she wanted to ensure nothing dangerous or dirty was brought into their home.

However, her intentions seemed more about asserting dominance over the newcomer than genuine security concerns. Elspeth refused to let anyone touch her things, remaining composed even when Margot called in bodyguards. Theodore intervened upon returning and defended Elspeth, unhappy with how she was treated upon arrival as his future wife.

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Love’s Perfect Match Chapter 10

The five Winthrop brothers arrived at a simple home in a historical town far from Damoria. The fifth brother, Max, complained about the hot and dirty conditions, asking what kind of place it was.

The fourth brother, Arthur, agreed and questioned why their father would let a country bumpkin choose one of them as her fiancé and order them to personally escort her to Damoria. All five brothers wore sullen expressions, having only come because their father threatened to stop taking his medications. The eldest brother told them to knock on the door.

When the door opened, a young woman named Claire answered. She seemed plain and unsophisticated to the brothers. Arthur rudely asked if she was Claire, then introduced themselves as the Winthrop brothers sent to take her to Damoria. Claire thanked them, though seemed nervous about going to the large city. The brothers had no pleasant expressions, making Claire feel more uneasy about her upcoming journey.

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