Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day Chapter Summary

Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day Chapter Summary

Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day by A Boat of Dreams revolves around Xia Wanyuan, a princess from the Xia Dynasty who is transported one thousand years into the future.

In the future, Xia Wanyuan finds herself mocked and looked down upon for her connections in the entertainment industry. However, she vows that one day people will sincerely call her Princess. Despite being laughed at for her ambitious claims, she works hard to achieve fame and success.

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Two years later, Xia Wanyuan has won multiple prestigious acting awards. She has become a renowned style icon, professor, and athlete with numerous accolades. The CEO who previously wanted a divorce now refutes rumors of their separation on television, declaring his love for his accomplished wife.

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Book TitlePrincess is Glamorous in Modern Day
AuthorA Boat of Dreams
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Tags urban stories, transmigration, superstar, counterattack

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Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day PDF

Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day PDF

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Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day Chapter 1

The eldest princess of the Xia Dynasty, Xia Wanyuan, who brought up the Xia Emperor single-handedly and laid the foundation for the Great Tian Yuan era, passed away after falling ill. The Xia Emperor held a state funeral for her and deeply mourned the loss of his sister.

Xia Wanyuan finds herself reborn a thousand years later in the body of a young woman of the same name. This Xia Wanyuan lives a reckless life as the daughter of a wealthy family, though their fortune has now been lost. After waking with memories of her past life, she adjusts to life in modern times and attempts to make sense of the complications of her new body and its original owner’s life, including dealing with her demanding manager after a drunken video of her surfaced online.

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Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day Chapter 2

Xia Wanyuan went to pick up her son Xiao Bao from kindergarten after accepting the body of the original owner. At the kindergarten, she saw Xiao Bao watching her from the guardhouse and realized he was lonely without his parents. Xiao Bao was hesitant at first but warmed up to Xia Wanyuan when she gently spoke to him and called him by his nickname.

That evening, Xia Wanyuan brought Xiao Bao back home. Her tender treatment of Xiao Bao surprised the servants since the original owner disliked the child. Xiao Bao happily embraced Xia Wanyuan, glad to have a mother’s love. During dinner, Xia Wanyuan told Xiao Bao she would care for him well, and the child responded joyfully to her warmth, showing his yearning for a mother’s affection.

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Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day Chapter 3

Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day Chapter 3

Xiao Bao had dinner with Xia Wanyuan and addressed her as “Mommy,” which made the servants take note. They went for a walk in the courtyard after dinner, where Xiao Bao pointed out stars to Xia Wanyuan. She told him stories of the stars, and he came to admire her knowledge.

Lin Jing arrived to take Xiao Bao back but found him unwilling to leave Xia Wanyuan’s side. Seeing their closeness, Lin Jing was surprised but did not force Xiao Bao. He left after Xia Wanyuan agreed to take Xiao Bao to school the next morning. The servants, including Nanny Li, became more respectful of Xia Wanyuan after observing her gentle nature with the child. She then helped bathe and tucked Xiao Bao into bed, listening attentively as he told her about his day at school before they fell asleep.

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Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day Chapter 4

Xiao Bao eagerly awaited his mother Xia Wanyuan to pick him up from kindergarten. However, servants sent by his father Lin Jing arrived instead, attempting to take him home. Xiao Bao refused to go with them and managed to escape into Xia Wanyuan’s chauffeur’s car when it arrived.

At home, Xia Wanyuan and Xiao Bao enjoyed a happy dinner together. However, their cheerful moment was interrupted when Jun Shiling, the head of the powerful Jun family, appeared at the door. According to Xia Wanyuan’s memory, she had once drugged and threatened Jun Shiling, forcing him to marry her after she became pregnant with Xiao Bao.

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Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day Chapter 5

Jun Shiling and Xia Wanyuan had an unpleasant history. Four years ago, Xia Wanyuan had drugged and seduced Jun Shiling, hoping to become the wife of the powerful Jun family. However, Jun Shiling held no affection for her. When Xia Wanyuan became pregnant with Jun Shiling’s child, the elderly Jun patriarch forced them to marry for the sake of the child.

At dinner, Xia Wanyuan ate calmly while their son Xiao Bao tried to bring his parents together. Jun Shiling was unfamiliar with parenting but found himself gentling in caring for his son. After dinner, Xia Wanyuan proposed divorce to Jun Shiling. To her surprise, Jun Shiling agreed on the condition it occurred after his grandfather’s birthday in three months, offering her a generous settlement.

Their meeting revealed a changed Xia Wanyuan, now calm and composed, whom Jun Shiling found difficult to read. He warned her against harming their son before taking his leave.

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Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day Chapter 6

Xia Wanyuan was indifferent to Jun Shiling’s dislike of her. She had no interest in becoming Madam Jun and wanted to simply experience her current life. Meanwhile, Ruan Yingyu celebrated getting the role of the female lead Tian Ying Er in the drama adaptation of “The Long Ballad” after the fans rejected Xia Wanyuan for the part.

However, Xia Wanyuan still managed to obtain the role of the second female lead Shen Pei, arousing further anger from fans online who insulted and attacked her due to her past arrogance and mistreatment of others.

The chapter details Xia Wanyuan telling a story to Xiao Bao while Jun Shiling leaves coldly. It also shows Ruan Yingyu gloating over replacing Xia Wanyuan as female lead after the Xia family’s bankruptcy. On social media, fans cheer for the change but criticize Xia Wanyuan for still getting the second female lead role due to her past misconduct in the industry. They launch personal attacks on her online profile, unaware of the real dangers Xia Wanyuan had faced in her past life.

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Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day Chapter 7

Xia Wanyuan took the little dumpling to school before going shopping for new clothes. She spent several hours in upscale stores on Tianfu Road, trying on various outfits and spending over 300 thousand dollars using her credit card from Jun Shiling. This prompted Jun Shiling to receive notifications of the purchases, though he was confused by Xia Wanyuan’s behavior in recent days.

After a long morning of shopping, Xia Wanyuan went to a popular braised chicken rice restaurant for lunch. Though usually one for extravagant meals, she enjoyed the simple dish. She was recognized by two patrons there who had previously criticized her online. They now saw her in a more positive light after she smiled at them. Xia Wanyuan’s outing confused Jun Shiling further when he later received notices of her buying street snacks, as it was unusual based on her past habits. He decided to drive over to her villa to investigate.

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Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day Chapter 8

Jun Shiling had arrived at the villa, not expecting the scene before him. Xia Wanyuan was sitting on a swing amid flower bushes, enjoying snacks and milk tea. She seemed to be savoring the novel flavors. Initially, Jun Shiling had thought the snacks were for the child, but now Xia Wanyuan was eating them herself.

As Xia Wanyuan ate, Jun Shiling stood silently at the door for nearly ten minutes. For a man of his status, every second was worth tens of thousands of dollars, so this delay was strange. Jun Shiling was puzzled by the changed Xia Wanyuan before him – she appeared quiet, peaceful, and delicate rather than crude as before. She exuded an indifferent yet moving aura.

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Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day Chapter 9

Jun Shiling was spending time with Xia Wanyuan in the courtyard filled with flowers, which surprised his assistant Lin Jing. Unlike rumors, Xia Wanyuan treated Jun Shiling indifferently without prejudice and spent the afternoon quietly reading while Jun Shiling observed her.

They were joined by Xia Wanyuan’s adoptive son, Xiao Bao, who had earned first place in his kindergarten mathematics class. Xiao Bao was wary of Jun Shiling at first but warmed to him after Jun Shiling awkwardly accepted the candy Xiao Bao offered him. It seemed that beneath his cold exterior, Jun Shiling wanted to treat his biological son, Xiao Bao, well but did not know how to interact with children.

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Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day Chapter 10

Jun Shiling gave Xia Wanyuan an unreadable gaze, ignoring her warning and bringing Xiao Bao into the house for dinner. During the meal, Xiao Bao tried to include his father but Jun Shiling ate in a bad mood while Xia Wanyuan and Xiao Bao ignored him.

Finally, Jun Shiling abruptly left after finishing his food, leaving the dumbfounded Xiao Bao asking his mother why his father left. Xia Wanyuan assured Xiao Bao that no matter what issues she and Jun Shiling had, it would not affect her love for Xiao Bao. She comforted the worried Xiao Bao that she would always be there for him.

Nanny Li witnessed the tense interaction between Jun Shiling and Xia Wanyuan during dinner. While Xiao Bao tried to include his aloof father, Jun Shiling grew increasingly unhappy as Xia Wanyuan and Xiao Bao ignored him during the meal.

After suddenly leaving, Xiao Bao was worried this meant his parents’ relationship was reverting, but Xia Wanyuan comforted him that her love for him was unaffected by the issues between her and Jun Shiling.

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