Contract With Alpha Logan by Misha K Chapter Summary

Contract With Alpha Logan by Misha K

Contract With Alpha Logan by Misha K revolves around Kylie, whose husband’s affair with his ex-girlfriend Zoe threatens her marriage. Desperate for freedom, Kylie is offered a chance for revenge by the powerful Alpha Logan, who wants her to become his Luna for a year.

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As Kylie considers this dangerous bargain, she finds herself drawn to the enigmatic Alpha, leading to an intense and complicated situation.

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Attribute Detail
Book Title Contract With Alpha Logan
Author Misha k
Where to Read Amazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres WereWolf, Misha k, Kylie and Zoe
Tags WereWolf

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Contract With Alpha Logan by Misha K PDF

Contract With Alpha Logan by Misha K PDF

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Chapter 1

Kylie, the wife of Alpha Graham, is devastated to see her husband dancing and being intimate with his high school sweetheart, Zoe Muller, during their two-year marriage anniversary celebration. Zoe had previously rejected Graham’s proposal, but has now returned, causing a rift in Kylie and Graham’s relationship.

Kylie confronts Zoe, asserting that Graham is her mate and husband, and there is no room for a third person in their marriage. However, after the party, Graham goes to the guest room where Zoe is staying, ignoring Kylie. Kylie experiences a sharp pain in her belly, realizing that Graham has been intimate with Zoe, which is a betrayal according to werewolf traditions.

Determined to reclaim her position, Kylie dresses up and goes to the guest room, but is denied entry by the guards, who say it is on Graham’s orders. Kylie hears Zoe and Graham’s intimate sounds from the room, causing her further distress.

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Chapter 2

Kylie, the mate of Alpha Graham, is struggling in her marriage as Graham continues to prioritize his former love, Zoe, over Kylie. Zoe had previously left the pack but has now returned, causing tension between the three. Kylie feels helpless and decides to seek help from Zoe’s parents, but they dismiss her concerns, siding with Zoe.

Frustrated, Kylie resorts to reaching out to her best friend Katy, whose brother is the powerful Alpha Logan of the North American pack. Kylie hopes to leverage Logan’s influence to help her in this dire situation. However, Katy does not answer Kylie’s call, leaving her with limited options to address the challenges in her marriage.

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Chapter 3

Kylie, the Alpha’s daughter, was facing increasing pain and a weakening bond with her mate, Graham. Determined to improve her warrior skills, Kylie trained with Gamma Shir, impressing everyone with her abilities. However, Zoe, the Beta’s daughter, requested to train with Kylie, claiming that Graham had ordered her to do so.

During their training session, Zoe unexpectedly attacked Kylie, revealing that she was pregnant with Graham’s pup. Enraged, Graham accused Kylie and choked her, warning her to stay away from Zoe. Kylie was devastated, realizing that Graham had been unfaithful to her.

Feeling hopeless, Kylie reached out to her friend Katy, requesting an urgent meeting with Alpha Logan. Katy agreed to arrange the meeting, and Kylie went into the forest, hoping to find solace in her wolf, Coral. However, Coral did not respond, leaving Kylie alone and despondent.

As Kylie contemplated her dire situation, Katy called back with the news that Alpha Logan would meet her the day after.

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Chapter 4

Kylie was surprised when Katy informed her that Alpha Logan would be meeting her in two days. Excited at the prospect of getting her pack back from Graham, Kylie prepared her case to present to Alpha Logan. However, Graham informed Kylie that she would not be attending the ball hosted for Alpha Logan, as he wanted his mistress, Zoe, to be more prominent.

Frustrated, Kylie called Gamma Shir and asked him to accompany her to the ball. On the day of the meeting, Kylie watched in awe as Alpha Logan arrived with his entourage. When Graham introduced Zoe to Alpha Logan, the Alpha questioned where Kylie, the Luna, was.

Graham claimed Kylie was unwell, which angered Alpha Logan, who expressed his displeasure at being welcomed by Graham’s mistress instead of his Luna. Alpha Logan then demanded to meet the person behind the successful Golden Gate project, which Kylie had initiated.

Kylie, relieved to see Zoe’s place being diminished, smiled at the turn of events.

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Chapter 5

Kylie, frustrated by Alpha Graham’s attempts to keep her away from Alpha Logan, decides to crash the ball held in honor of Alpha Logan. With the help of Gamma Shir, she attends the event, drawing attention and causing a stir. As she approaches Alpha Logan, she feels someone watching her.

Kylie politely introduces herself to Alpha Logan and requests a private conversation, which he grants. In the private room, Kylie reveals her desire to get out of her marriage to Alpha Graham and reclaim her pack. Alpha Logan agrees to help her, but with a condition – she must sign a contract to be his Luna for a year after he helps her.

Shocked by this unexpected twist, Kylie is given the contract to read and sign by the next morning, as Alpha Logan plans to leave with her then.

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Chapter 6

KyliePOV: AlphaLogan’s blunt statement about her husband’s infidelity leaves Kylie flustered. Despite her reluctance, she accompanies Logan back to the party, where several unmated Alphas and Betas approach her, including one who invites her to his pack’s Moonlit Revelries. Graham suddenly interrupts, commanding Kylie to dance with him instead, much to Zoe’s displeasure.

During the dance, Kylie notices Graham’s aggression and Zoe’s bitter expression. Later, Kylie confides in her trusted ally, Shir, about her plan to reclaim her pack from Alpha Graham. The next morning, Zoe confronts Kylie, accusing her of being a “w$$$e” and questioning her interactions with Alpha Logan.

Kylie stands her ground, asserting her position as the Luna.

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Chapter 7

Kylie, the Luna of the Lunar pack, faced off against Zoe, who claimed to be pregnant with Alpha Graham’s pup. Zoe insulted Kylie, questioning her position as Luna, but Kylie stood her ground, reminding Zoe that she was still Graham’s wife and mate.

The confrontation was witnessed by the pack’s omegas, and Zoe resorted to crying, claiming that Kylie hated her and that she would leave the pack if unwanted. When Kylie met with Alpha Graham, he scolded her for her behavior towards Zoe, but Kylie defended herself, stating that she was not the one who splashed juice on Zoe.

Graham, however, dismissed Kylie’s explanation and blamed Zoe’s mood swings. Kylie then suggested that they take a few days apart to gain clarity on their relationship, as she had been asked by Alpha Logan to help with a project in his pack.

Graham initially refused to allow Kylie to leave, but Kylie pointed out that if he didn’t help Alpha Logan, it could lead to an attack on their pack, which he was not prepared to handle with Zoe’s pregnancy. Reluctantly, Graham agreed to let Kylie go, but the chapter ends with something unexpected happening.

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