Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love! Chapter Summary

Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love! by Yagna revolves around Akshitha, a 21-year-old engineering student from Coonoor who is a die-hard fan of Yadav Rishid, a famous businessman and celebrity. When Akshitha gets an opportunity to work in Chennai, she is excited at the prospect of possibly meeting her crush Yadav.

However, after moving to Chennai, some strange incidents start occurring that put both Akshitha and Yadav’s lives in danger. Who is orchestrating these threats and what do they want? Akshitha and Yadav find themselves thrown together as they try to get to the bottom of who is targeting them and why. In the process of working together, will Akshitha’s admiration for Yadav turn into something more as they spend more time together and rely on each other to survive the dangerous situations?

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Book TitleCelebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresBillionaire Romance
TagsCrazy Love, Billionaire, Love, Secret Love, Comedy

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Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love! PDF

Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love! PDF

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Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love! Chapter 1

Yadav informed his father Aravind that he had to visit the film set as it was the last day of shooting for an advertisement. His father was concerned about Yadav’s involvement with actresses but Yadav assured him that he was only meeting with the director. Yadav’s mother Shalini then asked him about the marriage proposals he had been receiving. However, Yadav said he was not ready for marriage yet at only 27 years old and wanted to wait until he was 30.

Yadav is the sole heir to the successful Rishid Group of Companies. In just two years since taking over the business, he has established himself as a prominent businessman through his principles and ethics. He runs his businesses strictly and is known for his punctuality. Yadav also operates a charitable trust that funds heart surgeries, education for underprivileged children, and employment for talented university students. He aims to give back to the community rather than pay high taxes.

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Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love! Chapter 2

Akshitha was busy cutting out pictures of her celebrity crush, businessman Yadav Rishid, from magazines while avoiding helping her mother Sumathi cook in their home in Coonoor. Akshitha had developed a habit of obsessively admiring celebrities over the years, from actors to athletes, and was currently infatuated with Rishid since his recent success. She had collected many photos of Rishid online and plastered them on the walls of her room, finding joy in the media coverage of his rumored relationships with actresses that kept him in the public eye.

Her friend Kavya, who lived in Coimbatore, often teased Akshitha about her fantasies. The two had studied engineering together in college, where Akshitha resided in Coimbatore while Kavya lived closer in Coimbatore. Akshitha remained focused on cutting out pictures of Rishid rather than assisting her mother as requested, eager to continue admiring her newest celebrity obsession.

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Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love! Chapter 3

Akshitha spotted her favorite actor Yadav at a mall and chased after him, determined to get a selfie despite him having two bodyguards. She managed to stop Yadav and politely asked for a photo, which he agreed to. However, when she saw his dimple, Akshitha impulsively kissed his cheek. To her surprise, Yadav began kissing her passionately on the lips, which Akshitha eagerly returned.

Akshitha’s friend Kavya woke her from the dream, annoyed that they were late for their shopping trip before an upcoming trip. Though disappointed to leave the dream, Akshitha was glad Kavya disrupted it before it went too far, chiding her friend for spoiling the romantic moment before getting ready to leave.

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Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love! Chapter 4

Shiva rushed through traffic to reach Le Meridian hotel where Yadav was stuck in a room with a popular actress after a film industry party. Reporters were waiting outside hoping to get a photo of them together which could cause issues for Yadav’s family.

Shiva spoke to Raghu, the hotel manager, who had tried unsuccessfully to get the reporters to leave. The rooms did not have connecting doors that would allow Yadav to escape unseen. Shiva asked if there was another way out like through a balcony or pool behind the room, but Raghu said it was not possible to avoid the media’s eyes. While on the phone to Yadav, Shiva was worried about how to get him out without the reporters catching them together.

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Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love! Chapter 5

Kavi and Akshitha had just moved into their new paying guest accommodation in Chennai where they would both be working for the same company. Their mothers helped them settle in and showed them around their new living space, which provided meals except for lunch on weekdays. Akshitha’s scooter would be arriving that weekend to help them get around, and in the meantime they planned to explore the local area using public transportation.

Though nervous about living alone away from home for the first time, Kavi was reassured by Akshitha that they still had three more days until their first day of work to adjust. That evening while getting ready for bed in their shared room, Kavi voiced concerns about missing home but Akshitha encouraged her that the new responsibilities and routines would keep her busy and distracted. She also promised they could still speak to their mothers every day through video calls.

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Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love! Chapter 6

Akshitha reluctantly agreed to her roommate’s practice run of their morning commute to the office in Sholinganallur, waking up at 6am to take the bus. They meticulously timed their routine to arrive by 9:30am, but her roommate wanted to leave even earlier to finish by 5pm. Akshitha refused, finding the early morning wake up too much and disliking the heat of Chennai after living elsewhere.

During their break, while Akshitha’s roommate worried about safety returning late, Akshitha convinced her to visit the beach to see more of Chennai. They played in the water and walked along the shore as their clothes dried. Taking the bus back, Akshitha agreed to return to their PG after visiting the beach, easing her roommate’s fears about the new city.

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Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love! Chapter 7

Yadav was angry that his mother had invited the stranger girl who helped with Bruno to their home for lunch. He did not want the girl to see or touch Bruno again, believing the dog only loved him. Yadav planned to take Bruno to the guest house so the girl could not see him.

Kavya was furious that her friend wanted to go to the stranger woman’s house just because she was invited. Kavya felt it was too risky in a new city and scolded her friend for being so naive, threatening to tell her mother about her stupidity. Kavya refused to accompany her friend to the woman’s house, worrying it could be a kidnapping trap.

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Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love! Chapter 8

Yadav decided to stay home for the weekend after receiving a lecture from his father. He was invited by his college mate Rakesh to his new pub, which hadn’t gained much popularity yet. Yadav considered going there to enjoy himself in peace without many people recognizing him.

When Yadav returned home, his mother was on the phone smiling with who he realized was her mother. His dogs jumped on him, catching his mother’s attention. She informed “Akshu” that she would send the car to pick her up the next day. Yadav asked his mother for coffee and snacks, then refreshed and took his father’s car to Rakesh’s pub to party for the night as Friday was his night to go out, keeping with his promise to his father to stay home on the weekends.

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Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love! Chapter 9

Akshitha got lost late at night while driving to her PG after her phone died, preventing her from navigating. She had been driving around confused on similarly looking roads for three hours with increasing fear and panic. When no other people were around on the deserted road, she broke down crying by her bike out of distress.

A car passed by and stopped, with a tall man getting out to check on her. Though he initially yelled at her in a dangerously low tone for being out so late alone on such a road, his voice also seemed sincere in his concern for her safety. When she stumbled, he steadied her with a gentle touch of her elbow that gave her goosebumps. She explained her situation to him as he continued yelling, calling her actions mad.

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Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love! Chapter 10

Akshitha was worried about being left alone while her friend Kavi went out for lunch with her classmates. Kavi sensed that Akshitha was planning to go to the home of a stranger and did not want to leave her alone. Despite Akshitha’s reassurances that she would stay home, Kavi remained suspicious of her intentions and threatened to call Akshitha’s mother if she did not answer Kavi’s check-in calls.

Akshitha tried to convince Kavi that she had no way to contact the stranger whose home she was not planning to visit. However, Kavi saw through Akshitha’s excuse and remained unconvinced. She gave Akshitha a look showing that she did not believe her story and would be keeping a close watch despite Akshitha’s attempts to persuade her friend to stop worrying and enjoy her outing.

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