His Sweet Little Mate by Obticeo Decatect Chapter Summary

His Sweet Little Mate by Obticeo Decatect

His Sweet Little Mate by Obticeo Decatect follows the story of Micah, an alpha King in search of his fated mate within the supernatural world. Despite encountering numerous potential mates, Micah remains steadfast in his pursuit, unwilling to settle for anything less than his destined partner.

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The narrative delves into themes of destiny, longing, and the transformative power of love as Micah navigates through challenges and unexpected discoveries on his quest to find his mate. With tension, anticipation, and primal instincts at play, the novel promises a captivating blend of romance, intrigue, and supernatural allure, keeping readers eagerly engaged from start to finish.

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Book Title His Sweet Little Mate by Obticeo Decatect
Author Obticeo Decatect
Where to Read Amazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Abused, Arranged Marriage, WereWolf
Tags WereWolf, Obticeo Decatect, Abby and Hanna

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His Sweet Little Mate by Obticeo Decatect PDF

His Sweet Little Mate by Obticeo Decatect PDF

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His Sweet Little Mate by Obticeo Decatect Chapter 1

Beta Ryan drags his daughter Abby into a warehouse away from the welcoming party being held for the visiting werewolf King. He insults and berates Abby, telling her to never let anyone see her ugly scarred face or they will learn he has a daughter like her.

Ryan wants everything perfect to help Abby’s beautiful sister Hanna catch the King’s attention. He threatens to beat and chain Abby if she embarrasses Hanna. Abby cries herself to sleep after Ryan leaves. She wakes up hungry and thirsty to the music still playing in the distance.

Suddenly, someone knocks at the door and demands to be let in, though Abby does not recognize the voice or scent. When the person threatens to tear down the door, Abby pleads for them to leave, afraid of her father’s punishment if she is seen.

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His Sweet Little Mate by Obticeo Decatect Chapter 2

Micah felt uneasy throughout the day as he searched for his destined mate among the women in the various packs. None of the women were a match for him. At the current pack’s celebration, Beta Ryan introduced his daughter Hanna to Micah, though he knew she was not his mate.

Frustrated, Micah left the party to walk alone. He caught an intriguing sweet scent carried by the wind that drew him to an isolated cluster of small warehouses. Recognizing the scent as his mate’s, Micah hurriedly tracked it down to one locked warehouse door.

When he demanded to be let in, a small, trembling voice inside replied in fear. Displeased by her fright, Micah tore down the door and found his mate in distress.

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His Sweet Little Mate by Obticeo Decatect Chapter 3

Abby was locked inside a dark warehouse by her father. Some members of her pack would occasionally give her food and water out of pity, but dared not openly defy the alpha. This mysterious tall man had easily torn down the warehouse door.

Though intimidating, he proclaimed he would not harm or leave Abby in such a place. Terrified of her father’s beatings, Abby struggled against the man’s grip as he carried her out. She begged him to put her down and let her stay, sobbing that her father would beat her for leaving without permission.

The man tried to calm her, insisting he meant no harm. When he learned someone was hurting Abby, his eyes darkened in anger. He demanded to know who was going to beat her. Abby cried out apologies though unsure what wrong she had done.

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His Sweet Little Mate by Obticeo Decatect Chapter 4

Micah found Abby locked inside an abandoned warehouse. He sensed her immense fear and confusion. Abby misunderstood Micah’s anger as being directed at her, so she stopped talking and curled into a ball. Her condition deeply upset Micah. When Alan approached, Micah ordered for the royal healer to be ready.

He refused to let anyone harm Abby. Hanna recognized her sister Abby in Micah’s arms, though Abby’s face was covered. Micah questioned Hanna about knowing Abby. Though Hanna claimed Abby was a servant, Micah saw through the lie. Micah continued on with Abby, dismissing Hanna.

This shocked Hanna, but she rushed to inform Abby’s father Ryan about the encounter. Ryan was enraged that Abby had met the king, as he wanted to punish Abby for disobeying him.

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His Sweet Little Mate by Obticeo Decatect Chapter 5

Micah was weighing his options on whether to accept Abby as his mate after discovering her burn scars. The royal healer Nadia expressed concerns about Abby’s suitability due to her scars. Micah’s friend Alan tried to advise him to think carefully before making a decision.

At a meeting with the pack’s Alpha James and Beta Ryan, Micah questioned them about Abby. Beta Ryan admitted Abby was his daughter but claimed she was a monster due to her scars. He wanted to take Abby back and punish her for bothering the King.

Micah realized Beta Ryan was the one who had beaten and locked Abby in a warehouse in the past. When directly confronted, Beta Ryan confirmed he had abused Abby and often needed to teach her lessons. Micah was furious at the Beta’s mistreatment of his own daughter.

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His Sweet Little Mate by Obticeo Decatect Chapter 6

King Micah brought beta Ryan and alpha James to confront them about Abby’s abuse. When Micah saw Abby’s scars, he realized she was his mate. He decided to take Abby back to the palace to care for her, shocking beta Ryan.

At the palace, Micah dismissed his advisors to see Abby. Though her scars showed her suffering, Micah was determined to help her heal and have her by his side as his queen despite it being a difficult path.

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His Sweet Little Mate by Obticeo Decatect Chapter 7

Abby startled awake in confusion, remembering little except being carried by the king. She feared her father’s threats of violence should she meet the king. To her dread, the king sat sleeping nearby. Too afraid to make a sound, Abby watched him until he awoke with his deep, captivating gaze.

Abby immediately knelt and apologized profusely for sleeping in his bed, trembling in fear. The king ordered her to rise, confused by her terror of him. When asked what happened, Abby assumed the king helped her but thought herself a burden.

The king did not understand how she felt nothing upon their meeting, which should have revealed their bond as mates. Abby remained fearful at his touch, expecting violence. The king assured her gently, revealing they were mated. Abby seemed unaware of what that should entail, still shaking under his gaze.

The king saw healing her wounds would be a challenge but remained determined to ease her fears.

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His Sweet Little Mate by Obticeo Decatect Chapter 8

Abby was stunned when King Micah declared her as his mate. She found the claim absurd and insisted there must be some mistake. When Micah affirmed it again while looking into her eyes, Abby was too surprised to lower her head in fear.

She apologized profusely for questioning the king. Micah stopped her from bowing her head to the floor, and helped her sit on a chair as his equal despite her protests. News of this reached Hanna and her father Ryan. Hanna threw a tantrum, upset that the “monster” Abby had taken the king’s side and must have badmouthed their family to him.

Ryan scolded Hanna to stop destroying things. When Hanna cried fearing the king’s punishment, Ryan assured her Micah had not publicly announced Abby as his mate yet. There may be opposition to his decision. Ryan said he would discuss the matter with Alpha James to find a solution, though Hanna saw no way out given the king’s power.

Ryan hugged Hanna, comforting her that nothing had happened to them so far.

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His Sweet Little Mate by Obticeo Decatect Chapter 9

Abby woke up confused in the king’s bedroom after collapsing the night before from exhaustion. The healer Nadia checked on her and explained that the king had declared Abby as his mate. Abby was unsure what this meant and wanted to return home, but Nadia said they needed the king’s permission.

When the king’s meeting with Alpha James was over, the alpha told Ryan that the king wanted to take Abby to the capital city immediately. This meant the pack meeting would be that evening so they could leave the next day.

Ryan was shocked to learn they would depart so soon. Alpha James sighed deeply and said there was nothing he could do. He blamed Ryan for Abby’s situation, knowing the abuse she suffered for ten years after a fire killed her mother and left scars on Abby.

Ryan could only pray Abby did not tell the king about her past treatment. Everything was happening quickly and out of Ryan’s control, to his dismay.

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His Sweet Little Mate by Obticeo Decatect Chapter 10

Abby stiffened when King Micah entered her room, intimidated by his presence. Micah asked if she was eating well, noting the leftover food, but Abby insisted she couldn’t finish the large portions. Their conversation grew tense until Micah knelt before her, steadying her trembling body.

Micah told Abby she need not apologize so much and that he never heard someone apologize in such a short time. He revealed they had much to do with her, as her personality didn’t suit being queen. Abby tried to deny the goddess chose her as Micah’s mate, calling herself a “monster.” Though pained, Micah wasn’t surprised by this name from her people.

Softening, Micah assured Abby there was nothing wrong with her and promised to care for the rest. He asked to see her home and father, revealing he would take her to the capital city the next day. Shocked, Abby protested but Micah took her hand, eager to learn more about the one destined to be his mate.

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