Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter Summary

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife revolves around Janet Jackson, a simple village girl who gets accepted into the prestigious Star High School in the city. Despite coming from a rural background, Janet is known for her fair skin and beauty. At her new school, she encounters bullying from the rich and arrogant students but also gains the attention of the popular singer Gordon Yaleman.

In the story, Janet has to deal with jealousy and antagonism from other students who are envious of her naturally good looks. She is targeted by Jennifer, the daughter of a powerful businessman, who tries to frame Janet for assault. However, Gordon believes in Janet’s innocence and stands up for her. The narrative follows Janet navigating her new high school environment and social circles while facing various challenges from those who feel threatened by her presence.

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Book TitleSir, You Don’t Know Your Wife
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GenresBillionaire Romance
Tags Contemporary, Romance, Adventure&Action, Billionaire, Campus Love, Teacher, Teenagers, School Girl, School Boy, Popular Boy, Kickass Heroine, Possessive, D$$$$$$t, Kickass Hero, Disguise, Aloof, Independent

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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife PDF

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife PDF

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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 1

Janet was planting seedlings when the neighbor Mr. Wallace informed her that someone was looking for her at her house. When Janet arrived, Ms. Cook introduced herself as the housekeeper for the Jackson family. Ms. Cook offered the villagers five million for Janet but Poppy insisted they had raised her for eighteen years. Ms. Cook was firm that she was taking Janet regardless, and soon they were driving away.

At the Jackson residence, the family was having lunch when Emily suddenly burst into tears. It was revealed through a physical exam that Emily was a different blood type than her parents Brian and Megan. This led to the discovery that Emily had been wrongly labeled as a baby in the hospital, and was not actually their biological daughter. Everyone at the lunch was affected by the news and sad, with different thoughts going through their minds.

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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 2

Janet had just arrived home after being missing for three years. She found her mother Megan embracing Emily, revealing that Emily would no longer live with them. Janet’s appearance resembled Megan, though her ragged clothing elicited disgust from Emily, who felt superior living in the city.

At dinner, Brian gifted Janet an expensive necklace to welcome her, though he suspected it was a fake based on her background. Megan recognized it as fake but did not expose Janet to avoid embarrassment. She was frustrated by Janet’s attempt to seem impressive through ostentatious displays beyond her means. Emily realized the reason for Megan’s earlier distress was concern about being mocked for Janet wearing a fake piece of expensive jewelry.

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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 3

Emily answered the door to find Megan’s friend Madam Lane had come to visit. Madam Lane complimented Emily on how much she had grown and asked about Janet, not realizing the tension between her and Megan. Janet overheard the exchange and smirked mockingly at Megan’s discomfort.

That evening, Janet and Lee attended an auction with several national treasures up for bid, including a bronze ox head. Bidding quickly escalated to astronomical levels, with Janet and Lee ultimately purchasing the ox head for 80 million. Though Janet claimed to have no particular interest in the bronzeware, she seemed pleased with herself for outbidding the other attendees. The auction was then extended with an unexpected final item presented personally by the UN president.

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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 4

The man in the cage caught Janet’s attention with his good looks and seductive aura. He offered to pay double if Janet bought him, seeing potential to replenish funds. During the bidding, competition intensified between Janet and a balding man. Janet prevailed with a bid of 5 million.

As the man was released, a group of bodyguards barged in and kneeled before the cage. They addressed the man as Young Master Mason, revealing him to be the wealthy heir to numerous businesses in Sandfort City. Mason smiled casually at the bewildered President Jayden and bidders, unfamiliar with his high social status.

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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 5

Janet was introduced as the new student in class which surprised her classmates. Though from a rural village, Janet was fair-skinned and pretty, unlike what the students expected of a country bumpkin. While most students gossiped about her, Janet chose to sit by herself and observe the scenery out the window, unbothered by the attention.

During lunch, Janet was approached by a group of youths who intended to assault her. Before they could, a man rushed in and protected Janet by fighting off the youths. To her shock, the man was Mason Lowry, someone from Janet’s past. When Mason walked Janet back home to ensure her safety, she was annoyed by his insistence on following her. Though Janet claimed she could defend herself, Mason revealed he had been injured from protecting her and wanted them to reconnect as friends.

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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 6

Gordon Yaleman, a famous singer, attended Star High School, which surprised the students. Many female students were excited by his handsome looks and cool personality. Janet also recognized Gordon’s name but was confused about his attendance at her school.

When Gordon entered the classroom, he ignored other seats and sat behind Janet. This shocked everyone, including the arrogant Emily who wanted Gordon to sit beside her. During French class, the strict teacher Miss Lilian called Janet to the front to solve a difficult question, expecting her to fail. Janet admitted she didn’t know French at this level. Emily solved it instead, earning praise, while Miss Lilian scolded Janet in front of the class. Janet gave Miss Lilian a piercing gaze in response.

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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 7

Megan greeted Janet upon her arrival home but Janet locked herself in her room, leaving Megan feeling gloomy. Megan’s mood improved when her adoptive daughter Emily returned home. Emily comforted Megan about Janet’s behavior and promised to help supervise her. When Emily went upstairs to speak to Janet, she peeked into the room and saw Janet casually reading a magazine. Janet was aware of Emily’s actions but did not expose her.

At school, Jennifer Lewis, the most beautiful student, brought Janet to a corner of the hallway. Jennifer warned Janet not to speak to Young Master Yaleman again, otherwise she would let Janet experience her fist. Janet simply chuckled at the threat, gazing lazily at Jennifer with her phoenix eyes.

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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 8

Jennifer, the spoiled daughter of a powerful family, bullies students at Star High School. When she sees Janet talking to Gordon, she grows jealous and confronts Janet, hitting her. However, Janet overpowers Jennifer with martial arts and warns her to stay away. News of the confrontation spreads quickly through the school.

At a meeting with the principal, Jennifer and her mother accuse Janet of assault. However, none of the witnesses dare speak for Janet out of fear of Jennifer’s family. Just as it seems Janet will be expelled, Gordon appears and volunteers to testify that Jennifer started the altercation. His appearance causes an uproar, as the school’s most popular students facing off further intrigues the onlookers.

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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 9

Gordon defended Janet against Jennifer’s accusations of assault, revealing that he did not actually witness the incident himself. This shocked both Jennifer and the crowd gathered. Janet then turned the situation around by suggesting Jennifer be expelled instead for slander. The other parents and students began apologizing to Janet.

At school the next day, the students were still discussing the incident. Miss Lilian scolded the class for causing problems on the first day. However, some male students defended Janet by stating Jennifer was the initial aggressor. Miss Lilian grew angry and set a trial exam, stating any student scoring below 90 would lose their place in the top class. She hoped Janet would fail out of the class.

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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 10

Gordon reminded Janet that it was the day of their trial exams and warned her that students who fail would be transferred to lower classes. Janet was unfazed and said changing environments could be good as she wouldn’t have to face their snobbish French teacher. During the Spanish exam, Janet quickly finished all the questions and fell asleep, surprising the invigilator. When the exam ended, other students complained about the difficulty but Janet insisted she had completed it easily.

The second exam focused on Spanish, Mathematics and English. After exams, Janet ignored many missed calls on her phone. That night, during a rainstorm, Mason appeared and pulled her into an embrace in his car. Janet was uncomfortable but Mason said she would get sick in the rain. At Lowry Residence, the maids were surprised to see Mason bring home a woman for the first time and immediately set to work caring for Janet.

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