The Almighty Lord Caspian Chapter Summary

The Almighty Lord Caspian

The Almighty Lord Caspian by Cath Nitfisch revolves around a powerful sorcerer who rules over a kingdom with an iron fist. Despite his fearsome reputation, a chance encounter with a peasant girl begins to crack through his icy exterior, threatening to unravel his iron-clad control.

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Attribute Detail
Book Title The Almighty Lord Caspian
Author Cath Nitfisch
Where to Read Amazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Billionaire, BXG, Comedy, Critical, Humor, Independent, Powerful, Rich
Tags Urban/Realistic, Cath Nitfisch, Caspian Lynch and Lord Caspian

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The Almighty Lord Caspian PDF

The Almighty Lord Caspian PDF

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The Almighty Lord Caspian Chapter 1

The mighty army of one million soldiers belonging to Diadem Hall’s Lord Caspian Lynch stood ready at Diatoran’s borders. They shouted rallying cries praising Lord Caspian, who had secured Diatoran’s borders for five years through unmatched victories. However, Caspian had disappeared a year ago after a pivotal battle.

Meanwhile, in Southlake City, Caspian’s wife Melanie demanded a divorce on the eve of his 23rd birthday. She found Caspian’s work delivering packages disgusting and wanted wealth and luxury that Caspian’s current life could not provide. Despite Caspian’s pleas and hints about revealing his true identity the next day, Melanie insisted on divorce.

After she left, Caspian opened the gift he had gotten her – a gold credit card with unlimited spending and a simple phone connecting him to his subordinates at Diadem Hall, revealing his true identity as the revered Lord Caspian. He informed his assistant he was getting divorced as Melanie felt he had no power or wealth.

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The Almighty Lord Caspian Chapter 2

Caspian and Melanie finalized their divorce at the Civil Affairs Bureau. Though Caspian hoped they could remain friends, Melanie coldly told him it was better if they were strangers. A red BMW sports car arrived, driven by Bobby Mason, the son of their company’s general manager.

Bobby was ugly with one eye, but wealthy. Melanie admitted divorcing Caspian for Bobby and his money. She berated Caspian’s low income and humble background. As they left in the BMW, a powerful Mercedes-Benz SUV suddenly flattened the sports car. A shapely woman in camo dress emerged from the SUV and strode over to Caspian, linking their arms.

It was revealed to be Sylvia, though Caspian gestured not to share their identities. Sylvia sized up Bobby and Melanie dismissively, calling Bobby an “hideous ogre.” Melanie’s choice to divorce Caspian for Bobby’s wealth backfired as his car was destroyed and he was humiliated.

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The Almighty Lord Caspian Chapter 3

Bobby was captivated by Sylvia’s beauty but became furious after she insulted him. Sylvia approached Melanie and Caspian’s wife in a menacing manner, slapping her twice and gripping her neck before Caspian intervened. She threw expensive designer handbags and perfumes at Melanie’s feet, lighting the boxes on fire.

Sylvia showed off her luxury Mercedes SUV worth over $10 million and a custom gold card from Reuss Bank that deposited $100 million annually, implying Melanie had given up wealth by leaving Caspian. Though Caspian wanted to leave, Sylvia continued berating Melanie for her choices before they departed.

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The Almighty Lord Caspian Chapter 4

Caspian had driven Sylvia to the company in his Mercedes SUV after she confronted Melanie. At the office, Caspian began packing up his belongings as he intended to resign. His colleagues mocked him as a mere deliveryman who was only at the office to freeload lunch.

Thomas ridiculed that Caspian must have made a fortune through deliveries to be able to resign. More colleagues joined in laughing at the prospect of a deliveryman becoming wealthy. Caspian ignored the taunts as he was actually Lord Caspian, the ruler of Diatoran.

Just then, the beautiful female CEO appeared and silenced the commotion. She announced pay cuts for all except Caspian and said the money would fund a party for the office.

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The Almighty Lord Caspian Chapter 5

Willow Stewart reprimanded the employees at their work area for wasting the morning. As the beautiful yet stern 25-year-old CEO, she demanded respect. When she spoke to Caspian privately and offered him a promotion to project manager, he rejected it despite the high salary.

Their conversation was interrupted by a call where Willow learned her business partner Alan Cooper reneged on investing in their joint project, endangering its cash flow. Though worried for Willow, Caspian’s colleagues instead accused him of tattling about their jokes. He waited for Willow’s return, determined to become the largest company shareholder to gain influence over his critics.

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The Almighty Lord Caspian Chapter 6

Caspian sat waiting for Willow to return to the office while also waiting to become the largest shareholder of the company. Melanie and Bobby arrived before Willow. Thomas angrily confronted Melanie, demanding she return everyone’s pay that was cut that morning due to Caspian reporting them to Ms.

Stewart. Bewildered by the accusations, Melanie held up her divorce certificate showing she and Caspian were divorced. Everyone was stunned by the sudden news. Melanie tearfully recounted all the hardships she endured in her marriage to Caspian like wearing cheap clothes and enduring mockery.

Though seeing her with Bobby, the colleagues were moved and determined to seek justice for Melanie, directing their anger at Caspian. Bobby privately told Caspian he deliberately targeted him to make Melanie divorce him, as he wanted Melanie for himself. Bobby arrogantly threatened Caspian, demanding he replace Bobby’s damaged BMW or face police charges.

The colleagues continued attacking Caspian. Before Ms. Stewart returned, Caspian slammed Thomas’ face onto a desk, telling him to finish a report or work through the night. Caspian strode confidently to Willow’s office while the colleagues were stunned by his new commanding presence, seeing him unlike the loser they knew.

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The Almighty Lord Caspian Chapter 7

Willow had been frustrated after a venture capitalist demanded she sleep with him in exchange for an investment. She lamented losing her way in the face of financial gain. As she cried in her office, her employee Caspian entered. He comforted her and correctly guessed what happened.

To her surprise, Caspian offered to invest $12 million for a 51% stake in the company. Willow refused to believe he could afford this. Their discussion grew heated, with Willow angered by Caspian’s claims. In anger, she dared Caspian to sign an agreement giving her and the company to him if he transferred the funds.

To her shock, Caspian signed and did transfer $12 million to the company account. Willow checked and found the funds had truly arrived, leaving her stunned by this turn of events.

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The Almighty Lord Caspian Chapter 8

Willow was shocked when Caspian transferred 12 million dollars to the company’s account, fulfilling his promise to become a shareholder. Though she initially doubted his claim, she saw the funds deposited. Their interaction grew awkward as Caspian now held a majority stake in the company.

Caspian reassured Willow that he would not interfere in operations, seeking only profits and covering losses. Relieved, Willow focused on using the funds wisely. She found herself attracted to Caspian, who had become her savior in the company’s time of crisis.

In the office, others gossiped about Caspian’s wife Melanie dumping him for another man, Bobby. They mocked Caspian as too poor for Melanie. Thomas, in particular, looked forward to advancing his career at Caspian’s expense. Willow unexpectedly announced to the office that Caspian was now the chairman of the company’s board.

All were stunned by Caspian’s sudden rise. Though confused congratulations followed, Thomas dreaded being called to Caspian’s office, realizing his plans were now at risk from Caspian’s new position of power.

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The Almighty Lord Caspian Chapter 9

Willow straightened her clothes and handed Caspian a wet tissue to wipe off the lipstick on his face, embarrassing him in front of the office. Everyone gossiped about Melanie dumping Caspian for the wealthy Bobby, as she had been using expensive branded items beyond Caspian’s means.

Thomas hoped to advance his career through Bobby’s father after helping Bobby woo Melanie. He thought Caspian deserved his fate. However, to everyone’s shock, Willow announced that Caspian was being promoted to chairman of the company board. While the staff initially fell silent in surprise, one man enthusiastically applauded Caspian.

Melanie was dumbstruck by the development. When Caspian coldly ordered Thomas to follow him to his office, Thomas looked stunned, realizing his assumptions about Caspian were wrong.

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The Almighty Lord Caspian Chapter 10

Caspian had now become the chairman of the company despite not having an office yet. He asked Willow for help, calling her “honey” in public and embarrassing her. Willow noticed how Caspian was verbally abused by colleagues and offered him her office, but he declined, wanting to confront David Mason instead.

When they went to David’s empty office, Caspian instructed Thomas, Bobby’s lackey, to pack up David’s belongings. Thomas hesitated not wanting to offend David, but Willow and Caspian pressured him to follow Caspian’s orders. After moving the items, Caspian noticed Willow had concerns and assured her he wouldn’t fire everyone for personal reasons.

He wanted the company to be profitable. Pleased with his understanding, Willow felt they were compatible. In David’s new office, Caspian made Thomas get him water and forced Thomas to swear on his life he didn’t curse Caspian, pushing Thomas to his limits.

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