Falling For My Mysterious Wife Chapter Summary

Falling For My Mysterious Wife

Falling For My Mysterious Wife by Kylie revolves around Elaina, a neurosurgeon who recently divorced her mysterious wealthy husband Jalen. The story follows Elaina as she takes on a new role at a prestigious hospital and encounters Jalen again, who tries to win her back.

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Book TitleFalling For My Mysterious Wife
Author Cassidy Alfaro
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Billionaire Romance
Tags Romance

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Falling For My Mysterious Wife PDF

Falling For My Mysterious Wife PDF

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Falling For My Mysterious Wife Chapter 1

Elaina came out of the local court with her newly obtained divorce certificate, ending her marriage to Jalen. Takvor Rigdon, the housekeeper for Jalen’s grandfather Nitzan Halton, offered Elaina a bank card on Nitzan’s behalf, implying financial support. Elaina politely declined, grateful for Nitzan’s past support over the last two years.

She got into the waiting Maybach, where Theodore and Andrew asked if she had really divorced Jalen. Elaina showed them the certificate and confirmed the divorce. Andrew expressed relief that Elaina divorced Jalen, saying she should not have married him in the first place.

Elaina was now moving forward with her life independently after legally ending her marriage.

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Falling For My Mysterious Wife Chapter 2

Graham informed Jalen that his wife had gone missing that morning. Jalen immediately ordered Graham to look into it and find her, which Graham hastily agreed to. At Northwestern Memorial Hospital, the staff were discussing the appointment of a new deputy director, speculating on whether it would be a man or woman, and if they would be easy to get along with.

Others noted that the new deputy director was quite young, possibly due to nepotism as experience was usually key for such a high position. As they talked, a young nurse hurried over to tell them that the new deputy director had arrived.

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Falling For My Mysterious Wife Chapter 3

Falling For My Mysterious Wife Chapter 3

Elaina and Joyce arrived at the busy Emergency Department, where they encountered a distraught woman pleading for the doctors to save her forty-five year old husband. Pushing through the crowd, Elaina entered to assess the situation. The Emergency Department doctor briefed her that the anonymous patient had been in a car accident and suffered a brain hemorrhage.

A CT scan then revealed the extent of the bleeding and dangerously high intracranial pressure caused by a cerebral edema. The doctor frowned, conveying the seriousness of the patient’s condition.

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Falling For My Mysterious Wife Chapter 4

Elaina was faced with an emergency surgery where the patient’s wife was hesitant to allow the operation. Just then, the famous Jalen arrived and unexpectedly vouched for Elaina, reassuring the wife. With Jalen’s endorsement, the wife consented to the surgery. Elaina glanced curiously at Jalen but had no time for questions as the patient’s condition was urgent.

She began operating while Jalen and others waited outside the room. After three hours, the surgery was completed successfully according to the nurse. The wife was relieved to hear her husband was now out of danger due to Elaina’s skilled work.

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Falling For My Mysterious Wife Chapter 5

Dr. Elaina Gainsford explained to Jalen Halton that as per the Physician Act, she could only operate on patients at Northwestern Memorial Hospital where she was registered to practice. Jalen was hesitant to transfer his wife Marie to the hospital due to distrust of its equipment and conditions.

Elaina insisted she could not go against the act to operate at a private hospital. When Jalen remained hesitant, Elaina left seeing his reluctance. Hospital administrator Graham then asked Jalen if Elaina agreed to operate, to which Jalen shook his head.

He realized his decision was based on his own doubts rather than Elaina. Graham was surprised at Elaina refusing, commenting famous doctors had eccentric personalities, as local perceptions held about her.

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Falling For My Mysterious Wife Chapter 6

It was fate that brought Dr. Elaina Gainsford back into Jalen’s life. Elaina had performed a risky brain surgery that saved Marie, a woman Jalen cared for. After learning of Marie’s condition, Elaina questioned why Jalen waited to have the surgery done sooner.

Jalen admitted he wanted to wait for Elaina specifically, not willing to risk Marie with any other surgeon. As the top brain surgeon in the world, Jalen knew Elaina gave Marie the best chance. Elaina understood Jalen’s motivations, though her heart sank realizing the extent he went through for Marie.

She wondered if in focusing on Marie, Jalen neglected his wife who he had never seen while away.

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Falling For My Mysterious Wife Chapter 7

The neurosurgery department was having dinner at a restaurant to welcome their new deputy director, Dr. Elaina Gainsford. The director, who was not very skilled in surgery, was initially unhappy about Elaina’s sudden arrival but realized having a talented brain surgeon could help the department succeed.

He began treating Elaina nicely. At the dinner, the director raised a toast to Elaina and her leading their hospital to glory. However, Elaina chose to drink tea instead of alcohol as she had a big surgery the next day. Everyone understood and still applauded her.

After refreshing herself in the bathroom, Elaina was approached by her colleague Dr. Devin Bloom, who wanted to speak with her about something.

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Falling For My Mysterious Wife Chapter 8

The equipment donated by Jalen arrived and was quickly installed. Elaina led her team to the operating room to perform surgery on Marie. Jalen waited nervously by the door, asking Elaina if she was confident in the surgery. Elaina deflected, questioning if he would take Marie away if she admitted doubts.

With no other options, Jalen could not back out now. Elaina reassured him she would do her best for Marie. The tense surgery lasted six hours under the bright operating lights. Graham grew worried for Jalen, who had not eaten or drank all day in his vigil.

Graham urged Jalen to rest, promising to stay with Marie.

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Falling For My Mysterious Wife Chapter 9

Graham expressed doubt that Dr. Gainsford wanted to see Jalen again, making Jalen gloomy. Graham backtracked, insisting Jalen’s charm meant no woman could hate him and that Dr. Gainsford must be playing hard to get.

A week later, when Elaina brought visitors to check on Marie, she had improved and was using her phone in her ordinary ward room, no longer in intensive care.

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Falling For My Mysterious Wife Chapter 10

Jalen told Elaina that he and his ex-wife Marie were not a good match and that divorce was best. Elaina was skeptical since they had not seen each other in two years after marrying. She thought Jalen must have never planned to get along with her since she was from the countryside and did not fit with his image of excellence.

When Elaina commented that she felt sad for Marie, Jalen’s ex-wife, she left the ward without looking back. Jalen chased after her and asked if she was angry about him being married before. Elaina clarified that his previous marriage did not concern her and that Marie in the ward likely cared more.

Jalen was confused by Elaina bringing up Marie and did not understand the meaning of her words.

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