The Unwanted Bride Of Atticus Fawn Chapter Summary

The Unwanted Bride Of Atticus Fawn

The Unwanted Bride Of Atticus Fawn by LaurG follows Atticus Fawn, who is reluctantly forced to marry Autumn Rivera, the best friend of his mate, Anya. Atticus desperately resists the union, fueled by his unwavering love for Anya.

However, his attempts to escape prove futile, and he gradually realizes he may never find love like he had with Anya. Despite his initial resistance, Atticus discovers the unexpected gentleness and caring nature of Autumn. As she begins to infiltrate his life, Atticus finds himself at risk of losing not only his heart but also his conviction.”

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As the story progresses, Atticus grapples with conflicting emotions and growing attraction towards Autumn. He struggles to come to terms with his unexpected feelings, torn between loyalty to Anya and the burgeoning connection with Autumn.

Caught in a web of love and loyalty, Atticus must confront his fears and preconceptions, ultimately realizing that sometimes unexpected love can bring about a deeper, more fulfilling happiness than he ever imagined.”

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Book TitleThe Unwanted Bride Of Atticus Fawn
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TagsFamily, Marriage, Mother, Wife, Woman, billionaire, possessive, arranged marriage, shifter, d$$$$$$t, billionairess, drama, bxg, magical world, gorgeous

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The Unwanted Bride Of Atticus Fawn PDF

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The Unwanted Bride Of Atticus Fawn Chapter 1

image of Atticus Fawn

In this chapter, Autumn, secretly in love with Atticus, witnesses him being torn apart between her best friend Anya and his brothers Dante and Damon, as they all believe she is their mate. Autumn reflects on her unrequited love, feeling the pain of Atticus’ heartbreak each time he is rejected by Anya.

She questions why they can’t find someone else to love, but remains loyal to her best friend. The chapter ends with Autumn’s mother informing her about an important meeting with the Fawn family, who are business partners with her parents. Though disappointed that Atticus won’t be present, Autumn is forced to dress up for the event.

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The Unwanted Bride Of Atticus Fawn Chapter 2

Autumn Rivera, the female lead from the novel

In this chapter, Atticus is frustrated to be stuck with his brothers Damon and Dante, suspecting they arranged it to sabotage his date with Anya. The three brothers share a mate and are unwilling to let go of her. They are heading to meet an old friend, Arthur Blackner, who wants to discuss an urgent matter concerning their relationship with someone named Anya.

Arthur arrives with two women, but they are not his mates. He explains that he believes one of the women, Gabriella, could be the mate of Kane, Alpha Eric’s son, who is already bonded with another woman. Atticus shares that while they share the same mate, they have not marked her yet, unsure of the consequences. Dante shows Atticus an article stating that Atticus is to marry Autumn Rivera. Furious, Atticus rushes home to confront his parents and uncover the truth.

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The Unwanted Bride Of Atticus Fawn Chapter 3

Autumn senses something significant is happening when her parents and Atticus’s parents interact with unusual excitement. Her siblings were deliberately absent, causing Autumn to feel skeptical about the secret business deal. Seeking answers, she confronts her mother. Suddenly, Atticus, the man she’s infatuated with, bursts into the room, furious. He confronts his parents, revealing a magazine headline proclaiming his engagement to Autumn.

Shocked, Autumn realizes her parents arranged the wedding without their knowledge. Atticus, in love with Autumn’s best friend Anya, vehemently opposes the union and storms out. Despite Atticus’s resistance, his mother insists on the wedding, claiming that Autumn is the perfect match for him and that Anya wouldn’t fit into their family. Uncertain of Atticus’s feelings, Autumn wrestles with the idea of marrying a man in love with her best friend.

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The Unwanted Bride Of Atticus Fawn Chapter 4

Atticus seeks solace by the lake and is joined by his grandfather, Gerard Fawn. Atticus questions his grandfather’s involvement in arranging his wedding to Autumn, as it was his mother’s idea. Gerard believes Autumn is a better fit for their family and suggests that marrying her will prevent further turmoil among Atticus and his brothers.

Atticus reflects on his deceased grandmother’s opinion and wonders if she would have supported this union. Gerard reveals that his wife admired Autumn and desired her to be a part of their family.

Although conflicted, Atticus concedes to his grandfather’s persuasion, realizing that fulfilling his grandmother’s wish may come at the cost of his happiness. He informs his parents of his readiness to marry Autumn, surprising both them and Autumn herself.

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The Unwanted Bride Of Atticus Fawn Chapter 5

Atticus receives a call from Anya, who questions the articles claiming that Atticus will marry his best friend Autumn. Atticus confesses that the news is true but fails to explain his reasons to Anya. Anya demands that Atticus fix the situation, refusing to see him until he resolves the mess caused by his parents.

Meanwhile, Autumn is baffled by Atticus’s sudden agreement to the marriage, which causes turmoil in the school community. Autumn’s mother urges her to smile and prepare for a photo shoot, as her siblings have arranged an evening gown for her. Reluctantly, Autumn follows her mother to Atticus’s room, where she begins changing but is interrupted by Atticus’s unexpected presence.

Atticus’s decision to marry Autumn has upset Anya, as they share a deep bond. Autumn feels confused and frustrated by the sudden turn of events, not understanding why Atticus agreed to the marriage. The impending wedding becomes a topic of gossip among their peers, and Autumn reluctantly complies with her mother’s plans, including a dress fitting in Atticus’s room. As Autumn prepares to change, Atticus unexpectedly enters, leaving her speechless.

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The Unwanted Bride Of Atticus Fawn Chapter 6

In the latest chapter, Autumn finds herself in an intimate encounter with Atticus, feeling the intensity of his gaze like never before and questioning his true feelings. Atticus, interrupted by footsteps, insists on staying in the room instead of rushing Autumn. As she hastily dresses, Autumn’s mother berates her for being behind schedule.

To Autumn’s dismay, her schoolmates already know about her impending marriage to Atticus, with Anya expressing her disappointment. Determined to rectify the situation, Autumn resolves to discuss with Atticus how they can escape the marriage for the sake of their friendship with Anya. In a photoshoot, their forced proximity tests Autumn’s attempts not to succumb to her attraction to him.

Later, Autumn confronts Atticus about their predicament, surprising him with her desire to break free from the unwanted union.

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The Unwanted Bride Of Atticus Fawn Chapter 7

In this chapter, Autumn is confronted by Atticus, who adamantly insists that their wedding is inevitable, regardless of her wishes. Autumn is torn between her desire to marry Atticus and her fear of being forced into it. Meanwhile, her mother is obsessed with creating an illusion of love between them and insists on taking one more picture to solidify their supposed affection.

Reluctantly, Autumn and Atticus pose for the picture, but when the photographer requests a kiss, tensions rise. Atticus resents the idea, but under pressure from his mother, he kisses Autumn, surprising them both with an unexpected rush of desire. However, the moment is short-lived, as Atticus abruptly pulls away, wiping his lips as though disgusted by the kiss. Autumn is left questioning his true feelings.

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The Unwanted Bride Of Atticus Fawn Chapter 8

Autumn is ecstatic about her long-awaited kiss with Atticus. However, Atticus appears unhappy despite the photographer’s praise. Autumn tries to hide her strong emotional reaction from onlookers, wanting to maintain the facade of a loving couple. Atticus’s mother covers for him, claiming his stress is due to wedding preparations.

Concerned for Atticus’s well-being, Autumn chases after him as he speeds away in his family’s fast car. Atticus, consumed by guilt, questions his intense feelings for Autumn, struggling to understand why one kiss has affected him so deeply. He laments his lack of self-control and fears the consequences of the picture of them kissing being made public. Admitting his failure, he accepts that he can no longer avoid Autumn, who is destined to be his wife.

Despite his internal turmoil, he finds himself attracted to her physical beauty but regrets seeing her in such an intimate state. Atticus tries to contact his mate, Anya, to apologize but is met with silence, feeling like a disappointment and allowing his brothers to take care of her in his absence. Deeply frustrated, Atticus wonders when this nightmare will finally end.

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The Unwanted Bride Of Atticus Fawn Chapter 9

Atticus’s father insists that he choose an exquisite ring for Autumn, the woman he is being forced to marry. However, Atticus resents the idea of selecting a ring for someone he doesn’t love. When he receives a message from Anya, his former love interest, he’s disappointed but conflicted. His father demands that he cut ties with Anya, believing she will be a distraction.

Atticus refuses, pointing out that his brothers may end up marrying Anya. Frustrated, Atticus heads off to meet Autumn, encountering his brother Griffin along the way. They exchange banter, revealing Griffin’s disdain for Anya. Arriving at Autumn’s home, Atticus is captivated by her beauty and struggles to resist his desires.

While picking up Autumn, Atticus notices her nervous demeanor. As they embark on their journey, Atticus fights his attraction to her, aware of the temptation she poses. The encounter brings back overwhelming memories of Autumn’s seductive body, stirring a desire within him that he must suppress. Seeking to distract himself, Atticus shifts the conversation towards finding a ring for the upcoming engagement party.

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The Unwanted Bride Of Atticus Fawn Chapter 10

Atticus surprises the protagonist, Autumn, by taking her to choose a ring for their upcoming marriage. However, Autumn’s hidden feelings for Atticus intensify her emotional turmoil. She fears that revealing her love for him would only worsen his unhappiness in their arranged marriage. Despite their conflicting desires, they arrive at an expensive jewelry store.

Autumn hesitates to accept a costly ring, feeling unworthy of such a gift. As they search for the perfect ring, Brent, the store manager, notices Autumn’s consideration of Atticus’ opinion, highlighting her deep affection. Finally, they both choose a captivating diamond heart ring that symbolizes their connection. Atticus’s reaction remains mysterious, but Autumn confidently declares her love for the ring.

Just as they discuss getting a ring for Atticus, he receives distressing news about Anya, abruptly leaving Autumn behind and making her realize the constant presence of another woman in their relationship.

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