The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle Chapter Summary

The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle

The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle revolves around Sheila, an omega living in the Dark Moon Pack’s luxurious packhouse, who is afraid of her return Alpha, Nick. Sheila’s trusted friend Goldie questions why Sheila must hide from her husband, suggesting there is more to their relationship than is immediately apparent.

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Attribute Detail
Book Title The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna
Author Glorious Eagle
Where to Read Amazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres WereWolf, Glorious Eagle, Sheila’s and Rolls Royce
Tags WereWolf

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The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle PDF

The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna by Glorious Eagle PDF

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Chapter 1

Sheila’s heart sank as she heard the Rolls Royce of the Dark Moon Pack Alpha, Nick, pull into the car park. Sheila’s trusted friend, Goldie, urged her to leave quickly before Alpha Nick saw her. Sheila pleaded with Goldie not to reveal her whereabouts to her powerful father, the Alpha King.

When Alpha Nick arrived, he informed Sheila that their six-month marriage contract was ending, as he had not mated or marked her. He revealed that his true mate, Charlotte, had returned, and he wished to marry her. Sheila begged Alpha Nick to delay the divorce for three days, hoping to attend a pack gala with him and change his mind, but he refused, deeming her unworthy.

Sheila was devastated to learn that her former best friend, Charlotte, was Alpha Nick’s mate. She recalled how Charlotte had attempted to kill her, but Sheila had saved herself. Sheila pleaded with Alpha Nick to reconsider, but he remained cold and unaffected by her distress, only offering her half of his pack as compensation.

Heartbroken, Sheila signed the divorce papers, feeling like a failure for not being able to win Alpha Nick’s love.

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Chapter 2

Alpha Nick formally initiated the divorce proceedings with Sheila, leaving her distraught. Sheila was concerned about informing Alpha Nick’s ailing mother, Athena, about the divorce, but Alpha Nick prioritized his relationship with his mate, Charlotte, over his family. Sheila retreated into the woods, where her wolf, Solara, refused to take control, reflecting Sheila’s own internal turmoil.

Upon returning to the pack house, Sheila encountered Beta Dustin, who showed indifference towards her situation. Athena, however, expressed her affection for Sheila and tried to make her comfortable, much to the annoyance of Tedmond, Bree, and Beta Dustin, who were pleased by the prospect of Sheila’s impending departure.

The next day, Alpha Nick returned, accompanied by Charlotte, and was displeased to find the unsigned divorce papers still on the table, indicating Sheila’s continued presence in the pack house.

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Chapter 3

Alpha Nick had found a replacement bride for Charlotte, who had been kidnapped, and it turned out to be Sheila, Charlotte’s former best friend turned enemy. Charlotte and Sheila were once close, but their relationship soured when Sheila began to outshine Charlotte.

Charlotte, unable to handle Sheila’s success, tried to eliminate her, but her attempts failed. Now, after six months, Charlotte is back and is annoyed by Sheila’s presence as the contract Luna. Sheila, on the other hand, has no intention of revealing their past and instead signs the divorce papers, asking Alpha Nick to complete the process quickly.

Charlotte, not wanting Sheila to receive any of Alpha Nick’s wealth, tries to manipulate the situation to her advantage. Sheila, exhausted and emotionally drained, just wants to sever all ties with Alpha Nick. However, Charlotte’s fear of Sheila’s influence on Alpha Nick leads her to confront Sheila, warning her to stay away from her mate.

Sheila, in turn, suspects that something has gone wrong with Charlotte’s relationship with Beta Tom, and the two women exchange heated words. As Alpha Nick returns, Charlotte slaps herself and starts screaming, leaving Sheila to wonder about the consequences of her actions.

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Chapter 4

The chapter begins with a shriek that wakes up the members of the pack house. Tedmond manages to get Athena back to sleep, as the shriek did not sound like Sheila. Bree descends the stairs, and Alpha Nick rushes to help Charlotte, who is on the floor.

Sheila witnesses the softness and care in Alpha Nick’s gaze towards Charlotte, realizing that her years of loving him were futile. Charlotte claims that Sheila slapped her and told Alpha Nick to “rot in hell.” Sheila, having had enough, slaps Charlotte back, refusing to apologize.

Alpha Nick is furious and commands Sheila to apologize, but she instead announces that they will see each other in court the next day for the divorce proceedings. As Sheila leaves, she calls her best friend Goldie, who arrives quickly to pick her up.

Goldie is outraged and offers to confront Alpha Nick and Charlotte, but Sheila stops her, saying she brought this upon herself. During the drive, Sheila reveals that she has been productive during her marriage, working on new designs and hacking jobs.

Goldie notices that Sheila’s appearance has deteriorated, and Sheila asks for a favor to hide her identity. As they drive, they realize that Alpha Nick’s Rolls Royce is following them, and Sheila is frustrated, wondering what he wants.

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Chapter 5

Alpha Nick was worried about Sheila leaving the pack without any money or transport. Despite his mate Charlotte’s disapproval, he decided to go after Sheila himself, not wanting to expose his mate. Beta Dustin, however, did not wish for the Alpha to go after Sheila, whom he considered a “nobody.” Bree, Charlotte’s sister, was furious at Sheila’s sudden change in behavior and tried to stop Alpha Nick from going after her.

But Alpha Nick asserted that Sheila was still the Luna and deserved respect until the divorce was finalized. When Alpha Nick reached the entrance, he learned that Sheila had left in a yellow Ferrari, driven by herself and accompanied by another woman.

He chased after them, but Sheila managed to trick him and escape. Frustrated, Alpha Nick cursed and began to dial Sheila’s number.

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Chapter 6

Sheila, once desperate to catch even a glimpse of Alpha Nick, now refused to answer his calls. Feeling that Sheila was upset with the divorce and the fact that he wasn’t going to be her partner at the gala award, Alpha Nick calmed down.

Goldie couldn’t stop laughing, relieved that Sheila didn’t stop the car and give in. Sheila explained that the moment Alpha Nick walked through the door with that two-faced b$$$h, everything she felt for him died. Her pride as an Alpha King’s daughter had been wounded badly.

Sheila fought back her tears, not hurt by Alpha Nick’s cold façade towards her all this while, but the fact that he brought his old fling when they hadn’t properly divorced yet. Goldie arranged a surprise for Sheila at the hotel, with her bodyguards, to lift her spirits.

Sheila was excited by the decorations and the presence of the bodyguards, and her mood greatly improved. She couldn’t wait to finalize the divorce the next day. However, the next morning, Alpha Nick informed Sheila that his mother had a heart attack, causing him to miss the divorce proceedings.

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Chapter 7

Alpha Nick woke up early for training, but soon received a mind link informing him that his mother, Athena, had suffered another heart attack. Rushing back to the pack house, he found his father, Tedmond, taking Athena to the pack hospital.

At the hospital, Tedmond blamed Nick’s marriage to Sheila for Athena’s condition, as Athena had been upset upon hearing that Sheila had left the pack. When the doctor reported that Athena’s condition had been stabilized but remained anxious, Charlotte, Nick’s mate, attempted to gain Athena’s favor.

However, Athena refused to see Charlotte and insisted on seeing Sheila instead. Nick informed Sheila about Athena’s condition, and Sheila immediately set out to return to the pack. Athena rejected Charlotte’s presence and became agitated, leading the doctor to ask Charlotte to leave.

As Nick ended the call with Sheila, Charlotte, frustrated, decided to contact Bree, another pack member, about the situation, seeing it as a problem.

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