Werewolf’s heartsong by dizzyizzyn Chapter Summary

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Werewolf’s Heartsong revolves around a protagonist who participates in Alpha Class fights, seeking to assert herself and break free from a past marked by abuse and mistreatment. With her newfound strength and determination, she confronts her opponents while facing jealousy and disapproval from her family. Related: Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Attribute Detail … Read more

Not Your Mate Anymore Chapter Summary


Not Your Mate Anymore by Ellison001 revolves around Sabrina, a young wolf shifter who believes she has found her life mate in Percy Woods. However, when they are both still young, Percy’s father announces that Percy must marry their family friend Ralyn for the good of their pack. Sabrina is heartbroken by this betrayal and … Read more

Alpha Zander Chapter Summary


Alpha Zander by V.Tuner revolves around two eighteen-year-old werewolves, Zander Blackwood and Ashleigh Steward, who are expected to finish their final year of high school. Zander reluctantly returns to his old high school, where he will have to face his long-time rivals from the rival Liverpool pack, including Oliver Steward. He argues with his father … Read more

[Bergarian Series] Her Forever Chapter Summary

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[Bergarian Series] Her Forever by Veronica Fox follows Sadie, a 19-year-old innocent girl with few friends, as she inherits a cabin after her Aunt Maria’s death. Seeking a new life, she moves in and discovers a supernatural world, a mate, and her true self. Transforming into a strong heroine, she learns she’s the lost princess … Read more

Sold To The Alpha Chapter Summary

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Sold To The Alpha by Astrostorm follows 18-year-old Charity, living with an unloving step-family, who is sold to become the wife of her new family’s son. Upon arrival, she discovers an inexplicable attraction to him but he shows no interest in her. Unknown to everyone, Charity has secrets lurking in her past that cause her … Read more

The Mysterious Luna Chapter Summary

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The Mysterious Luna by S. Lexi follows the story of Jessica Bradford, who wakes up with amnesia on her 19th birthday. With no memories and a mysterious ID card, she begins her life among humans, unaware of her true identity as a supernatural being. One fateful night, she stumbles upon a werewolf pack, led by … Read more

Blessed Luna Rising Chapter Summary

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Blessed Luna Rising is the first book in the Mystic Series, written by Brianna Marie. The story revolves around Iris Lancaster, a 17-year-old girl who tragically lost her parents at the age of 8 in a rogue attack. Following this tragedy, Iris becomes a packhouse s$$$e under the brutal Alpha of the Silver Mountain pack, … Read more