Astral Pet Store Chapter Summary

Astral Pet Store

Astral Pet Store by Ancient Xi revolves around the protagonist who is transmigrated into a new world where magical creatures called Astral Pets exist. In this world, Astral Pets serve various purposes from companionship to assistance in daily tasks to scouting and fighting. The protagonist inherits a small Pet Store business but lacks any affinity for handling Astral Pets, which was the previous owner’s strength.

While the protagonist has more freedom running the family business, his younger sister thoroughly hates him and makes sure he knows it every day. She is extremely talented while he is untalented in comparison. To pave his path to success, the protagonist receives a system upon transmigration but is uncertain if it will truly help or make things worse given his lack of skill with Astral Pets. He must find a way to turn things around at the Pet Store.

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Book TitleAstral Pet Store
AuthorAncient Xi
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresAction, Fantasy
Tags Beast Taming, Comedy, Weak to Strong, Male Protagonist

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Astral Pet Store PDF

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Astral Pet Store Chapter 1

Su Lingyue played a prank on her brother Su Ping by using her astral pet, a phantom flame beast named Snowball, to disguise itself as a ghost and scare him awake. Surprised and terrified, Su Ping fell from his bed trying to get away. Su Lingyue laughed at his reaction, finding it amusing how easily frightened he was.

At breakfast, Su Lingyue continued to antagonize Su Ping by having Snowball occupy his seat. Their mother asked Su Lingyue to have Snowball help at Su Ping’s struggling astral pet store, but Su Lingyue refused, noting how poorly Su Ping takes care of animals. She recounted how a messenger bird he was watching started cursing at customers. Su Ping remained silent, sensing his sister’s displeasure. He then made his way to the run down store, opening it up to a strong smell of animal urine and feces, seeing it had not been cleaned in a long time.

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Astral Pet Store Chapter 2

Su Ping chose the weaker Lightning Rat as his pet to cultivate. He was then transported through a crack in space to the Ancient Thunder Cloud Realm, a long lost cultivation plane of thunder attribute pets. He found himself surrounded by giant trees in a vast area, with clouds, fog, and lightning flashing in the sky high above the tree tops. Through thinner areas in the mist, he saw a boundless starry sky and nearby giant planets with clearly visible rings.

Upon activating the Super Pet System, Su Ping was tasked with enhancing the strength of one of the pets in his family’s pet store by threefold within a week. Failure would result in an unknown punishment from the system. He inspected the two average pets, a Lightning Rat and Managarm, and selecting the Lightning Rat as it had more growth potential. The system then transported Su Ping to the Ancient Thunder Cloud Realm as a suitable cultivation plane for thunder attribute pets like the Lightning Rat. Upon arriving, Su Ping was shocked by the massive scale of the long lost realm.

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Astral Pet Store Chapter 3

The Lightning Rat and Su Ping arrived in the Thunder Cloud Realm, a dangerous world filled with giant beasts. Su Ping was stunned by the sight of a colossal winged creature that blocked out the sky. When attacked by its powerful winds, Su Ping died in agony but soon revived in a new location as part of his unlimited deaths protection.

Su Ping realized the goal was to strengthen the Lightning Rat within a week. However, the Lightning Rat was terrified and fled when Su Ping suggested pushing its limits. It soon encountered a giant insect and was killed. Su Ping used the revival ability to bring the Lightning Rat back, commanding it to attack. Though it died again quickly, Su Ping revived it once more to continue battling the insect, determined to eventually emerge victorious through repeated revivals granting the Lightning Rat experience.

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Astral Pet Store Chapter 4

The Lightning Rat had improved dramatically after battling the huge insect for over a dozen rounds, using techniques like Thunder Flash to defeat its enemy. Through many deaths and revivals over three days of intense training, the Lightning Rat grew strong enough to kill an earth family monster of a higher grade. It accomplished this through the use of Thunder Shadow Image to confuse the monster, circling around to strike its weak spot with Thunder Slash.

The quest was completed, far exceeding Su Ping’s expectations for what could be achieved in just three short days. Both the Lightning Rat and Su Ping had devoted considerable effort, with the Lightning Rat experiencing over a thousand deaths, before being returned to the pet store upon disconnecting from the training realm.

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Astral Pet Store Chapter 5

Su Ping came back to his senses after completing his beginner’s mission, gaining an elementary Pet Identification Spell as a reward. While initially disappointed, he soon realized the spell’s value in identifying millions of astral pet types, including extinct ones, far surpassing his illustrated pet book.

He tested the new ability on the Lightning Rat dozing in the pet room. To his surprise, the identification revealed the rat had average combat strength for its grade and had mastered the rare and powerful Thunder Flash skill, making it far more valuable than normal.

Su Yanjing entered the pet store in a gloomy mood, forced to a tight corner in her academy’s upcoming Pet Tournament preliminary contests. She had hoped to use her boarded Lightning Rat as a power forward, but knew it was outmatched. Still, with her other battle pets injured, it was currently her only option left to avoid failure in the tournament. She called out to the owner, finding the empty store strange until Su Ping emerged from the back.

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Astral Pet Store Chapter 6

Su Ping reluctantly returned the Lightning Rat to its original master, Su Yanying, feeling attached after caring for it for half a month. As the Lightning Rat happily reunited with Su Yanying, squeaking and bouncing around her, Su Ping felt jealous of their bond. He had grown used to the Lightning Rat sleeping peacefully in his presence.

Upon completing the transaction, Su Ping received a system notification about an incubation quest to breed his own pet within a week. Failure would result in being erased, while success would reward him with a skill book.

Intrigued by the potential to change his fate, Su Ping inquired about purchasing an “Awakening Potion” in the shop, hoping it could allow him to qualify as a battle pet warrior despite his common birth, and gain strength comparable to his sister who attended the Academy for Astral Pets.

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Astral Pet Store Chapter 7

Su Ping began to explore the shop interface provided by the system. He found only three basic items for sale but lacked sufficient energy points to purchase them. The system explained that currency from other sources could not be converted to energy, frustrating Su Ping’s plan to buy an awakening potion.

Su Ping realized that with the shop’s limited services of pet boarding, renting and food sales, it would be difficult to earn enough in a short time. Pet boarding was priced very high at 100 energy points per hour for the basic nursing pens that provide benefits of an advanced trainer. This price far exceeded normal market rates. Su Ping felt trapped by his restrictions but hoped to somehow afford the nursing pen to develop his business.

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Astral Pet Store Chapter 8

Su Ping checked the time and found that only three hours had passed since he arrived at the pet store. To earn more energy quickly, the system told him he could harvest food at cultivation sites, but he would need to pay energy to access these planes. Su Ping saw that he could enter a fragment of the Thunder Cloud Realm for only one energy point.

Su Yanying had returned to the academy where the afternoon matches were still ongoing in the large stadium. She hurried there with the Lightning Rat, hoping to watch the matches before her scheduled four o’clock fight, as she may be called up earlier if the other competitors finished quickly.

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Astral Pet Store Chapter 9

Su Yanying arrived at the combat stadium with her new pet, a Lightning Rat. Though untrained, the rat was brave and followed her closely. Su Yanying sat with her friend Lan Lele to watch the matches, growing anxious as her tough opponent Ice Jiang won her match.

Lan Lele worried about Su Yanying using the weak Lightning Rat in the tournament meant for higher level pets. Su Yanying was determined to augment the rat’s strength with her warrior skills, hoping for victory.

When Su Yanying’s turn came, she was dismayed to face another powerful opponent, Zhang Xiao. Zhang Xiao mocked Su Yanying for only having the rat. However, Su Yanying and the rat stayed determined as the judge announced the battle’s start. Zhang Xiao immediately summoned a flaming pet, using skills to augment its strength for the fight.

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Astral Pet Store Chapter 10

The Lightning Rat stood up to the Dragon Hound without showing any fear, surprising Su Yanying. When the Dragon Hound attacked with dragon flames, the Lightning Rat was enveloped. However, it soon reemerged surrounded by lightning, charging swiftly at the Dragon Hound.

It dodged the Dragon Hound’s return attacks, then gathered lightning into a sword to deliver a powerful Thunder Slash. This defeated the Dragon Hound, much to everyone’s shock. Though initially an unremarkable pet, the Lightning Rat demonstrated a rare and powerful seventh-rank skill that subdued Zhang Xiao’s formidable Dragon Hound.

Su Yanying struggled to process her unexpected victory as the Lightning Rat returned to her side. Powerful spectators commented on witnessing the Lightning Rat’s use of Thunder Slash, typically only mastered by advanced pets. They saw great potential if it could evolve further, with one even taking interest should it demonstrate more power. The Lightning Rat’s talent surprised all observers and upended expectations of its capabilities.

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