Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker Chapter Summary

Becoming Alpha's Personal Caretaker

This web novel Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker revolves around the protagonist, Lauren, who discovers her fiancé, Michael, cheating on her with her stepsister, Janice. Furious and betrayed, she decides to leave home. In her new job at a hospital, she meets Victor, an alpha who has also experienced betrayal.

As their relationship develops, the story explores how Lauren and Victor heal each other’s wounds. Meanwhile, Lauren faces familial pressure to cancel her engagement and allow her stepsister to marry Michael, despite their betrayal. Determined to reveal the truth, Lauren prepares to confront her family and assert her own agency.

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Book TitleBecoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker
AuthorCynthia Clinton
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Werewolf Romance
Tags fated, superpower

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Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker PDF

Becoming Alpha's Personal Caretaker PDF

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Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker Chapter 1

Becoming Alpha's Personal Caretaker Chapter 1

Lauren discovers her fiancé Michael having s$x with her half-sister Janice in one of the rooms of the manor. She stands outside the door listening to their conversation where Janice reveals that she is pregnant with Michael’s child. When they are about to climax, Lauren loudly kicks open the door to confront them.

Janice tries to apologize and claim responsibility but Michael quickly defends her. Lauren gives them five minutes to get dressed before threatening to tell Michael’s father everything. She contacts her father Manuel telepathically and informs him of the situation. When Manuel and his wife Lola return, Lauren questions him about how he will handle it. Manuel admits to already being aware of the affair and suggests considering letting Janice take Lauren’s place in the engagement instead, further disappointing Lauren.

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Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker Chapter 2

Manuel tried to convince Lauren to let Janice take her place in the engagement with Michael and the Lunarko Tribe since Janice was now pregnant with Michael’s child. However, Lauren refused, seeing this as yet another instance of her father and stepsister undermining her. She confronted Manuel about always showing a preference for Janice over her.

Michael and Janice begged Lauren not to blame them, but she was tired of tolerating their behavior. Lauren rejected the idea that she should simply find another fiance and let Janice win. She decided to remove herself from the toxic environment of her former home, realizing that Manuel had not truly been her father for a long time.

Lauren drove away from the manor, hearing Janice brag about how the family only cared about her now. Looking back, she saw Manuel, Michael, and Janice huddled together as a loving family. Her heart felt cold at the sight, knowing she was now an outsider. Lauren tried to convince herself that she would thrive on her own, without those people who had never really cared about her well-being. She was determined to forge her own path forward apart from the stepfamily that had always undermined her position.

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Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker Chapter 3

Lauren witnessed her father Manuel’s betrayal and her mother’s suicide years ago. Now, her fiance Michael broke off their engagement with her cousin Janice in a similar way. At the hospital, Lauren was assigned to a new VIP patient Victor.

She witnessed Victor’s fiance Serena harshly break off their engagement and mock Victor for his disability. Lauren defended Victor and got Serena to leave. When Victor asked who she was, Lauren introduced herself as his doctor but was curious why she helped. She told Victor it was because her fiance also left her that day.

Victor wasn’t surprised when Serena wanted to break off their engagement, as others had distanced themselves after his injury. When Lauren intervened, he was curious why she helped him. Lauren introduced herself as his doctor but admitted her sympathy came from her own fiance breaking up with her that day. She told Victor they were both lucky to be rid of their partners.

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Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker Chapter 4

Victor reluctantly agreed to Lauren’s request to check his s$$$$l function as part of his medical examination. However, when Lauren reached for his belt he grabbed her wrist and refused the examination. Lauren quickly finished checking Victor’s legs instead, sensing the tension in the room. Victor was cold and didn’t want to discuss the results, urging Lauren to leave promptly. It was clear Victor was still embarrassed and defensive about his condition after being dumped by his fiancée and losing the ability to walk.

Lauren’s friend Bella was curious about Victor and his condition but Lauren knew better than to push further. While Bella wanted to help Victor, Lauren believed focusing on curing his legs was most important for now rather than his other issues. She kept her ability to heal people a secret from Victor, not fully trusting him until she was certain he could be trusted with such sensitive information. After the uncomfortable examination, Lauren was surprised to find an unexpected visitor waiting for her back in her office.

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Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker Chapter 5

Victor was irritated by Lauren’s examination, feeling invaded by her wolf. He hated being manipulated and ordered her to stop. With his wolf Kent still missing, Victor struggled to maintain his image as a powerful alpha. He was frustrated by Lauren’s suggestion that he may have s$$$$l dysfunction.

Lauren’s friend Mila, the hospital administrator, told her about Victor’s history of caretakers leaving due to his behavior. Mila proposed Lauren become Victor’s private doctor to avoid the Lunarko Tribe, who refused to accept Lauren breaking her engagement. Lauren reluctantly agreed, sensing conflict with the irritable Victor, but saw it as her best option to avoid the tribe for now.

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Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker Chapter 6

Victor’s previous caretaker had fled in panic. Lauren was now assigned as Victor’s private doctor and caretaker, becoming his sixteenth caretaker. Though Victor was irritated, Lauren insisted on doing a regular checkup. She found that his legs needed daily massages to prevent him from losing the ability to walk. Lauren convinced Victor to let her act as his caretaker so she would have a place to hide from the tribe pursuing her engagement. Victor reluctantly agreed to the arrangement.

An interruption prevented Lauren from telling Victor about her wolf’s healing powers and his ability to potentially regain his lost wolf. Lauren’s sister Janice had tried to break into her office, refusing to end her claim over the tribe’s leadership, prompting Lauren’s guards to remove Janice from the premises.

Lauren did Victor’s checkup and found his legs required constant massages to avoid losing his ability to walk permanently. She convinced Victor to let her act as his caretaker in exchange for hiding from her pursuers, promising it would benefit both of them. Victor slowly agreed to the arrangement after deliberating.

However, before Lauren could reveal her wolf’s magical healing powers and its implications for Victor regaining his lost wolf, their conversation was interrupted by news of her sister Janice breaching her office, still refusing to relinquish her claim over the tribe, leading Lauren to demand Janice be removed.

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Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker Chapter 7

Lauren decided to go through old files in her office while Janice’s massage was scheduled. Janice waited for Lauren and confronted her, crying and saying that Kean had locked up Michael where their mind link couldn’t reach him. Lauren warned Janice to leave, finding her sick. Janice then claimed Lauren was jealous she was with Michael and pregnant with his baby.

When Lauren laughed this off and told Janice to take the baby to the Lunarko Tribe, Janice grabbed Lauren’s arm and pretended Lauren pushed her into the handrail, causing a miscarriage. The nearby nurses and doctors assumed Lauren was responsible based on Janice’s crying and Lauren’s indifferent demeanor, recalling how cold-blooded she seemed as a child.

Michael suddenly arrived at the scene, distraught by what had happened to Janice. Lauren knew Janice had set her up again through fake tears and victimhood, just as when they were children and Janice had ruined Lauren’s doll but blamed Lauren.

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Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker Chapter 8

Lauren was shocked when Victor told her that Janice didn’t have the right to take things away from her, as no one had ever said that before. She smiled at Victor, promising to help him recover. Victor followed Lauren and witnessed Janice manipulating Michael and the people around them.

Though others were fooled, Victor saw through Janice’s tricks, which irritated him. He warned Lauren but later fled, not wanting to get his hopes up about her promise to heal him. Lauren then contacted Victor through mind link, asking him to trust her and saying his wolf was waiting for him to wake up again.

Victor didn’t intend to follow Lauren just to see who she was avoiding – he was bothered by what she had said about possibly knowing how to help him find his lost wolf, as others had claimed the same without success.

When he witnessed Janice manipulating the situation, Victor got irritated that others couldn’t see through her plot and that Lauren was set up again. Though he fled without agreeing to Lauren’s help, he let down his guard to communicate via mind link, where she asked for his trust and said his wolf was waiting.

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Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker Chapter 9

Victor’s beta Richard informed Lauren that Victor wanted her to move into Hill Estate the next day to focus on his treatment. This surprised Lauren as it was so soon. Richard explained that Victor advised it due to the huge fight Victor’s son was having with the alpha of the Lunarko Tribe over his inheritance rights.

Meanwhile, Janice overheard Michael arguing with his father alpha Kean on the phone, refusing to marry Lauren as she had almost killed Janice’s baby. Alpha Kean said if Michael chose to marry Janice instead, he would have to renounce his claim to the tribe.

Michael suggested to Janice that they give up the baby so they could marry, but Janice refused, not wanting to prove Lauren right that she was trying to break off Lauren and Michael’s engagement so she could become Luna.

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Becoming Alpha’s Personal Caretaker Chapter 10

Richard took Lauren and the injured alpha Victor to Hill Estate from the hospital. This estate had plants everywhere and fresh air, providing a retreat. However, when Richard drove off, Lauren realized she and Victor were the only ones there, with no other servants. Victor confirmed Lauren was the only servant as his private doctor and caretaker.

Lauren was frustrated as she couldn’t cook and didn’t want to be a servant. Victor remained indifferent but suggested a caretaker’s duties included feeding him. Lauren called Bella for ideas, worried about surviving on fruits for a month. Victor then knocked and demanded lunch, provoking Lauren.

She pretended to Richard that the lunch he delivered was her best cooking, though Victor saw through her act. After their meal, Lauren offered Victor a massage but felt embarrassed by the intimate setting in Bella’s presence.

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