The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy Chapter Summary

The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy

The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy by Caroline Above Story revolves around Ariel, a princess who flees her arranged marriage when she discovers she’s being used as a surrogate. Disguised as a boy, she enrolls in Alpha Academy, where she unexpectedly finds her mate.

However, complications arise as she struggles to maintain her disguise while navigating her relationships. The story involves themes of identity, love, and survival amidst the challenges of Alpha Academy.

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Book TitleThe Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy
AuthorCaroline Above Story
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresBXG, Comedy, Humor, pregnant, Romance, Tragedy, WereWolf, Youth
TagsWereWolf, Caroline Above Story, Ariel

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The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy PDF

The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy PDF

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The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy Chapter 1

The Prince and his father were casually discussing their plans to force Ariel into submission on her wedding night. They intended to get her pregnant immediately to chain her to the Prince forever. Overhearing this, Ariel was shocked and disgusted by their derogatory views of women.

Fleeing the wedding, Ariel ran sobbing to her brother Rafe and cousin Jesse. Through tears, she recounted what she had heard. Rafe grew enraged and wanted to kill the Prince. Jesse suggested they all flee together, enrolling in Alpha Academy where no one would expect to find Ariel.

It was the perfect plan to get her away from the palace and out of the forced marriage. Though fearful, Ariel decided to run with Rafe and Jesse to the secretive all-male military academy, hoping to escape the Prince’s clutches.

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The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy Chapter 2

Rafe, Jesse, and Ariel were riding in a boxcar on a train headed towards the Alpha Academy, which only accepted male students. It had been shockingly easy for Jesse to help Ariel escape the palace by dressing her in his clothes after she got rid of her wedding gown.

Rafe had gotten their parents’ permission for the trip, though he didn’t provide details about their destination. When they arrived, Jesse suggested that Ariel should come with them to the Academy by disguising herself as a boy named Ari Sinclair. Rafe was strongly against the idea, arguing that the Academy was filled with over a hundred hormonal alpha males and Ariel would get hurt.

Jesse insisted the plan could work and helped disguise Ariel by tucking her hair under a patrol cap. Though skeptical, Rafe was worn down as Ariel excitedly got into her male role, insisting she could pull it off.

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The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy Chapter 3

Ari Clark arrives at Alpha Academy with her cousin Rafe and brother Jesse to hide from her controlling fiancé. As she looks up at the rugged castle that houses the academy, anxiety twists in her stomach over whether she can truly succeed at the intensive warrior training program.

Jesse tries to reassure Ari but Rafe points out the real challenges like Ari not having identification and possessing a female physique. When Rafe questions if Ari is just running away or truly wants to train, she takes time to think.

Memories of being discouraged from “boy activities” as a princess push her to realize how free she feels without that title for now. Ari resolves to Rafe and Jesse that this is what she chooses for herself. In the barracks, Ari discreetly dresses in her uniform among the many fit male candidates.

She notices several attractive boys, including a shy dark-haired one. However, Rafe interrupts Ari’s observations and assigns her the top bunk above his, joking he can watch and stop her staring at her new “comrades, not eye candy.”

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The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy Chapter 4

The protagonist Ari finds herself in an entirely new world upon arriving at the all-boys military academy. She is amazed by the lively atmosphere in the dormitory filled with over a hundred boys, noticing distinct differences from girls. While observing the boys, Ari suddenly smells an incredible scent that awakens her inner wolf, realizing her mate is present.

However, she then detects another scent that confuses her with another snapped bond. Her wolf urges her to go find her mates, leaving Ari feeling nauseous and overwhelmed with the dual pull in different directions. Her cousin Jesse notices her distress and questions if she is alright.

Before Ari can explain, the stern Academy Captain calls for their first examination to begin, as Ari struggles to keep focus while her wolf howls inside, begging her to hunt down her mates.

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The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy Chapter 5

The chapter opens with the Captain announcing the first ranking test at the Academy will measure physical prowess through fist fights. Rafe Sinclair quickly defeats his opponent, while Luca Grant shows off his technique and muscles in his match. Ari is called to fight next under her fake name, but realizes with horror that she doesn’t know how to fight.

The cadets begin mocking her, calling her “Shrimp”, which spurs her wolf to urge her to attack. She launches at her opponent and the next thing she knows, she’s waking up injured in the medical bay. Jesse examines her wounds and says her nose isn’t broken.

When Rafe and Jesse visit her, they update her on Rafe winning his match against an especially large and tough opponent. Rafe insists on Ari waking him before she showers alone the next morning, conscious of the two boys’ scents she encountered earlier that are making her wolf obsess.

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The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy Chapter 6

The candidate wakes in the middle of the night sore from the previous day’s battle. Still covered in sweat and blood, they head to the communal bath but find it disgusting. Remembering a nearby hot spring, they go to bathe and gets clean.

While soaping, they wonder about developing their magical gift. Suddenly, Luca Grant appears, also seeking his mate whose scent he’s been tracking. Neither can see the candidate clearly in the dark water. A brute then emerges, also claiming the unseen woman as his mate.

The candidate realizes with horror that two men now think they are their one true mate, without knowing it is actually the candidate they see as a boy.

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The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy Chapter 7

Luca and another larger cadet were searching for a girl who smelled of cloves and honey. As Ari bathed in the moonlit pool to wash off Jesse’s scent marking, the two cadets approached, discussing the girl’s scent. Ari subtly moved away while eavesdropping on their conversation, realizing they were searching for her.

When they began arguing over who the girl belonged to, Ari spoke up and pretended not to know it was a girl, claiming to have only seen a silhouette. The larger cadet was furious but also strikingly handsome. Ari found herself gazing into his sapphire blue eyes before catching herself, then pointed them in the wrong direction and described the girl differently.

The cadets left, but Luca remained suspicious of Ari. Ari gave excuses for bathing and thanked Luca when he also departed. Ari then frantically dressed and sprinted back to the barracks, worried of being caught. In the barracks, Ari startled Jesse awake and demanded he scent mark her again, worried of still smelling like a girl.

Jesse was annoyed by Ari’s strange behavior but complied, though demanding to know what happened. Ari insisted Jesse forget about it and not tell their friend Rafe, before collapsing in worried thoughts of keeping her secret.

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The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy Chapter 8

Rafe woke Ari up frantically, rushing her to get ready for the day. She had gotten little sleep after being assaulted the night before. At breakfast, Rafe ensured she ate enough while Jesse questioned her about what was going on. Ari promised to tell Jesse later what was causing her distress.

During the meal, Ari’s eyes drifted to Luca and the other man at separate tables, her wolf urging her to observe her two mates. When rankings were posted, Ari saw she was in the very last spot of 120 candidates, putting her enrollment at risk of being cut within the first two weeks.

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The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy Chapter 9

Rafael and Jesse encourage Ari after a disappointing showing in rankings. Though ranked 120th, they pledge to train her. At dinner, Ari notices Rafe is ranked 2nd behind Jackson McClintock. In brutal training, Ari struggles but is motivated by her cousins’ support.

Exhausted, they shower together but Ari is stunned to realize the open showers are unpartitioned, allowing a view of naked boys including her gorgeous mate Luca. Rafe catches her ogling and scolds her for inappropriate staring. Though embarrassed, Ari remains determined to improve with Rafe and Jesse’s help.

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The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy Chapter 10

The brothers Rafe and Jesse notice Ari staring curiously at the other candidates in the shower line. Rafe sternly warns Ari to keep his thoughts chaste, as they intend to return him home a v$$$$n. Later, Ari realizes Rafe and Jesse may not be virgins themselves.

When confronted, neither will reveal their past experiences. That night, Ari tells Jesse about encountering his mate at the hot springs. Jesse is shocked, worried about how protective Rafe will be. He makes Ari promise not to tell Rafe. When Rafe brings dinner, he notices the tense atmosphere.

Before he can question them, a video call arrives from the palace for Rafe. Jesse moves aside so Rafe can privately take the call from their parents out of Ari’s view. Ari is left wondering about his mates and family while keeping secrets from his brother.

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