Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter Summary

Leaving The Country After Divorce

Leaving The Country After Divorce by chibykexticks revolves around a woman whose marriage ends in divorce after three years. The dissolution of her marriage causes her to be mocked and ridiculed in her city. Six years later, she returns to her home country with her twin children. She is now a renowned doctor with her life back on track. Many men seek to court her, but one day her daughter tells her that her ex-husband has been begging on his knees for three days to remarry her.

Upon returning to her home country, her ex-husband Lucian continues to complicate her life. He pursues her and refuses to leave her alone. She fears him and what renewed contact may bring up from their past. To protect herself and her children, she tries to hide from Lucian. However, he is persistent in trying to reconnect with her and understand why she left so suddenly years ago.

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Book TitleLeaving The Country After Divorce
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Genres Romance
TagsRevenge, Suspense, Modern, Billionaires, CEO, Attractive, Genius Doctor, Pregnancy, City Mockery, Divorce, Wealthy Family, Family Dynamics, Love Triangle, New Beginnings, Personal Growth

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Leaving The Country After Divorce PDF

Leaving The Country After Divorce PDF

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Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1

Lucian was furious with his wife Roxanne for kissing him passionately. While she had loved him for their three years of marriage, he had never touched her before. Roxanne proposed giving her blessing for Lucian to pursue his first crush instead if only he would make up for her feelings that night. Despite knowing it was wrong, her desire and long-held love for Lucian overwhelmed her.

When Roxanne kissed Lucian, his anger flared but he struggled with his mounting desire. As Roxanne kissed him rapidly with inexperienced hands all over his body, wanting to finally possess him, Lucian was overtaken by a wave of fury. However, he did not push her away as his reason was threatened by the fire of his body’s response.

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Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 2

The boys lit up at the sight of Roxanne as she hurried into Harvey’s office. Scrambling off the couch, they ran toward her excitedly asking if she was finally done working and thought she’d stay in the laboratory forever. They led Roxanne to the couch so she could take a seat, concerned that she must be tired after working hard.

As Roxanne took in their concern, Harvey huffed angrily behind his desk, saying the boys weren’t as obedient when they hacked into her computer earlier. Archie declared it was all Harvey’s fault for keeping asking Roxanne to work overtime and that she was getting malnourished. Benny agreed, saying Harvey asked her to work day and night which was too much for an ordinary human. Harvey responded the boys were too overprotective of her and everyone in the research institute did the same work. He then asked Roxanne how her research went, and she replied it went smoothly and would send the data to him later.

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Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 3

Roxanne hurried out of the airport with her children Archie and Benny, constantly glancing behind her to ensure that an unseen figure did not follow. The children found her behavior strange but did not question her given her visible anxiety. When a woman called out to them from afar, Roxanne relaxed upon recognizing her best friend from university, Madilyn Xander.

Madilyn worked as a doctor and warmly greeted Roxanne and the children upon reaching them, embracing Roxanne with excitement upon her return home after years apart. Though they had kept in touch online, Roxanne and Madilyn rarely saw each other in person and expressed how much they had missed each other.

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Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 4

The little girl hesitated but eventually took Roxanne’s outstretched hand. Roxanne helped the little girl up gently and checked her for injuries. Upon getting physically closer, Roxanne was reminded of her stillborn daughter who would have been the little girl’s age. The thought filled her with heartache and regret, which the little girl seemed to sense as she gazed at Roxanne quietly.

Despite initial rigidity, the little girl allowed Roxanne to help her up after long hesitation. Their close interaction stirred emotions in Roxanne, who recalled her late daughter and felt overwhelmed with sadness. Though wary, the little girl intuitively understood Roxanne’s feelings and watched her in silence, sensing her turmoil though unable to communicate through words.

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Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 5

Lucian glared at Aubree silently, suspicious of her motives for being there. Meanwhile, Aubree struggled to hide her true feelings. When Lucian’s daughter Estella went missing, concern grew that she may have been kidnapped again. As the police had no leads on her whereabouts, Cayden worried it was the worst case scenario. Lucian’s anger darkened at the thought. He commanded Cayden to expand their search efforts and find Estella by the end of the day. Just then, Lucian’s phone rang as he spun to take the call, perhaps with news regarding his daughter’s disappearance.

Cayden felt a chill at realizing how furious Lucian was becoming over Estella’s kidnapping. As his employer’s personal assistant, Cayden knew Lucian would stop at nothing to find his beloved daughter. He vowed to mobilize more manpower to expand their search for Estella, hoping the incoming phone call brought some clue to her whereabouts so Lucian’s wrath could be averted.

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Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 6

The small group made their way into The Drunken Fairy restaurant and seated themselves at a corner table. Worried that the little girl Estella would feel uncomfortable, Roxanne gave her all her attention, feeding her and wiping her mouth at every opportunity. Archie and Benny sat next to them and tried their best to peel as much shrimp as they could for Estella, seeing her indulge in the food melted their hearts. Estella never stopped chewing as she kept her focus on the growing pile of food before her.

As the group ate, a conversation could be heard from the table next to them. The voice mentioned that the Farwell family’s princess had gone missing and that the family had scoured the entire city for her but still couldn’t find her.

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Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 7

Estella was still upset after Roxanne’s sudden departure. When her father Lucian scanned the room and his gaze fell on her, Estella turned away with a huff, clearly not afraid of him but still unhappy. Lucian’s assistant Cayden noticed Estella was safe and tried speaking to her, but she only glanced at him before furiously turning away again. Lucian then turned to the woman Madilyn beside his daughter with narrowed eyes. Madilyn’s chest tightened as she met his gaze, secretly squeezing her own hands to compose herself. Lucian’s expression darkened as he took a good look at Madilyn’s face, able to tell it was actually her despite her changed appearance.

Cayden observed Estella and saw she was unharmed, reporting as such to his boss Lucian with relief. Lucian questioned Madilyn about Roxanne’s whereabouts with a darkened expression, able to recognize Madilyn despite her changed appearance. Madilyn composed herself nervously under Lucian’s piercing gaze.

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Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 8

Archie and Benny asked their mother Roxanne about Lucian, whom she seemed afraid of. Roxanne told them Lucian was no one important and that she had a personal grudge against him, instructing the boys to hide if they ever heard his name. After Roxanne looked away, Archie and Benny glanced at each other curiously, wondering what could have happened between their parents.

Roxanne continued worrying over what was happening on Madilyn’s side. Archie then reminded her that they left the previous place in such a rush that Lucian might check the surveillance cameras and find them easily. Roxanne instantly tensed up, realizing she had forgotten about the cameras and that Lucian may already be searching for them. She decided they needed to get home immediately. Seeing their mother’s panicked reaction, Archie and Benny suppressed smiles and reassured her that Archie would handle the situation.

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Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 9

Estella quietly got down from the car after Lucian drove her home from the park. When they entered the house, Aubree immediately called out to Estella and ran to hug her, expressing shock that Estella had run away without telling anyone. She started inspecting Estella for injuries, voicing sincere concern for Estella’s well-being. However, Estella remained cold towards Aubree, remembering why she had run away in the first place was because Aubree had told her that her father wouldn’t care for her anymore. Seeing Aubree’s hypocritical concern disgusted Estella, who couldn’t help but recall the kind woman she had met in the park that day. Estella saw a stark difference between the two women.

Lucian silently followed Estella into the house. Though Aubree hugged Estella upon seeing her, Estella remained cold and detached. She disbelieved Aubree’s professed worry since Estella had run away because of Aubree telling her her father wouldn’t want her. Estella found Aubree’s concern insincere and hypocritical compared to the kindness shown by the woman at the park. Seeing Aubree only deepened Estella’s disgust and preference for the stranger who treated her well without judgment.

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Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 10

Roxanne and her two children eagerly ate all the leftovers Madilyn brought from the restaurant, famished after their long journey. Once the children took their showers, Madilyn pressed Roxanne for answers on why she was running from her ex-husband and what really happened between them in the past few years.

Roxanne hesitated but decided to tell Madilyn the full story. In a shocking revelation, Roxanne admitted to drugging her ex-husband Lucian and conceiving their two children Benny and Archie without his consent. Still fearing Lucian’s revenge for her past actions, Roxanne ran away not wanting him to discover the children, worried that as a powerful man he could easily retaliate against her and her family.

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