Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Episode Chapter Summary

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Episode

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Episode by author Callie revolves around Briana Schneider’s journey after discovering her husband Maxim’s infidelity with her twin sister Kiley. Briana decides to let go of her love for Maxim, but Maxim refuses to divorce her.

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Eventually, Maxim chooses Kiley, but later realizes he truly loves Briana.

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Attribute Detail
Book Title Fall for You After Divorce
Author Callie
Where to Read Amazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Romance, Callie
Tags CEO, Love, Marriage

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Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Episode PDF

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Episode PDF

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Chapter 1

Briana received a series of photos from Kiley showing her and Maxim in a compromising situation. Briana confronted Maxim, but he dismissed her concerns and sided with Kiley. Realizing Maxim’s lack of love for her, Briana decided to file for divorce.

The lawyer tried to convince her to seek a substantial settlement, but Briana only wanted to end the marriage quickly. She packed her belongings, removed her wedding ring, and left the house. As she walked out, Briana was picked up by a woman named Melody Joyce, who questioned whether Briana was serious about the divorce.

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Chapter 2

Briana, a successful fashion company founder, had been focused on treating her boyfriend Maxim’s legs for years. However, she recently discovered that Maxim was cheating on her with Kiley. Briana’s friend Melody urged her to leave Maxim, and Briana decided to take a break from everything, including her company.

She left for an unspecified destination, leaving Melody to handle the company. Meanwhile, Maxim’s mother, Kendra, noticed Briana’s absence and confronted Maxim about it. Maxim realized that Briana had not contacted him in a month, which was unusual. He tried to reach her, but she had blocked his number.

Maxim then instructed his assistant, Rayan, to find Briana and get her a ticket to return home. However, the property management informed Rayan that Briana had left the house with a suitcase the day after Maxim went on a business trip.

Maxim’s expression became increasingly dangerous as he realized Briana had disappeared.

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Chapter 3

Maxim arrived at Setherville and Kiley soon followed, claiming it was a trip but the office knew she came for Maxim. They went to the airport together, and Rayan noticed how tender Maxim was with Kiley, in contrast to his cold behavior towards Briana during their business trips.

Meanwhile, Briana was leaving the airport with Melody, and she noticed Maxim and Kiley leaving together, tightening her grip on the suitcase with a blank face. Maxim wondered if he had mistaken Briana for the woman he saw, as her style was different.

He angrily asked Rayan to find Briana’s whereabouts, and when Rayan reported that she was staying at a mansion belonging to the actor Hector Baldwin, Maxim’s wrath rose. He had found the divorce papers Briana had signed, and he was furious that she had dared to leave him.

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Chapter 4

Briana arrived at the villa and was surprised to find Hector, her former artist, staying there. Hector had been staying at the villa for years, as Briana had given him the key when his family was going through a difficult time.

However, now that Briana was moving in, she told Hector that it might not be convenient for him to stay there anymore. As Hector was making coffee for Briana, the doorbell rang, and he was surprised to find Maxim, Briana’s husband, at the door.

Maxim demanded to know where Briana was, and when Hector told him that she was taking a shower, Maxim revealed that he was Briana’s husband, implying that he had come to see her. The interaction between Hector and Maxim was tense, with Maxim’s hostility and anger evident.

Hector frowned, sensing the tension, as he tried to understand why Maxim was there and what he wanted with Briana.

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Chapter 5

Hector was shocked to find Maxim at Briana’s door, and he confronted Maxim, who threatened to ban him. Briana asked Hector to go inside, and she turned to Maxim, who accused her of keeping a “gigolo.” Maxim then forcibly took Briana into his car, and they argued about the divorce.

Maxim received a call from Kiley, who was scared due to a power cut at the villa, and he left Briana to go check on her. Briana made it clear that she was determined to divorce Maxim, regardless of his agreement.

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Chapter 6

Briana returned to her car alone after Maxim left, frustrated by her stubbornness. Maxim was also annoyed, but decided to prioritize finding Kiley. Briana received a call from Hector, who came to pick her up and brought her back to the villa.

The next morning, Briana returned to work at MY Corporation, where Melody informed her of the company’s dire state due to mismanagement by the shareholders’ relatives. Briana quickly called a shareholder meeting and effectively shut down their attempts, shocking Melody. Meanwhile, Maxim instructed Rayan to continue the acquisition plan for MY Corporation, despite the founder’s return.

Rayan also informed Maxim about the arrival of the “Tear of Elf” necklace, which Maxim intended to give to Briana as an anniversary gift. Maxim was troubled by Briana’s resolute departure and his sense of losing control over the situation.

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Chapter 7

Maxim was disappointed when he saw that the caller was Kiley, who invited him to her grandfather’s birthday party. Despite the invitation, Maxim was irritated and depressed. Meanwhile, Rayan informed Maxim about a land auction in the east of the city, prompting him to call an urgent meeting.

While Maxim was in the meeting, Kiley arrived and was greeted by Rayan, who took her to Maxim’s office. There, Kiley discovered a red jewelry box on Maxim’s desk, which she suspected was a birthday gift for her. Briana received a call from Zane, who insisted that she attend her grandfather’s birthday party and come with Maxim.

Mallory, Kiley’s mother, expressed her dislike for Briana and suggested that Maxim should divorce Briana and marry Kiley instead. Zane warned Mallory not to say anything to Briana before he had a chance to discuss the matter with Maxim. As Briana was about to leave work, Melody approached her, asking about her plans for the evening.

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