Mission To Remarry Chapter Summary

Mission To Remarry

Mission To Remarry by Regina Ford revolves around a woman whose marriage ends in divorce after three years. The city mocks her for being abandoned by her wealthy husband. Six years later, she returns as a renowned genius doctor with twin children. Many men now want to court her, until one day her daughter tells her that her ex-husband has been kneeling for three days, begging to remarry her.

The story follows her as she navigates this request and her new life. Her ex-husband, Lucian, had never been intimate with her during their marriage. On the day of their divorce, she kisses him to fulfill her feelings for him over the past years. Later she remarries but leaves again with her children after feeling uneasy. Lucian searches for her and their daughter, determined not to give up on winning her back.

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Book TitleMission To Remarry
AuthorRejina Ford
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Modern Romance
TagsLove&Hate, Pregnancy, Weak to Strong, Poor to Rich, Fated Love, Contract Marriage, Fake Relationship, Doctor, Cute Baby, Kickass Heroine

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Mission To Remarry PDF

Mission To Remarry PDF

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Mission To Remarry Chapter 1

Lucian and Roxanne had been married for three years but Lucian had never been intimate with Roxanne. Roxanne told Lucian that she would grant him a divorce so he could pursue his first love, but first asked him to comfort her feelings after loving him for so long. In a desperate move, Roxanne kissed Lucian passionately.

Lucian was furious with Roxanne for her actions. While he wanted to push her away, the desire building within him was too overpowering. His face turned black with anger as his mounting desire threatened to consume him.

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Mission To Remarry Chapter 2

The boys were excited to see their mother Roxanne enter Harvey’s office after a long day of work in the laboratory. They led her to the couch to sit and offered to give her a massage, concerned about how tired she seemed. Harvey was angry that the boys had hacked into his computer earlier. Archie declared that Harvey was at fault for overworking their mother and pushing her to work overtime.

Benny agreed, saying their mother was just an ordinary human who couldn’t work day and night like Harvey expected. Harvey laughed at how overprotective the boys were of Roxanne. He told Roxanne that everyone at the research institute had the same demanding schedule. Roxanne assured Harvey that her research had gone smoothly and offered to send over the data later.

The boys welcomed their tired mother Roxanne into Harvey’s office, concerned for her wellbeing after a long day of work. Harvey was angry with the boys for hacking his computer but they defended their actions, arguing that Harvey overworked their mother as an “ordinary human”. Harvey dismissed their concerns, saying the demanding schedule was normal for the research institute. Roxanne assured Harvey her work had gone well and she would share the data.

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Mission To Remarry Chapter 3

Roxanne and her two kids, Archie and Benny, hurriedly exited the airport. Roxanne kept looking behind them, anxious that someone was following. The kids found Roxanne’s behavior strange but did not question her given her anxious state. Roxanne dragged the kids along obediently outside.

A woman named Madilyn called out to them from afar. Roxanne, Archie, and Benny recognized Madilyn, Roxanne’s best friend from university. Madilyn worked as a doctor and had come to pick them up. Madilyn flung her arms around Roxanne in a friendly greeting, overjoyed to see Roxanne after so long apart. Though they had kept in touch online, opportunities to meet in person were rare.

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Mission To Remarry Chapter 4

Roxanne noticed that the little girl may be mute as she did not speak. She gently asked for the girl’s hand to help her up in a kind voice. The little girl hesitated but eventually took Roxanne’s hand cautiously. Roxanne held the girl’s hand gently and helped her up, carefully checking for any injuries.

By taking the little girl’s hand, they got physically closer. Roxanne’s sympathetic and gentle demeanor seemed to make the little girl less rigid. Though initially staring at Roxanne timidly, the girl accepted her offered help after Roxanne patiently waited.

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Mission To Remarry Chapter 5

Lucian glared at Aubree silently, digging her nails into her palm to stop herself from revealing her real emotions. He questioned if she was lying about being back. Meanwhile, Cayden’s voice was grim as the police had not gotten back to him yet.

Concern filled Cayden’s voice as he glanced at Lucian and asked if someone could have kidnapped Lucian’s daughter Estella. As the darling daughter of the Farwell family, she had become a target of Lucian’s rivals in the past when she was nearly kidnapped. Now that she was nowhere to be found and the police couldn’t locate her, Cayden couldn’t help but consider the worst case that someone may have taken her.

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Mission To Remarry Chapter 6

She took a small bite of food and chewed slowly, eyes moving between the piles of shrimp and crab in front of her. Roxanne and the others doted on the little girl, ensuring she was fed and comfortable.

At the neighboring table, a conversation caught their attention. “The Farwell family’s princess has gone missing,” a voice said. “The family has searched the entire city but cannot find her.” Estella remained focused on eating, unaware of the news so close by. Roxanne and the others exchanged worried looks, knowing such a high profile disappearance could affect many in the city if not resolved.

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Mission To Remarry Chapter 7

Lucian scanned his surroundings in the room, which now only contained two people. His gaze fell upon his daughter Estella, who was still upset from Roxanne’s sudden departure. Estella huffed and turned away from her father, completely unafraid but also enigmatic and difficult like him.

Cayden, Lucian’s assistant, noticed Estella was safe and tried speaking to her. However, the little girl merely glanced at him before furiously turning away once more. Cayden then sighed with relief and went to report to his boss. Lucian turned to the woman beside his daughter, Madilyn, and his expression darkened as he took a good look at her face. His chest tightened as she met his narrowed gaze, secretly squeezing her own hands to compose herself.

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Mission To Remarry Chapter 8

Archie and Benny asked their mother Roxanne about Lucian, whom she seemed restless about hiding from. Roxanne told them he was no one important and that she had a personal grudge, asking them to hide if they ever heard his name. The boys nodded in agreement but glanced at each other curiously, wondering what could have happened between their parents.

When Archie reminded Roxanne that Lucian might check the surveillance cameras from where they left in a rush, Roxanne tensed up as she had forgotten about the cameras. She realized Lucian may already be searching for them and said she had to take the kids home immediately, having been so focused on escaping that she overlooked the cameras. The boys turned away to hide their smiles, only consoling their mother after suppressing their own smiles at her reaction.

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Mission To Remarry Chapter 9

Estella quietly got down from the car after returning home from being missing. When she entered the house with her father Lucian, Aubree expressed concern for Estella’s wellbeing. However, Estella remained cold towards Aubree, recalling how Aubree had told her that her father wouldn’t care about her anymore. Feeling disgusted by Aubree’s insincere concern after the hurt she had caused, Estella instead thought of the kind woman she had met that day who treated her with genuine care.

While Aubree fussed over Estella’s return, inspecting her for injuries, Estella froze and the cold look returned to her gaze. The insincere concern in Aubree’s voice only reminded Estella of why she had run away in the first place.

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Mission To Remarry Chapter 10

Roxanne and the two children gobbled up all the leftovers from dinner, hungry after returning to the mansion. After the children went upstairs to shower, Madilyn questioned Roxanne about why she was running away from her ex-husband Lucian and the circumstances of their divorce.

Roxanne hesitantly told Madilyn her story. She had drugged and slept with Lucian years ago, resulting in the birth of their two children Benny and Archie without his knowledge. Afraid that Lucian would seek revenge for drugging him given his powerful connections, and not wanting him to discover the children, Roxanne had fled and gone into hiding. She worried for the safety of her family should Lucian decide to take retaliation against her actions.

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