Repeating My Rejection Chapter Summary

Repeating My Rejection

Repeating My Rejection by Astrostorm revolves around an arrogant future Alpha named Hudson who rejects his mate Quinn without getting to know her. This leads to the destruction of his pack and Quinn’s death. Hudson awakens to find time has rewound, giving him a second chance to save his pack and mate.

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Book TitleRepeating My Rejection
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Werewolf romance
Tags alpha, HE, kicking, campus, pack, selfish

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Repeating My Rejection PDF

Repeating My Rejection PDF

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Repeating My Rejection Chapter 1

Hudson, the future Alpha of Shadow Rock pack, arrives at school with his friend and future Beta Garrett. He rejects the advances of Charlotte, a lower ranking she-wolf. That evening, his father Alpha Carlton informs him that a wolf from another pack will be attending their school and tasks Hudson with finding out about them.

The next day, Hudson sets out to locate the new student. While searching the administration office, he literally runs into Quinn Redwood, dropping her papers. Upon making contact, Hudson’s wolf recognizes Quinn as his mate. However, Quinn appears small and fragile with no visible rank, revealing she is an Omega.

Furious at the prospect of being mated to a low-ranking wolf, Hudson drags Quinn outside and forcibly rejects her as his mate and Luna.

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Repeating My Rejection Chapter 2

Quinn, an Omega werewolf, had been rejected as mate by Hudson, the future Alpha of his pack. Hudson told Quinn she was not worthy because of her low rank, and that the Moon Goddess had made a mistake in bonding them.

Though Quinn argued their bond was ordained, Hudson used his Alpha command to compel her to leave and never speak of the rejection again. Hudson spent the day unsuccessfully searching for a new student at the local school. He reported his findings to his father, Alpha Carlton, who made calls to the school principal to investigate.

The principal was unable to divulge which pack the student came from due to confidentiality. Alpha Carlton believed the unknown pack sent the student to the school separately for their own reasons, but would still investigate to ensure the safety of his pack.

He dismissed Hudson, who went in search of food, while Carlton continued working with his Beta Floyd to lead the pack.

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Repeating My Rejection Chapter 3

Hudson and Garrett scoured the school grounds searching for the new student but failed to find him. They decided to skip classes and hang out under the bleachers on the basketball court. Garrett wondered what Hudson imagined his mate would look like.

Hudson was unsure and said he would find out when he met her. Penelope, the daughter of Hudson’s father’s gamma, jumped on Hudson in the hallway, clinging to him. She had kissed him passionately, hoping he would take her to a party that weekend.

Hudson saw Quinn watching with a pained expression before she turned and left. Despite not wanting to take Penelope, she insisted they were going together. Hudson pushed thoughts of Quinn from his mind, determined to focus on finding his true mate.

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Repeating My Rejection Chapter 4

Tilly woke her brother Hudson at six in the morning to go swimming at the lake. After some reluctance, Hudson agreed and took his wolf form to carry Tilly to the lake. At the lake, Hudson began teaching Tilly how to swim.

An hour later, Tilly was doggy paddling around, proud of her new skill. Their friend Garrett arrived and watched Tilly practice. Praising her progress, Garrett teased Hudson about Tilly one day beating him in a race. Hudson and Tilly then got out of the water and sat to dry off.

Garrett informed them that Luna had sent him since Hudson left without a note again. Though Hudson argued he could protect Tilly, she said she had to return to the packhouse. Hudson then gave Tilly a piggyback ride back home.

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Repeating My Rejection Chapter 5

Hudson brought Penelope and her friend to a party at the Clover Pack territory. He was annoyed at being used as a chauffeur. At the party, Penelope and her friend flirted with Garrett and Hudson. Hudson left them to socialize on their own.

Hudson drank several strong drinks offered by a Clover pack member. This caused him to become intoxicated and relaxed. He spotted a redheaded she-wolf at the party whom he believed was Quinn, his mate. Hudson searched for her throughout the party.

While searching upstairs, a door opened and Hudson stumbled inside. The redheaded she-wolf steadied him and introduced herself. Hudson insisted she was Quinn and pulled her into a bedroom, kissing her passionately. She submitted to him though seemed surprised by his actions, unsure of who he was.

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Repeating My Rejection Chapter 6

Hudson woke with a headache after a night of drinking spiked cocktails. He found himself in bed with an unknown she-wolf. Upon leaving, his beta Garrett explained the drinks were laced with wolfsbane, causing Hudson’s memory loss. Driving home, they noticed the absence of border guards.

Hudson contacted his father through their mind link, learning the pack was under attack. He and Garrett shifted into wolves and rushed back to protect their members.

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Repeating My Rejection Chapter 7

Garrett and Hudson raced through the forest towards their pack house during an ongoing battle. Reaching the edge, they found many dead wolves from both sides covering the ground. Pushing through the fighting, they tried to help wounded pack members. Garrett saw his father’s dead body and wanted to help him, but Hudson said he was gone and they needed revenge.

Garrett attacked the nearest enemy wolf as Hudson took down another. Hudson felt pain upon hearing his father’s howl and found his mother dead with her throat ripped open. Enraged, Hudson attacked the nearest enemy wolf and ripped out its heart.

He then sparred intensely with a skilled brown wolf until Garrett’s wolf threw the enemy off. Hudson took on many opponents as he moved closer to the pack house. He witnessed an impressive she-wolf singlehandedly defeat two enemies. Without realizing it was his ex Quinn, Hudson savagely attacked her until she was dead in her human form.

A huge black wolf rushed over upon hearing her final howl of pain, cradling Quinn’s body in grief. The black wolf was Quinn’s mate and blamed Hudson for breaking her heart, saying she had been in pain when Hudson was with another.

Enraged, he attacked Hudson as Hudson watched his own father be killed. As Hudson bled out, he apologized to Quinn before succumbing to darkness.

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Repeating My Rejection Chapter 8

Hudson had a dream where his entire pack was killed in an attack. He woke up confused outside his school. When Quinn, a girl he had rejected as his mate, approached him, he rejected her again, still unsure what was real.

Driving home urgently, Hudson arrived at the pack house and ran to his father’s office, distraught to find him alive. His father soothed him and said it was just a bad dream. Hudson was embarrassed by his reaction. In the kitchen, Hudson was relieved to see his mother was also alive.

Delilah, the head Omega who helped raise Hudson, gave him cookies to make him feel better. Hudson’s mother scolded him for charming Delilah but still being a child. Hudson texted his friend Garrett about going home early to rest. Thinking of Delilah, who was like a mother to him, brought back painful memories that made him reluctant to get close to Omegas again after being hurt once.

He then fell asleep, the dream still troubling him.

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Repeating My Rejection Chapter 9

Hudson wakes up late for school and rushes to get ready. He snatches the last piece of toast from Garrett as he leaves the pack house. At school, Hudson and Garrett search for the new student but are unable to find him.

Hudson has a flashback to the dream where he saw dead students. He tries to avoid Quinn, his ex-mate, throughout the day. That evening, Hudson avoids Penelope’s advances at the pack house. The next day at school, Penelope forcibly kisses Hudson and tells him they are going to a party together that weekend.

This upsets Hudson as it mirrors his dream. He threatens Garrett when he jokes about Hudson’s future mate. Hudson continues to be disturbed by his ability to predict events, leaving his friend confused by his strange behavior.

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Repeating My Rejection Chapter 10

Hudson takes his sister Tilly swimming early in the morning. His friend Garrett shows up and Hudson is unnerved because the events mirror a dream he had. He brings Tilly back and avoids others for the rest of the day. That evening, Garrett insists Hudson accompany him to a party.

Hudson drives Garrett, Penelope, and her friend to the party reluctantly. He argues with Penelope and leaves Garrett with her friend. A girl with red hair keeps Hudson company and drinks with him. They continue drinking vodka and cola, intending to forget their troubles.

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