Their Lycan Queen by Foxtail Novel Read Online Chapter Summary

Their Lycan Queen by Foxtail Novel Read Online

Their Lycan Queen by author Foxtail revolves around Nora, the daughter of the gamma pair in the Silver Stream pack, who is destined to be the mate of the Lycan King, the most powerful werewolf.

However, Nora does not want to be his queen and tries to escape. She meets four other Lycans who claim to be her mates, and she must choose between them and her fate while facing dangers and enemies that threaten her life and her pack.

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Book TitleTheir Lycan Queen
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresAlpha, Foxtail, Nora and Mate story
TagsAlpha, BXG, Love Triangle, Lycan, mate, Queen

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Their Lycan Queen by Foxtail Novel Read Online PDF

Their Lycan Queen by Foxtail Novel Read Online PDF

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Chapter 1

The yearly mateball is approaching, and Nora, a member of the Silver stream pack, is excited for the event. However, Nora has a secret – she has only recently gained her wolf at the age of 18, and her pack is unaware of this.

Nora’s parents, the gammas of the pack, have been protecting her from being turned rogue by the alpha. As Nora helps prepare for the ball, she encounters Emily, the alpha’s daughter, who mocks her for not having a wolf. Nora’s mother reveals that the alpha is aware of Nora’s situation and that she must shift at midnight on her birthday or face being turned rogue.

The pack is hosting several important guests for the ball, including alphas and, surprisingly, lycans. Nora is tasked with preparing the guest mansion for the lycans, and she enlists the help of the omegas Mia and Josh. While at the mansion, Nora encounters a large, handsome stranger who turns out to be a lycan.

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Chapter 2

The stranger, Ben, reveals himself to be a lycan beta who is looking for a woman named Nora. Nora, an omega, introduces herself and her omega friends Mia and Josh. Ben apologizes for scaring them. Nora learns that one of the lycan princes is also coming, which concerns her.

Nora shows Ben around the mansion and they discuss her unique situation – she has a wolf but has not shifted yet, and her alpha plans to exile her. Several other lycans arrive, including warriors and a warrior-in-training. They are surprised by Nora’s lack of wolf manifestation and offer to help celebrate her birthday the next day.

Nora explains that her pack does not celebrate birthdays, only shifts and other milestones. The lycans are shocked by this and vow to show her a proper birthday celebration. Nora also reveals that she can mindlink with anyone she has touched, a secret she asks them to keep.

As Nora prepares to leave, Daniel expresses his interest in her, and the group makes plans for Nora to return the next day.

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Chapter 3

The chapter begins with Nora celebrating her birthday, but her parents argue about her inability to shift. Nora then receives a message from her friend Ben, who invites her to the lycan mansion. Nora agrees and leaves with Emily and the triplets, who end up pushing her out of the car, intending to make her a rogue.

Ben and Andrei find and rescue Nora, tending to her wounds. They reveal that the lycans have agreed to take Nora to the lycan kingdom, where she will not be a rogue. However, when they return to the mansion, they find the lycans confronting Emily and the triplets, who had trespassed.

Daniel, Grey, and Lukas shift and force the girls into submission. Nora intervenes, and Daniel picks her up, but Emily accuses Nora of having intimate relations with the lycans. This earns her a chorus of growls, and she realizes that Ben is her mate, much to Nora’s dismay.

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Chapter 4

Now everything became quiet and all the guys stare at Ben, wondering what he will do. Ben growls loudly and shifts into his lycan and takes off to the forest. Daniel carries Nora inside still in his lycan form. Daniel puts Nora down gently on the lounge before he wanders off and Linus comes and sits down next to her.

Linus explains that some are chasing Ben and the others are trying to find their lost friends. Nora asks about Ben’s reaction to Emily and the matebond, and Linus and Daniel tell her about Ben’s tragic past. Nora is tempted by the idea of an artificial mating bond with Daniel, but she’s unsure.

They decide to go swimming, and Nora playfully retaliates against Linus and Daniel’s antics. Ben later arrives and praises Nora’s “water dance.” The group spends the rest of the day playing games and enjoying each other’s company. However, Nora’s peaceful day is disrupted when her mother’s angry voice echoes in her mind, summoning her home.

At home, Nora is ambushed by Emily and the triplets, who destroy her dress and injure her. The guys witness the aftermath and decide to deal with the situation. Tristan helps Nora get ready for the ball, and Daniel insists that she attend to show her strength.

At the ball, Nora and Daniel share a dance, but their moment is interrupted by a strange man who claims Nora as “mine.”

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Chapter 5

Daniel was taken away by a man who claimed Nora as his mate. Nora’s wolf recognized the man, the prince of the lycan kingdom, as her true mate. The prince, Helios, revealed that Nora’s wolf had been waiting for him, and that her eyes turning purple was a sign of their mating bond.

Helios and Nora accepted each other as mates and began to dance. However, their moment was interrupted by Emily, the daughter of the alpha and luna of the pack, who accused Nora of being the reason her mate, Ben, rejected her.

Ben, the beta of the lycan prince, then formally rejected Emily, causing her to challenge Nora to a fight to the death. Nora, unaware of her actions, accepted the challenge, much to her dismay, as the pack rules forbid harming the alpha’s family.

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Chapter 6

Nora is shocked when her wolf takes over and accepts a challenge from her packmate Emily, which Nora cannot win. Emily plans to force Nora to reject her mate, Helios, if she wins. Helios arrives with his cousin Tristan, and they meet Nora’s alpha, parents, and other pack members.

Luna Sandra gives Nora a special gift, but their conversation is interrupted by Emily’s screams. The alpha strips Nora of her title as top warrior, making her a packless rogue. Nora requests to fight Emily, and the alpha agrees, allowing Nora to stay on pack lands as long as Helios is present.

Helios takes Nora to the lycan kingdom, where the entire group shifts and heads back. During the journey, Helios attacks Nora’s former suitor, Daniel, much to Nora’s distress. As Nora experiences immense pain, her wolf finally emerges, and she faints.

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